What the missing players from the USMNT September Friendlies List have to say about the team

With less than nine weeks to go until the World Cup kicks off, it will be time for decision-making for Greg Berhalter. The USMNT team manager finds himself in the enviable position of having the deepest and most talented pool of American players in the team’s history, and some players are bound to be left out.

Commented on some of the list after the announcement.

Kyle Bonn of Sporting News posted on Twitter that Berhalter indicated that Jordan Pefok had not been called in so Ricardo Pepi could have a look.

Berhalter went on to describe that Pefok was being considered but did not provide many details about anything Pefok could do to seal a place on the list. Perhaps if Pepe had only had 44 minutes so far this season it would have been a different story.

Elsewhere, The Guardian’s Meg Sanek and Willy Inquirer note that Berhalter is considering some other names for the World Cup roster.

Further news of the list came that an October camp will be planned for MLS players who have been disqualified from the playoffs.

Of course, depending on how the regular season performs and where the teams end up ending up, that could include a wide range of players from Jordan Morris to… Cade Cowell or Sebastian Lletget on a roster that’s sure to impress the fans.

The names on the lists above and elsewhere in the player pool present some interesting possibilities and give insight into the overall strength of the player pool that is worth checking out.

A goal keeper

Weft. Having been normally a force for the USMNT with a solid start usually, no. 1 ready-to-grab shirt. Presumably, as long as Matt Turner wasn’t forced to play a game on Hoth, he had the inside course of the job. The fact that Zach Stephens got dumped, and it really happened He reportedly lost an opportunity to be a key player at Middlesbroughmakes it appear as if at least two guard points are open.


The recalled list looks very powerful and the deleted names are not completely disapproved.

John Brooks He is, of course, missing because he has taken on the mantle of ‘A man not on the list because the manager doesn’t classify him as ReasonsIn a story as old as football.

Tim Riam He hasn’t been called up, but with USA facing England and Wales in the group, it’s almost surprising that a player who has defended their fair share of players from the UK (even if Fulham isn’t exactly known for defending in the top flight) is not in Conversation over.

James Sands Hard minutes were also scored with the Rangers and he wasn’t on the list either. He has the ability to play in the middle of the field and when the time comes to pick players for the World Cup he might take a hit.

Right and left backs may not be the strongest spots in terms of depth either. There is no shortage of Americans in these positions, but to say there is a lot of pressure for a recall is debatable.


The main player who could make an impact not on the roster is Djordje Mihailovic, but apart from him… Johnny and Eric Williamson aren’t exactly players that seem to make a huge difference at this point. If anything, the unlisted roster of midfielders suggests that the depth behind the first-choice players is a bit lacking.

straight ahead

It is very difficult to see a player like Pivok or Haji Wright not be in the World Cup squad unless Ricardo Pepe finds the back of the net in the Netherlands on a regular soon. Of course, there is plenty of time for that to happen, but the striker remains an unproven center for the national team. There have been some great performances of players here and there in the USA jersey, but there won’t be any designed figurines for the players on the roster at least for now.