Win Nearly $44 Million Through 20 Online GGPoker WSOP Series Events

The 2022 Online World Series of Poker About a month ago on GGpoker, the international online partner of WSOP . World Series of Poker. So far, 20 of the 33 bracelets distributed on this site have found their owners, leaving an additional 13 bracelets for the next two weeks. Another 33 bracelet events are scheduled WSOP . World Series of, with this part of the series launching this week.

To date, nearly $44 million in prize money has been paid out, thanks to 95,262 entries made across the first 20 tournaments. The event’s prize pool to date has averaged nearly $2.2 million, with over 4,700 entries.

card player He has already released two summaries of the action, with the first covering the winners of The first six events of the series The second is looking at Results of events 7-13. Here is a look at the rest of the results until event 20 is completed.

Event 14 – $2,500 Deepstack Championship NLH

The $2,500 in No-Limit “Deepstack Championship” Hold’em Event It attracted 705 total entries, building a prize pool of $1,674,375 that was paid out among the top 107 contestants. The top four had six-figure scores, with the ultimate champion Almaz Zhdanov Securing his first bracelet and largest payment ever: $246,495.

This was by far the biggest score on Zhdanov’s championship career, as all of his previous real name results have been smaller four-figure cash sums at other GGPoker bracelet events.

Other notables to make deep mileage include four-time bracelet winner Michael Gaethy (28), 2021 WSOP . World Series of Poker Connected Bracelet winner Samuel Vousden (24th), 2019 WSOP . World Series of Poker Bracelet winner Ivan Dera (22) and Roland Rocetta (9), 2022 WSOP . World Series of Poker Patrick Leonard, Tag Team Bracelet Winner (7th).

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Almaz Zhdanov $246,495
2 Tony Cocoa $187,273
3 Alex Kolev $142,280
4 religious ramos $108,097
5 Michael Boznik $82,127
6 Unknown $62,395
7 Patrick Leonard 47,405 dollars
8 Gabriel Mora $36,016
9 Roland Roquita $27363

Event 15 – $777 for ‘Lucky Sevens’ seven-handed reward NLH

Chen's house

The next event on the agenda was $777 subscription to the “Lucky Sevens” event, Which included tables with seven hands to match the unique price point of entry. A total of 1,778 entries were made, resulting in over $1.3 million in prize money that was intended for the grab.

The largest share of this money has been won by anyone else Chen’s house. This was the second time the Taiwanese player had won a bracelet. 2017 Beijing World Poker Tour Invitation The Champion earned $53,999 in prize pools as the Champion, increasing his career earnings to more than $3.2 million.

Plenty of big names have joined Chen in making deep rounds at the event, including two-time bracelet winner Joao Vieira (16th place), 2022 European Poker Tour in Prague Main event winner Grzegorz Glowny (8th) and 2021 WSOP . World Series of Poker Ren Lin (7th place), the high roller runner-up with a net worth of $50,000.

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Chen’s house 53999 dollars
2 Gary Thompson 53,867 dollars
3 young women $40,059
4 Douglas Cheshott $29755
5 David Vinayagamurthy $22,101
6 Brandon Shiels $16,416
7 Ren Lin $12193

Event 16 – $1500 from Ultra Deepstack NLH

Jonathan GilliamA total of 1,156 entries were made in $1,500 No-Limit ‘Ultra Deepstack’ Hold’em Event, Build a prize pool of just $1.1 million. Of the 197 players who received prize money, the last player standing was the American Jonathan Gilliam. He received $149,520 and his first gold bracelet to win.

This was the largest score yet for Gilliam, who is based in Rossdale, Maryland. Prior to this victory, his biggest salary came when he finished fourth in 2015 WSOP . World Series of Poker Horseshoe Circuit Baltimore Main event for only $70,000. He now has over $426,000 in life earnings to his name.

Many big names made it into the event, including Vanessa Cady (30), recent bracelet winner Ami Barer (26), Bryan Micon (ranked 12), and bracelet winner Barak Wisbrod (10).

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Jonathan Gilliam $149,520
2 Frank Lillis $112,124
3 Kunal Chandra $84,081
4 Joao Oliveira 63,052 dollars
5 Thomas Ward $47,282
6 Alex Bellocour $35457
7 Xue Song $26.589
8 Gabi Lifshitz $19,939
9 Ankit Ahuja $14952

Event 17 – $500′big 500 OnlineNLH

Vincent DelgadoTransformation of a large field of 3,141 entries for $500 subscription to ‘Big 500 .’ OnlineNo Limit Hold’em Event, Create a prize pool of approximately $1.5 million. When the dust has settled, Spain Vincent Delgado He was the last player standing. He took home his first bracelet and $174,497 to win.

It was the second six-figure result of Delgado’s career, surpassing the $110,322 he earned as a side event winner in 2016. EPT Barcelona The series became the biggest payday in his autobiography. He now has nearly $970,000 in total points under his belt after this latest victory.

The year 2013 was among the notables who penetrated deep into them WSOP . World Series of Poker 4th Main Event winner Sylvain Losley (40th), Esther Taylor (13th), bracelet winner Jens Lakmer (7th), and 2019 EPT Barcelona Main event runner-up Marton Czoczor (5th).

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Vincent Delgado $174,497
2 Milos Petakovic $130,853
3 Kyriakos Papadopoulos $98126
4 Victor Skoruba $73,584
5 Marton Czoczor $55,180
6 Dario Delpiano $41,379
7 Jens Lakmer $31,030
8 Oliver Sprason $2,369
9 Vedat Kavli $17,449

Image credit: Carlos Monti/PokerStars.

Event 18 – $100 Faces & GO Unlimited Hold’em

The “Flip & Go” format was created by GGPoker. The tournament begins with a tentative “core” in which a whole table of players is basically tentative once they have all taken their seats. Then a hand of pineapple is distributed to the players. They discard one of their three starting cards after seeing the flop and then run out of the remainder of the hand to determine which individual player at the table will earn money and move on to the second stage of the event: the fast-paced no. Limited Hold’em Tournament.

The format was used for a bracelet event in this series, with $1 Million Guaranteed $100 Purchase Attracting a massive field of 13,719 entries. As a result, the guarantee was easily bypassed to create a final prize pool of $1,303,305.

Ewald Maher emerged victorious, taking home the hardware and first prize of $143,267 as the champ.

Several big names have made it deep into this low buy affair, including Pablo Brito Silva (ninth), recently WSOPO The Ek Siegbrecht class bracelet winner (5th), and the bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki (4th).

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Maher’s children $143,267
2 Dmitriy Safonov $107413
3 Eric Muller $80,563
4 Chris Klodnicki $60,428
5 Class Eck Siegbrecht $45,329
6 Torger Hagman $34,006
7 Ian Matakis $25,515
8 Alexey Ivashnikov $19,148
9 Paul Silva $14374

Event 19 – $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

Roy FerreiraPortugal Roy Ferreira He came out with the next high stakes title. at recent days EPT Barcelona The winner of the €10,300 Hold’em High Roller traversed a field of 272 entries to earn his first bracelet as the $5,000 Omaha Champion.

Ferrera earned $287,736 to win, which increased his lifetime earnings to over $2.6 million.

The top 39 players earned trophies in this tournament, with the top four earning six-figure salaries. Among the notable people who have succeeded in achieving this is Joao Simao, the two-time winner of the bracelet (fourth) and 2021 WSOP . World Series of Poker $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha Omaha event champion Eelis Parssinen (3rd).

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Roy Ferreira $287,736
2 Zhao Zi Long $208,039
3 Ellis Barcinen $150,416
4 Joao Simao $108754
5 Gavin Cochrane $78,631
6 Unknown $56,852
7 Samuli Sibylla 41,105 dollars

Image credit: Tomas Stacha/PokerStars.

Event 20 – $888 crazy eighty 8-Handed Bounty NLH

Shawn BrindivilleThis summary complements the $888 Bounty event for purchase of $888. Ireland Shawn Brindiville He was the last bounty hunter left when all was said and done. He earned his first bracelet and $151,672 in total prize money after topping a field of 1,922 entries.

Prendiville earned $66,770 in main prize pool and another $84,902 in bonus payments.

Joining him was at the final table WPT Champion Matas Sembolas (7th) and event no. 2 Champion Claas Eyke Segebrecht (3rd), who had also placed fifth in the Flip & Go event just days before.

Here is a look at the final table results:

place player earnings
1 Shawn Brindiville $151672
2 Unknown $103,597
3 Class Siegbrecht $60,532
4 Mantas Bagusius 55,201 dollars
5 Eido Aboudi $43,092
6 Yermalinga $25375
7 Cimbolas shrubs $28783
8 Unknown $22,300

Image credit: Danny Maxwell/PokerStars.