Whistlestop Tour: Week 3 of Big Ten Football

Iowa scored a touchdown? Northwestern lost to FCS? Nebraska lost and it wasn’t a close match? This week saw a lot of events around the conference. There were a lot of bangs, but Big Ten West never looked so good again. This is your weekly feed:

Syracuse 32, Bordeaux 29

Bordeaux took the lead with just over 50 seconds left, but was completely snuffed out by seven penalties after the moment Payne Durham crossed the end zone. Our new friends in Syracuse liked the gift:

It was one of the areas I questioned coming in today where the first two weeks (regardless of penalties) were very easy for a Syracuse foul who has never faced a deficit. The orange struggled to run the ball and Garrett Schrader couldn’t connect as easily as he did last week, but he eventually found a way to get it done. Standing to shoot that ball to Oronde Gadsen II with the game on the line is special.

Ohio State 77, Toledo 21

Pax can simply Doesn’t turn off when attacking:

I was hoping Ohio State only scored 75 points last night instead of 77. Had the Buckeyes scored two points less, I would have said I-75 wasn’t the only thing that went through Toledo. I-77 is a little more convenient, because the north-south highway on Ohio’s eastern side is more rocky than the flat, barren land on the western side of the state.

Although 77 points is a lot of points to score, it doesn’t rank among the top five of the Buckeyes’ all-time five points. Toledo wasn’t even close to allowing Ohio State to score the most points in school history in a game, as the Buckeyes scored 128 points against Oberlin again in 1916.

Michigan 59, Ocon 0

For the second year in a row UConn . is closed outside Big Ten:

Michigan beat their snot Okon 59-0 Saturday afternoon to improve 3-0 score in the season. The game featured a great performance by JJ McCarthy, a record show by Blake Corum, a defensive close, a team-specific masterpiece, and much more.

Oklahoma 49, Nebraska 14

I think some good news for Purdue fans is that Nebraska looks like Like a dead team walking:

We’re watching the worst Nebraska offensive line in school history. I don’t blame the players as much as the coaching staff, because obviously the coaches didn’t teach the workers the basics in recognizing stunts, or the fronts they look at.

Washington 39, Michigan 28

Slow start in Seattle is doomed Spartans on the road:

Washington received the ball to open the game, and it wasn’t long before the Husky opened the scoring in the game. During the first drive, UW quarterback Michael Benicks Jr. hit wide Galen McMillan for a 47-yard gain. Next, Penix found a wide receiver Ja’Lynn Polk for an eight-yard drop. Kicker Peyton Henry made the extra point, and the Husky took a 7-0 lead in less than four minutes into the match.

Penn State 41, Auburn 12

Go on the road and blow up Impressive SEC team:

3 favorite points on the road, the odds makers were expected to win Nittany Lions, and some Of the residents, but no one expected what kind of game Jordan Hare Stadium would be emptied in the middle of the third quarter.

Southern Illinois 31, Northwest 24

The loss to the 0-2 FCS team is a Very bad look for wild cats:

In beautiful conditions at Ryanfield on Saturday, Northwestern fell (1-2) to Southern Illinois (1-2) in an ugly fashion, posting its second straight loss to an opponent outside of the conference.

The Wildcats led early, but a strong fourth-quarter Salukis gave them the lead and they never looked back, as Southern Illinois claimed a 31-24 victory over Northwestern.

Indiana 33, Western Kentucky 30 (OT)

Indiana is basically the opposite of Purdue in that it looks horrible for most of the game, but it’s pretty cool With the game delayed:

Even Charles Campbell’s 51-yard field goal cleared the bar in overtime, it looked as if the Helltoppers were going to retaliate. Indiana trailed by 8 minutes with less than 4 minutes left in the game and nothing up to that point indicated they would get the juice for another touchdown and a two-point conversion.

And yet we’re here. Undefeated three weeks in. Don’t ask me how; I don’t know.

Rutgers 16, Temple 14

Rutgers is also 3-0 now. (No On the Banks game yet)

Minnesota 49, Colorado 7

Minnesota is now my choice to win the West, Because she was in control until now:

Mohamed Ibrahim. Death, taxes, and Mohamed Ibrahim’s dash for 100 yards or more. The Gophers star running back crossed the century mark for the 12th game in a row and scored three touchdown points to equal Darrell Thompson’s school record for landing a career path (40). After dashing for 202 yards averaging 8.8 yards per carry against Buffalo, Abraham now has 464 yards and seven touchdowns over the course of the year.

Wisconsin 66, New Mexico 7

No problems Badger this week:

Graham Mertz also had game for the Cardinal and White, completing 12 of 15 passes for 251 yards and three touchdowns, completing passes to five different receivers. Mertz pushed his season total of touchdown passes to six, over his first three games. Mertes needed nine games to throw his sixth touch pass, during the 2021 season.

Iowa 27, Nevada 0

Iowa published a “crime” this week and it was God So crazy the last game:

Perhaps most importantly, Iowa looked alive in the passing game with Spencer Petras leading 14/26 for 176 yards and a touchdown. With the full range of wide receivers the Hawkeyes are likely to have this season, Iowa State pressed the Pack downfield, with seven of Petras’s 17 passes before a lightning delay aimed at targets more than 15 yards down the field.

Maryland 34, SMU 27

It took a late comeback, but Maryland 3-0 looks dangerous again:

Rashi Rice, an impressive senior receiver in SMU—who had a whopping 11 receptions for 193 yards—lined up on the right side of the field. Sloping across the middle of the field, midfielder Taner Mordechai fired, realizing that his team needed to be touched down to keep their hopes alive, threw a pass into his most confident goal.

With the game on the line, Maryland budding defensive linebacker Beau Brade leapt into the air and defended the pass, undercutting and sealing a 34-27 win for the Terps in their last game without a conference in the 2022 season.

Opponents from outside the conference:

Montana 49, Indiana 14- The Trees logged at least this weekbut was blown away by the top 3 FCS teams.

Central Florida 40, Florida Atlantic 14- Purdue needs to get the game right next week before that Switch to team play.