Why the splinter LIV series is not considered in the golf world rankings

last week , 48 golfers compete on the LIV circuitThe series, backed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, has written to Peter Dawson, head of the World Golf Rankings (OWGR), to consider the results of the LIV golf events for world rankings.

In a letter signed by former world number one and four-time champion Brooks Koepka, two-time main winner Bubba Watson, 2022 champion Cameron Smith and two-time Indian Olympic champion Anirban Lahiri, the golfers urged the OWGR Board of Directors not to be disqualified. LIV Golf players while awarding points.

What are the official world golf ratings

The golf world ranking system was first introduced in April 1986 by IMG founder Mark McCormack after consulting with Royal & Ancient (R&A) to create an exemption system for The Open. German golfer Bernhard Langer was the world’s first, and in the following years would see the PGA Tour and other tours around the world join the system. In 2004, the PGA Tour, European Tour, Augusta National Golf Club, PGA of America, R&A, American Golf Association, and the PGA Tour International Federation formed the official World Golf Rankings Limited, the new governing body of World Rankings.

The OWGR, which determines the eligibility of professional golfers to participate in the Grand Slams, Players Championships, and Olympics as well as the World Championships of golf, as well as select team competitions such as the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup, is used in 23 rounds of golf. The system operates on the basis of rating points awarded over a two-year period.

What do LIV Golf players compete in?

In their letter to Dawson, LIV Golf players state that they rely on OWGR to qualify for the Grand Games as well as the Olympics. “As ranked athletes, we rely on OWGR not only to qualify for the most important events, including major events and the Olympics, but to tell us where we stand among our peers. OWGR without LIV would be incomplete and inaccurate.”

Earlier, LIV Golf players filed an antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour in August. In their letter to Dawson, they confirmed that four members of OWGR’s seven-member board of directors are closely associated with the PGA Tour.

Why are these players defending their inclusion in OWGR

While the US Masters and The Open offer year-end Top 50 OWGR golfers the opportunity to be on the field with other exemptions and regional qualifiers for The Open, the US Open offers the Top 60 OWGR golfers. In a total field of 156 players. The PGA Championship sends invitations to OWGR’s top 100 golfers, who are not eligible, regardless of other exemptions.

With LIV currently having 13 of OWGR’s top 50 golfers in their ranks, they have seen their ranking drop to join LIV Golf. “About 23 rounds have been incorporated into the OWGR world, and LIV has earned its place among them. Four LIV golfers have taken first place in OWGR, and one is currently second. The LIV roster includes 21 winners out of 51 winners out of four disciplines. Level of competition is average ​The LIV event is at least equal to that in the average PGA Tour event.The message reads, “We know because we’ve played in both.”

Why LIV Golf is not included in OWGR

While LIV Golf has seen only five of its 48 golfers and 54 strokes this year out of the eight proposed with the number increasing to 14 next year, the tour has been battling for its inclusion in the rankings. . While most of the 23 rounds are cut after 36 holes and a 72-hole format, the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and Hero World Challenge championships do not have this format.

In August, Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, wrote to his players telling them that LIV Golf’s implementation of OWGR had been reviewed by the OWGR Technical Committee. According to Sports Illustrated, Norman cited the strength of the field (Sof) for the first three events of LIV Golf and stated that OWGR’s calculations exceeded those for the PGA Tour events in the same week. While LIV Golf is currently seeing a field of 48 golfers, you are expected to see more than 80 players next year in the LIV Golf International and International Series, a series approved by the Asian Tour and Special League. While the OWGR system recognizes the Tour normally after two years with a three-year test period for the accepted Tour, LIV Golf was desperate to be included in OWGR considering the four disciplines as well as the Players Championship and the 2024 Paris Olympics.