Why you should throw any worries Aaron Jones out the window

5 things I care about

Aaron Jones still axis Packers a crime

The essence of my love for Aaron Jones In fiction this season was all about the idea that he would take his place Davant Adams As the central part of the crime side by side Aaron Rodgers. The first week was frustrating because Jones wasn’t a key player in the passing game and A.J. Dillon He took on more work than Jones.

Coach Matt LaFleur was publicly hard on himself for letting this happen. He backed up his words with deeds in the second week.

Jones was on the field for 60 percent of the team’s attacking strikes and touched the ball 18 times. He was among the team’s top three in the running tracks and the team got him into the space to make a play. Jones averaged 10.7 yards after the catch per reception. He found the end zone twice, once in the air and once on the ground. He averaged 10.8 yards per touch against the Bears.

Jones looked exactly the same. The most explosive player in the attack.

Aaron Jones was making plays up and down the field in week two – scoring fantastic points in sets. (Photo by Michael Reeves/Getty Images)

It must remain the driver of crime. Now, Dillon is really a good linebacker. It’s a grinder with more fluidity in a scrolling game than you might think. He also had a nice night with 19 touches and several big plays when he and Jones were on the field together. This is not a stance against Dillon.

Jones has plenty of juice and is the most explosive player in an offense that lacks those qualities in the Legion of the Future. I feel confident that Lafleur and especially Rodgers understand that and he will remain the attacking engine. As long as the “Assumption of Rational Training” is over, the one-week stress festival is over.

Garrett Wilson goes up the depth chart with rockets

I’m a huge fan of the Jets’ wide receiver. Elijah Mor It was a huge fantasy goal for me this year because I thought Garrett Wilson It may take some time to intensify.

So far, he doesn’t seem to need it. Newbie Wilson had very promising use in the second week.

Wilson ran more ways than Corey Davis against Brown and netted 14 more team goals for a 32.6 percent share. He also handled 44% of the team’s air yards along with five goals in the red zone, three of which came in the end zone. Wilson took 51.6% of the shots in the slot, which means he was officially pushed Braxton Pirios Offensive rotation.

Wilson turned all of this into eight grabs for 102 yards and a pair of scores. It has arrived – and it’s good.

Moore still runs a route on 93.6% of Joe Flacco Drop down and bright days ahead. But, at least, it might be time for the rating gap between these two players to start closing the rest of the way.

Amon Ra Saint Brown may be WR1

What’s stopping it from being ranked as the 12 best receiver going forward?

Amon-Ra Saint Brown He totally swings by in two weeks which is a perfect continuation of what he did last year. Runs a track with 91% of Jared Goff 2022 and has a target share of 33.8% with three ultimate goals to his name.

Best of all: it Very well in a game. he is earn This folder and Black designs a scrolling game around it. There is no reason to believe it will slow down.

St. Brown might be a good pick for round two if we recast him today. This would put it near the top 10 receivers. He got this treatment.

Dolphin Reception Corps

I said that’s the only way Trek Hill And the Jaylen Waddell Both will repay aggressive ADPs if either Toa Tagoviloa It took a huge step forward or all the other traffic controllers in Miami were deemed irrelevant.

Two weeks later, it looks like both things may be true.

In a dominant showing in Week 2, Waddle and Hill became the only pair of wide strikes in NFL history with 170 plus yards and two touchdowns each—in the same game. The duo handled 88 percent of the air yards and 64 percent of the team’s goals combined.

tight end Mike Jesicki He’s back in the mix with a full set of tracks and a landing gear in the back of the end zone as well. This may have something to do with the back game script. Overall, though, almost no other Dolphins player has been a consistent part of a passing game outside of the dynamic receiving duo.

On your second point, it’s time to give Tua some respect. We still don’t know where he ranks among the NFL quarterbacks, but he clearly looks more comfortable than ever on this offense.

He’s good enough to get it done, the offense is heavily focused and this Miami reception duo is unreal. It wheels up Hill and Waddle.

Allen Robinson is fine

Sean McVeigh said he knew he needed to get it Allen Robinson More engaged after the first week’s nightmare – and he was true to his word.

Robinson was a target Matthew Stafford First throw of the day, resulting in a 15-yard catch. He also got his first touchdown in the game and had bad luck away from two more goals. Stafford barely knocked him out in another fading way. This was the normal thing.

Then the Rams Robinson lined up in the backcourt – we love to see that – and then threw the ball at him in the second touchdown that ended up due to a medical timeout. Robinson was already in the end zone when the whistle blew. I haven’t seen that before.

Overall, Robinson was on the field for 90.5% of the team’s shots and drew two goals into the end zone. WR2 will be medium to low with a dip higher every week; You can safely ignore the first week.

5 things I don’t care about

Darnell Mooney’s pre-season standings

The Bears have some talented players who have the ability to attack, but none of them seem to come close to their consistent fantasy options.

Darnell Money It was preferred to appear as a fictional agent just for the size. However, that’s the problem you have when you expect a guy who performs best as a good #2 receiver or a great #3 receiver to handle the size of a #1 receiver simply because “there’s no one else catching the ball.” There can Always Be someone else.

Within two weeks, Mooney owns a 17.9% stake in the team’s goals. He averages 17.2 air yards per target, but those deep shots were very choppy and infrequent. Winning on the field is Mooney’s specialty but he’s not a true number one player on a grand scale. Justin Fields Find timings with bit receivers like Equimus Saint Brown in the intermediate region. Again, there can always be someone else.

Fields fell to pass just 17 times against Green Bay. We don’t try to mine a lot of gold in this kind of environment. So, if Mooney isn’t going to dominate the goals in Chicago, he’ll struggle to be a trustworthy weekly option. He’s a good player but he’s going to fall off the table for the rest of the season.

Christian Kirk necklace

Christian Kirk Surprisingly free agent contract has used up a lot of oxygen this off season. If you’re still focused on it, you’re missing the point.

Within two weeks, Kirk has a target share of 27% and has inhaled 30.7% of Jaguar’s air yards. He lined up in the hole with 71.6% of his shots but managed to win from a variety of lineups. He found the finish zone twice on Sunday and has 12 catch points for 195 yards during his first two Jaguar games.

Kirk looks like one of the best value picks in fantasy football and he’s been great for Jaguar in real life too.

Christian Kirk #13 from Jacksonville Jaguars

Christian Kirk delivers large quantities of Jaguar cars. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Not only do I care about Kirk’s fantasy football contract, but it might also be a silly talking point all over the place. So far, the acquisition of Kirk has been a huge win for Jacksonville, The Damned Decade.

Judging the ponies too quickly

If it sounds like I’m making excuses for the ponies, that’s fair enough. This team should not be 0-1-1. However, they always start slowly in September, lose oddly to the Jaguar and have a reasonable explanation as to why they weren’t so good on Sunday.

The Colts were already a shallow passing team and were the two best players in the No. 1 wide receiver. Michael Bateman And the explosive ascendant Alec Pierce. It’s hard to overstate how much Pittman lost to this team. It will be among the top 15 most widely used receivers in real life unanimously very soon. This is how good it is.

When you think about the guys who have to step up and replace him, the lack of Bateman is a huge problem for Moults. We are talking about Paris Campbell, Ashton Doolin And the Michael Strachan. This is a tough group of guys who aren’t legitimate full-time players. The ponies will look better when they don’t pose that group.

Another problem for ponies is that traffic protection has appeared some leaks. You will always be a problem with Matt Ryan in quarterback. The quarterback was third in the EPA for every dip when pressed in Week 2.

If the offensive line manages to pull it all together and Bateman returns healthy, we might look back as just one more run from the slow month of September.

Rashod Pittman’s Low Percentage

If you are old Rashid Bateman Pro, you love his explosive start to the season. The sophomore receiver stacked consecutive games with monster Great plays.

Bateman did a nice way against Xavian Howard Then he took off in the second week for a distance of more than 70 yards. He has more juice than he ever showed in the previous two seasons (2020 in college, 2021 in the NFL) because he’s currently healthy.

However, despite all of that, there will be some slight tension around Bateman’s playing time. He’s been on and off the field for the first week. He had a blitz of 57% and only ran a track on 70% of Lamar Jackson drop down in week 2.

I’m not worried about that. Ravens rotate their receivers for certain beams. Looks like they want other guys like DeMarcus Robinson In the field for lunges or tight triple-ended combinations. Oh, okay; Did not matter.

Batman inhalation goals when on the field. The air arenas were full during two games. He seems in every part to be not just a part of the weekly rising WR2 but a part of the many recipients of the league’s young stars. Bet on these guys.

Emphasizing Cooper Rush

listen then sir lamb You’ll hit 11 goals in each game, it doesn’t matter if Cooper Rush It starts in Dallas. It won’t have the same roof as if it were in a better ecosystem Duck Prescott At the helm but things are not as bleak as they seemed a week ago.

Lamb dominated the Dallas air yards in Week 2 with a 56.7% stake. He made big plays but was also instrumental in moving the chains with four first touchdowns. He also got a big boost with Noah Brown Appearing as a major threat on the other side. Brown averaged over 15 air yards per target and earned first touchdowns on all five of his targets. Lamb needed someone to extend the defense.

Rush looks like a guy who can keep the ship afloat. He has now won both of his starts with Dallas. Honestly, the Dallas ecosystem looked a lot better overall this week than it did in the first week. Then again, given the way the Saints attack was eliminated by Tampa Bay, I’m starting to think Buck’s defense is really good.

Lamb should still be able to get his breakout season as a legitimate top receiver. It won’t be as explosive as we thought, but it will still get there – even with Rush to stretch.