What could it be: There were nearly two bonds yesterday

I love playing stupid football. When I was a little kid, I had several VHS tapes of soccer fouls and various books about funny sports, something I probably shared with many people who were kids when I was. I’m still that way. I love fumbling that bounces wildly. I love cross passes. I love lockers. The Super Bowl that opened with Shot from the back of the end zone It is in my opinion one of the greatest football matches of all time, although it was a blast. I safely opened stupid!

But even as a fan of stupid football stuff, the only thing that seems really stupid about football is links. It doesn’t seem like two football teams should be able to stick their heads together for long and not see a victor. The links are for pretty games, not brutal ones. Obviously, because relationships are stupid things in football, I love them despite all of this. They are called comedy. You have a “guss freroot” butting the wallDonovan McNab Not knowing the relationships existNagy Harris too Not knowing the relationships exist, and so on. Nice legacy of football, that’s stupid.

And Lo: On the first Sunday of the 2022 NFL season, we got a tie! Indianapolis and Houston tied at 20 after Rodrigo Blankenship’s Colts kick Missed a field goal 42 yards In the OT he could have won it. Texas, 20-3, advanced in the fourth quarter, but then Kicking from the colts line 36 yards They have allowed a great comeback. Then the OT ponies screwed up a leg in a dome, and we had a tie — one of the really good ones, the one that somehow seemed like the only valid outcome of a miserable enough match.

The sad news from NFL Week 1 is that we could have had it two Relationships on the same day for the first time since the founding of Overtime. Steelers Won a wild match Above the Bengals, 23-20, on field goal Chris Boswell in the Venice VOT. This game could have ended in the regulation when Ja’Marr Chase got a TD pass two seconds from the end, but Minkah Fitzpatrick blocked Evan McPherson’s PAT. Joe Burrow threw four picks into the game; The Steelers rose 17-6 before the Bengals gathered below the extension. Mitch Trubisky seemed like the most plausible version of Mitch Trubisky. What a game! However, against all odds, another match looked like it should have ended in a draw, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

Steelers’ Christian Koontz, Chris Boswell and Pat Freymouth react after missing an earlier field goal in overtime. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

What could it have been! The last time there were two ties on the same day in the NFL was on September 23, 1973—a year before overtime became a rule. NFL Usually he’s had a few relationships a season before the OT Foundation; The first NFL season featured an astonishing 17 league titles, the most ever. By the 1950s, there were as few as zero ties and up to three ties a year, but as the league expanded after merging with the AFL, those numbers went up quite a bit. However, nothing matched the predominance of links in the erotic prehistoric period of the League. twice in The 1923 seasonAnd the there they were three same-day relationships; One is related to the Dayton triangles. You can see how the sport has evolved into the giant it is today.

On that fateful, or at least of weak significance, Sunday in September 1973, the eagles and the giants tied at 23 While firm and black tied at 13. Both games were strange. The eagles/giants were tilting The last NFL game ever At Yankee Stadium. The Giants moved to the Yale Bowl for the rest of the year. Giant Kicker Pet Gogolac Hit a quick field goal As the game is over. Eagles claimed The titan attack streak is not set For a full second before the snap, as the NFL rules require. Eagles defense end ‘there was no way they could have started in time for it to count’ Mel Tom said.

Elsewhere, the beams tied with lions at 13 On goal 19 seconds before the end of the match. Green Bay turned fourth play and 23rd in his final drive; Jim Del Gizo, a former Miami reserve, threw a 25-yard pass to John Staggers to extend the lead. Detroit coach Don McCafferty Blame it on Dolphins coach Don Shula for necktie. ‘Which – which [bleep] Chula, McCafferty said. “I wish I’d kept that [bleep] Del Gizo in Florida.” (The defector could not confirm whether McCafferty called Shula an idiot or an egotist, or if he called Del Gizo a little shit or something. Every newspaper whistled, but many of the brackets used indicate that McCafferty Use a bad word of sorts. I feel free to choose what works for you!)

Played by the Lions, Bill Monson pulled off a surprise in the 13-game showdown against the Packers on September 23, 1973. (Focus on Sports/Getty Images)

Rimmel wrote to me in Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Its inhabitants were still more sadly thinking of the horrific truth: that this person could and should be theirs, and in some way slipped out of their grasp.”

And this is what we missed yesterday: cursing the rulers! Curse Don Shula! Meditate a lot on the horrific truth! NFL Developed that it Overtime is always unpopular Rules next season, relations fell. Now that the extra session is down to 10 minutes, the relationships are starting to work again. One day, we might have not just two but three ties again in the same day — but that probably won’t happen until the NFL brings a team back to Dayton, Ohio.