What’s the deal for this USMNT guy: Walker Zimmerman

you welcome in What is this USMNT guy’s deala regular series in which the Defector picks a name from the countless hot American football men who play in Europe and answers the question: What is this guy’s USMNT deal?

Although he is neither “young” nor “sexy” (not his fault) nor “playing in Europe” and therefore would not qualify for this series if we were strict labels or otherwise ineligible to break some of our own rules, Walker Zimmerman would play a lot of minutes for the national team USA for men in Qatar, so here in this blog his deal will be explained to you.

He plays for Nashville, his third team in the Major League after Dallas and LAFC. Zimmermann came close to moving east to Europe several times – he”Explore optionsIn Scandinavia in 2016 and was linked To “the clubs in Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and the English Premier League” – although he chose to stay in the MLS rather than really push for a transfer.

It took Zimmerman a few years to find a foothold in the Major League Soccer and with the youth national team after being ranked seventh overall by Dallas in 2013. He made 22 first-team appearances in his first two years, a period that also coincided With a late cut from the 2013 U-20 World Cup roster. He erupted in 2016 for the dominant FC Dallas side, however, once again, the call to the January 2017 USMNT camp led to only one friendly appearance, and he was not part of the doomed playoff campaign. Fail at all. While the program was improving, Zimmerman continued to improve, notching his first top 11 in 2019. When Nashville joined MLS in 2020, they brought in Zimmerman to solidify their team, and he has become the top defender in MLS since then.

Meanwhile, his debut for the national team came as slow and steady as ever. He was injured in the first trio of World Cup qualifiers, only to make the roster for the second round after veterans Tim Ream and John Brooks withdrew late. Zimmerman seized his moment with some good matches alongside Miles Robinson before cementing his place strong show In a 2-0 win over Mexico. Reyam and Brooks have not been on the show since then. Robinson is now badly injured. In one year, Zimmerman went from a fringe guy to a locked-down player.

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Locker Zimmerman interview conducted by Walter Zimmerman.

He’s a big sports heart that fucks people in the sky. With the caveat that we’ve only seen him play against a non-MLS opposition a few times, Zimmerman is a talented positional defender with the sportsmanship to dash backwards to create late barriers or rise above most attackers and grab the ball from the air. . The USMNT wants to play with its attacking back, leaving plenty of room for Zimmermann and his partner to shut out. Very few attackers can outsmart Zimmermann, and while he’s not as quick or skilled on his feet as the best players in the world, he knows where he stands. When the system works, as it did against Mexico last November, it works because Zimmermann can defend in space and close moves early. He can also hit some delicious long balls, as he did against Morocco in June.

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Zimmermann is 29 years old, has never played in Europe and is a center back, therefore, 50 of 121.

It may be too late in Zimmermann’s career to make a big-money move to Europe, although perhaps he has the talent to break through. His manager in Nashville, Gary Smith, used to look for Arsenal, and He told ESPN last year That Zimmermann had the talent of the Premier League. Either way, he is clearly the best and most important MLS-based player in the national team, he is in his prime, and he has the strength to be a great contributor to Qatar. Unlike most of the players we describe in this series, Zimmerman is a player right now. He is not fully formed by any means, although he is closer to him than anyone else who will oversee the starting lineup.

The European American Legion is absolutely ridiculous with its right back, Enough to store a full eleven. It is therefore important to determine whether or not a USMNT worker of the week can play the position.

In an interview conducted in March 2021 with MLS Connection Showing, Walker Zimmerman gave a lengthy answer about going to the USYNT camp and was asked what position he played, and instead of saying the center back, he made a “quick decision for a moment” and said he played at right-back. He ran the entire U-14 camp as a right-back before eventually moving to center. It looks to me like someone broke into the national youth team’s image as a right-back even though he’s now playing somewhere else not only Can He plays right-back but game right back.


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