Who will be the guest-choice college GameDay football in Tennessee vs. Florida?

Is Dolly Parton going to work outside the 9 to 5? Will Peyton Manning deal with the group?

Tennessee football College GameDay directed because of its struggles with Florida, UT, and Knoxville not lacking in guest selection possibilities. ESPN’s pre-game show is coming to Knoxville for the 10th time as it hosts the 12-volume issue (3-0) Team #22 Gators (2-1) on Saturday (3:30 p.m. ET, CBS).

College GameDay from 9 a.m. to noon.

Here are some possibilities for the guest picker:

Dolly Parton

The list should begin with the queen of the country and the most famous person in East Tennessee. She is a successful musician. It is humane. It is good as is. Imagine the scene if Barton walked down the set and sat next to ESPN analyst Lee Corso.

Peyton Manning

The face of former Tennessee football players and Tennessee Athletics really is an obvious choice. Manning has never been the guest pick before as he has been busy building a legendary career in the NFL. Manning’s presence will cause a stir among fans given Tennessee’s perceived tendency to lose games when Manning is on hand.

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