Yankees plan to activate Harrison Bader on Tuesday

Harrison Bader He finally looks ready to make his Yankees debut, manager Aaron Boone told reporters (including Kristi Ackert in the New York Daily News) that Badr will “likely toFrom the injured list for the 60 days before Tuesday’s game against the Pirates. Badr played Game 6 of a minor league rehab assignment today with Double-A Somerset.

Badr’s last major league appearance was again on June 26, before he was sidelined due to plantar fasciitis in his right foot. Even while Badr was still improving, Yankees acquired Of the cardinals in the trade deadline in exchange for Jordan Montgomery. The exchange had already become infamous in the eyes of many Bronx fans, considering Bader had yet to take the field for New York while Montgomery had done well in St. Louis.

The Yankees’ 24-30 record since the All-Star break has led to some general turmoil among the fan base, even though the team is still 5.5 games ahead in the AL East. If Badr recovers and is able to play at his usual level, it will be a lot of second-guessing given Badr’s proven defensive prowess. He’s the NL Gold Glove winner in center field, and even with his foot problems that have hampered his play this season, Bader still has +9.6 UZR/150 and +6 Outs above average over the course of 588 2/3 rounds in the center.

The attack was more than a question mark for Bader, who has cut .256/.303/.370 over 264 games with the Cardinals this season. But, it’s also possible that the injury also affected Bader in the board, as he was an above-average hitter (111 wRC+) in both 2020 and 2021.

Badr spoke in detail about his health condition in an interview with Ken Rosenthal athlete earlier this week, saying his foot problems first surfaced during spring training. Between both plantar fasciitis and bone marrow swelling, Bader had to cut his primary rehab job (when he was still a cardinal) short in July after a minor league game. Now, Bader thinks he’s ready to come back, even if his right foot is still”a little uncomfortable. “

Aaron JudgeEach season helped an entire season look for a field Yankees that struggled fully, and Judge even got some time in the middle of the field instead of his usual spot on the right field. Aaron Hicks And now circulating Joey Gallo Both struggled, picking up the deadline Andrew Benintende Only 33 games played before He is undergoing surgery in Hamatwhich casts doubt on Benintende’s availability for the remainder of the regular season.

The Yankees addressed their outward needs through giving Giancarlo Stanton For some time in the right field, they have also transformed into a wide range of experienced and young players (eg Miguel AndujarAnd the Stephen FlorealAnd the Marwin GonzalezAnd the locastro teamAnd the Oswaldo CabreraAnd the Matt Carpenter) to eat some turns on the lawn. In theory, Bader will play nearly every day, although he will likely get a rest against some right-handed bowlers to help manage any foot pain he may be experiencing after missing much of the season.

This leaves less playing time for others, including Hicks. Even after two hits and a home run in today’s win over the Brewers, Hicks has been hitting only .216/.327/.308 on the 420 PA this season. While the player was healthy several years after the injury, he didn’t show much of the offensive form he gave during his first four seasons in New York (123 WRC+ from 2017-20) when he was able to play.

Hicks owes $30.5 million from 2023-25, but there has already been speculation that the Yankees may look to go ahead if a deal can be arranged. For his part, Hicks acknowledged the difficulties in an interview with Dan Martin from The New York Postsaying “Things are tough in New York. I do not have an answer. If they feel this isn’t right for me, this is their call. If I go to another team, I know I can help them win. “

Hicks has no problem stepping down to Badr, saying,I expect [Bader] To come and start playing every day, as it should. It has been traded here to help us win. We want him to be himself to win the world championship. Having said that, Hicks also felt that his struggles were not helped by the lack of playing time:It’s so hard when I’m playing a game and then I’m out for three days and now there’s another player in there… As of now, I feel like the more I played, the better I would have played. This is not what is happening now. “

This all adds up to Hicks’ tough Catch-22 – he may not be able to top it off without a consistent hitter, yet his lack of production is no reason for regular playtime. Looking to 2023, Hicks said he plans to add some volume, after losing weight in his latest season out following wrist surgery.

I wanted to get faster and healthier, but I’m playing with 200lbs, right? I didn’t affect the ball like I wantedHicks said. “It was really shown, with my power down. I wanted to be faster and it didn’t work like that. “