What is happening in Bayern Munich?

The dominant German Super Cup, plus four strong matches to open the Bundesliga season – including the unlikely Gladbach draw, which was perhaps the best showing – were followed by three straight games to coincide with the return of the English weeks. How serious is the crisis in Bayern MunichAnd what can be done about it? Let’s explore four possible accounts behind the recent Bavarian mudslide.

Did the fire break out after ten victories in the German League?

What happens when a great show becomes a routine? The emaciated, mean, Bavarian machine celebrated every successive title with increasingly little fanfare, and who could blame them? The extent of the dominance became almost embarrassing – for the Bundesliga as well as for the permanent winners.

Meanwhile, the Champions League Still the jackpot – so much so that local competitions might almost be taken for granted. Bayern Munich were also knocked out early in the German Football League in both 2020/21 and 2021/22.

Some players may think that the Bundesliga can be considered secondary. this is unacceptable ” note CEO Oliver Kahn with acidity after Loss from FC Augsburg.

Ten victories It was a decade of accomplishment. Eleven doesn’t have the same ring, does he? And with the men’s World Cup looming, a competition that has simply inadvertently lost some of its international luster may have fallen to the slate. It is a flame that does not ignite easily.

Did Julian Nagelsmann fail to lead the dressing room?

Julian Nagelsmann turned 35 this summer. He is younger than his captain Manuel Neuer, and much younger than the usual coach for a club of this stature. However, he has also been doing so for a long time, being assigned to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim at only 28. By comparison, ArsenalMikel Arteta – who is also considered a precocious child in the coaching ranks – is 40.

And so reports abound that players do not approve of everything Nagelsmann sells. Some German newspapers insist that, in contrast to the external photos of the close responder, the players inside the dressing room openly criticize their tactics and speak with reporters about their handling of the coach’s style.

For those in favor of that kind of thinking, buyers cautioned: It can be a long and arduous road back from such a rebellious climate. Arteta finally wins his dressing room after a lengthy purge of veterans and has one of the youngest teams in the Premier League – with Arsenal ultimately staying out of European competition in the meantime. Bayern does not have the same luxuries.

And if the thriller reports really have merit – rather than drama-hungry outlets trying to create FC Hollywood for all of the club’s efforts to the contrary – then the same players who are moving the pot should be causing themselves concern. An experienced professional can come in and decide that a house cleaning is necessary.

But Bayern have a host of personalities – from top players like Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Muller, to front office personalities like Herbert Hainer and Oliver Kahn – who exemplify professionalism. Struggle and struggle is normal, but these numbers, one hopes, all understand the importance of a baseline for a crew lined up in the same direction.

Otherwise, whether it deserves the criticism or not, the entire ship is broken into a mess of finger pointing. It will not make a difference in the end who was right and who was not.

Does Bayern’s tactical setup give way to poor finishing?

Bayern clearly have the speed and strength to break matches wide open – and from there, to focus on goals. But what happens when the matches remain 0-0 or the Bavarians come down early and face an agreement, physical defense?

xG’s annoying trends go back to last season – with Robert Lewandowski, Bayern routinely dropping points in the games they dominated. There is also a difference between shooting-based and shooting-based xG – against FC Augsburg, for example, Bayern doubled in the latter category, 4.4 to 2.2, per 538. They dominate opposing teams but watch the advantage fade by the time they are determined to shoot – and further down by the time the scoreboard is refreshed.

Are Bayern tactically prepared to be champions in rival goalkeepers? Expected goals are calculated based on a number of factors, such as the position of the shot on the field. But the one thing they may not take very well into account is the general scheme. Bayern design chances overwhelmingly through the center, while the average encountering shooting guards from these positions may be more common than a more spaced out playing style. Does everyone drag Jan Sommer – a truly impressive Gladbach performance in that match by any measure – or is he the product of Bayern’s intentions?

Players have already talked this season about raising the finish level but after so many iterations of results, it doesn’t look like they’re any close to a solution. What if the answer is exactly – what look Being a schemer to generate monster chances in reality wouldn’t create moments of real danger even in the hands of some of the most technically gifted attackers on the planet?

Or – it’s okay at all?

To put it in perspective, Bayern Munich remains the European club’s downed bully intermilan And the F.C.B To a great tone of two zeros per piece. They dropped points in the league while being the better team, but that’s nothing unusual – since 2018/19 they’ve had ten, eight, ten and ten draws + losses in the Bundesliga season, all while winning the league with ease – which they’d still prefer to do again. The physical and mental demands of this year’s schedule are extraordinary, to say the least, but it is nothing more than a challenge the team will have to overcome.

From this point of view, the biggest threat to the team is the drive to get away from staying on the track. Exposure by the likes of FC Augsburg – Yes, this could be a crisis. Mastering such a game with 77% possession but getting bad punches – that’s football.

The randomness of the results, and the fact that things can change completely and quickly, that’s what makes the game so exciting and engaging. Each wondrous target was a few inches or a touch less than off the bar and forgotten. However, in balancing an entire season – which will not spare anyone in the knockout formats – the quality will take a toll. There is always something to improve, especially in mentality and focus. But why fix what isn’t broken in the first place?

It is easier to destroy a project than to build it. And when things don’t go one’s way, the temptation to throw everything into the fire is strong. However, hot and cold streaks can be deceiving, as, say, NBA players who shoot triples are known. series of misses? It happens – there’s no need to do anything more than keep the blockage going.

And at Bayern Munich, this is perhaps exactly the only antidote needed: avoid all noise and anger, and return with the nose to the grindstone.

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