Wisconsin Soccer Attack Score: Graham Mertz Effective in Opening Game

The Wisconsin Badgers They defeated the Illinois State Redbirds 38-0 to start their 2022 campaign, claiming victory after a slow start in which Graham Mertz and the offense didn’t see much action early on. Below are the offensive scores for Saturday’s match.

Midfielders: B +

Quarterback Graham Mertz started out for an effective run, completing 14/16 passes for 219 yards and touchdowns and no interceptions.

Mertz consistently completed the easy look created by offensive coordinator Bobby Ingram, splitting the ball into several options, with seven players seeing a move in the receiving game in just 14 times.

However, Mertz was fairly conservative, and worked in the short and medium range, rather than deep-road water testing, even as the receivers won favorable matches from the outside.

Additionally, Mertz sometimes hid his head down and ran while out of the jeep, rather than keeping his eyes down while the play was extended, limiting damage on such occasions.

Mertz showed his wit in a touch throw to Chimere Dike, moving the dangling defender toward the middle of the field before hitting the corner post to score.

But Mertz missed some easy readings, too. While this may not be a current issue, given the strength of Wisconsin’s early opponents, it would be difficult to advance to the end of his readings while facing pressure.

However, Meretz’s effective performance and execution of what was asked of him earned him a grade of B+ for his performance.

Running appearance:

Real sophomore Brylon Allen was the star of the day, rushing 14 times for 148 yards and two stars, including for 96 yards, which was the longest in the school’s history.

While Allen averaged 4.0 yards per attempt on his other 13 attempts, his ability to bounce off attackers, move quickly downhill, and make use of power was demonstrated during the first week.

Linebacker Chez Mellusi rushed for 48 yards in 10 attempts on his first act of injury.

Although Mellusi doesn’t necessarily have breakaway traits, the Big is able to constantly move the chains with short-term paths to keep the game progressing.

Third-placed Isaac Guerindo also saw his first action since his injury, rushing twice for three yards a day while adding an impressive comeback from 33 yards.

The quarterback was the bread and butter of the Badgers’ attack on Saturday, as the entire team rushed 37 times for 221 yards en route to a 38-0 win.

Wide receivers: B +

Junior Chemer Dyke led the team with 106 yards, pulling in a 74-yard screen pass as he nearly took the pass into the end zone.

Dike’s start was slower, but more so due to a lack of opportunity as opposed to performance issues. However, the receiver had two cuts for 90 yards on the same drive, including a 16-yard landing on a corner post. Dike made an impact in several ways, scoring a crucial block on a 96-yard touchdown by Braelon Allen.

Jeff Hansch – USA Today Sports

Marcus Allen was the Badgers’ most targeted receiver, pulling three of his five goals for 34 yards. Quarterback Graham Mertz seems to trust Allen, despite the early dip he’s often been looking for.

Skyler Bell, the other Wisconsin writer for Chimere Dike, had a quieter night, earning two passes for 21 yards. Bell ran some deep trails, but only aimed at screen opportunities, where he worked after picking up a play.

Cornerback-turned-receiver Dean Engram was held without a pickup on Saturday and didn’t see much success in the second leg, taking negative yardage overall on two returns from gambling.

Overall, the receivers played well, but the lack of volume in the pass-and-drop game kept the score at B+ for the group.

narrow ends: b

Two tight ends appeared on Saturday, with Hayden Rucci having two passes for 27 yards, while Clay Condive got two passes for 23 yards.

Rucci was a pleasant surprise in the reception game, showing off the potential as a multi-faceted narrow end that prevents running.

Kondev and Jacques Eschenbach were seen as the favorites for the deep spin, but the latter lost out to the tight bodied finish, while the former took over the depth scheme’s MVP position.

Neither player dropped a pass, so it was a relatively clean performance from the tight ends, but a lack of high volume limited their impact on Saturday’s game, which saw them finish second.

offensive line: b-

The left side of the offensive line appears to be set with Jack Nelson, Tyler Beach and Joe Tipman. However, the right side of the offensive line is still in question, especially with Riley Mallman suffering a lower leg injury.

Braelon Allen averaged just 4.0 yards per carry in his 13 other lunges, and while he attributed his performance to inconsistencies with decisiveness on Monday, the offensive line needs some improvement.

They’ve had their moments, particularly at Braelon Allen’s 96-yard touchdown track and Chimere Dike’s 74-yard reception, but consistency is key.

Graham Mertz was also sacked twice, while reserve Miles Burkett was sacked from his lone position after right-handed intervention by Logan Brown on the spot.

After the game, coach Paul Crest praised Brown’s availability, while acknowledging that the Badgers will likely have to rely on several offensive linemen this season.

“You appreciate his willingness to go,” Crist said. “Everyone knows we’re going to need a lot of guys.”

Brown made a nice running block on a three-yard dash by Chez Mellusi on his first shot but had a whiff of a pass protection. If Brown continues to perform inconsistently, Wisconsin will have to find ways to protect the right side to keep Graham Mertz working. of clean pockets.