Week Three College Football Picks: A win for Florida State at College Station?

What a great week two college football!

Application Status is back to overpowering Power 5 software with high ratings and poor performance. Talking about Texas he should have beaten Alabama but he did the thing Clemson used to do. Kentucky exposed fl. Double extra runs in Lubbock and Provo ruined our covers. What a time!

She went impressively 5-5, bringing her season total to 16-15. We win more than we lose which I think is all I can ask for in this.

The competition in the comment section was fierce last week with 3 guys – Jason Coruvella, Denvernoll Fan and mr_britt – achieving 8-2 in the week. None of them missed out on the same set of games either.

Commentary section heroes:

  • week 0 – bums (8-3) Yes, we had 11 matches that week
  • week 1 – OhNoHeDidn’t (7-3)
  • week 2 – Jason Corovilla, Denver, Noelle Van and Mr. Brett (8-2)

Could you be the hero of the next comment section? Leave your choices below.

If you’re new to the action (which many of you probably have because I only did it for one season), drop your picks in the comments with the spread provided. The following week, I will tally up the gains and losses, salute whoever dominates the weekend and add you to All-new Heroes Bulleted List above. Remember, I’m just a guy with a keyboard, and I’m not a professional gambler, so this is not advice. Just giving us all a watching guide and interest in rooting while watching football season.

Reminder that I’m pulling all the fonts from Tallysight.com Because it makes it easier for me to keep track of my choices.

You can read my picks and picks for all of our TN employees in this other article.

Brian’s Choice: Florida -2.5

Long time ago, Scott Frost. We’ll miss you (for at least a few weeks until he ends up on the Alabama team as an assistant to start the photo rehab run that will inevitably land him in South Carolina in a few years). If you missed it, Nebraska fired Frost on Sunday in the midst of an NFL fanfare just a few weeks before the takeover halving was set. You must be so bad to get fired so quickly when patience saves millions of people. Now, Mickey Joseph is taking the lead and it has to be felt that change should correct the ship in one-score disasters because that line is baffling. I think Oklahoma is overrated and I know the faded home loser is the number one reason for missing shots, but here I am.

Brian’s pick: Oklahoma -11.5

Here’s another amazing line! Last week, BYU beat Baylor, the best team in the Big 12, in a great game that entered LAAAAAAATE on the night. This week, they’ll be getting an early afternoon kick in Oregon as they compete to reach the top ten. The last time we saw Oregon play in the national spotlight, it was dismantled by Georgia. I don’t think BYU is UGA, but I don’t think Oregon is Baylor. Give me BYU to get into that early College Football Playoff conversation.

Brian’s pick: BYU +3.5

I will politely ask you not to watch this football match. It feels like Iowa-Iowa by another name. To me, Penn State is a program that should be a bit of a slip with Nebraska firing Scott Frost because they dropped a lot of close matches themselves in the past few years. James Franklin has a big deal to stay there for the long haul, but they lost every big game over the course of last season. This program will not bear that forever. On the other side is Auburn, who has a coach on the hot seat themselves. Brian Harsin seemed destined to be sent off the season, survived and is now leading what looks like a really bad football team. Quarterback TJ Finley doesn’t seem to own it because they turned to backup Robbie Ashford for the big chores in the options game. Finley has a huge arm but throws in plenty of passes that can be intercepted with some bad decisions over and over, Ashford is very quick but not ready to attack. I don’t expect beautiful football in this game.

For the sake of transparency, I’ll be at Jordan Hare for this one because my wife is an Auburn graduate so we’ll be taking the trip with some friends. I don’t know what to do with the line. I don’t know what to do with two uninspiring faculty members. I know my wife might leave me on the tarmac (similar to USC-Lane Kiffin) if I don’t choose Auburn. Give me the house dog so I can come home, dog.

Brian’s Pick: Auburn +3.5

There aren’t a lot of great games this week so here’s a darts game hoping we catch lightning in a bottle here. Ole Miss doesn’t look as good as a year ago and Georgia Tech… well… you know Georgia Tech. I’ll have the Ole Miss athletes run by Georgia Tech.

Brian’s Pick: Ole Miss -16.5

This is the weekend for the underdogs at home and I simply don’t know what to do with them. As I’ve said countless times, I’m an LSU graduate so the night game at Tiger Stadium marks a purple and gold victory, but I have no faith in that minor slowdown in the Mississippi State pass attack after what Pokey did to them just 12 days ago. My best tip for this game is to hammer more. I’m going with my hunch saying LSU plus points in a night game at Tiger Stadium and wishing for the best.

Brian’s pick: LSU +2.5

This one is simple for me. Texas Tech has been humble with QB Backup by two games. It’s dynamic but not great at protecting football. North Carolina He struggled in a close encounter in the ECU, but that was on the way. I expect them to take advantage of some shifts and scale through this.

Brian’s Pick: NC State -10.5

Do you have any idea Michigan was ranked 12th? I had no clue. I thought they were unclassified. Regardless, these are two teams already playing a game in week one because both teams have played some cake so far and I’ll be thinking about pre-season games. Washington’s transfer was QB Michael Penix Jr. He did great for Indiana a few years ago and has so far shone in the UW. Michigan State will play back-to-back running and defense. I think this is going to be fun, reminds us of B1G, so I’ll take the points and hope to finish a field goal.

Brian’s Pick: Michigan State +3.5

We don’t have a lot of great games this week so I’m throwing in darts and I hope we’ll do something fun here with SMU vs Baby Tua.

Brian’s pick: SMU +2.5

We’ve talked about chart games a few times with Mike Norville – and it’s a must to prove that his scheme works. Could Jimbo Fisher, after many years of his career and stint at Texas A&M, face a scheme game? I don’t think the Aggies will fire Jimbo, he owes a billion dollars in his contract and every dollar is fully guaranteed. A&M got that oil money to pay for it, but I don’t know where they’re going from there. But it could happen sideways quickly within a year as the A&M’s boosters empty oil reserves to deliver Jimbo the greatest recruiting class ever created. They looked against Sam Houston State and were completely dominated by the App State because this offense is really terrible. They cannot move the ball. QB play is bad and the gameplay design is bad. They have athletes but they can’t get the ball.

Their opponents almost face the opposite problem. The receivers look nice, but we know QB is really good — or at least we think we do. Tyler Van Dyke was great last season, getting better every time, but he’s been doing just fine so far this year. Not bad by any means, but we haven’t seen the move yet that I thought would make him one of the best QBs in the country. This might be the time it takes to hook up with a new coaching staff, but it’s definitely something to watch on the road to over 100,000 people.

I predicted that this streak would still be a small A&M favorite this week because they are more talented, but the 6.5 really feels like a big deal for a team that can’t score. I expect A&M to win, but I think 20-14 or even 17-10 might be the final, so I’ll get the points and hopefully sooner.

Brian’s pick: Miami +6.5

TL version; DR choices:

  1. FSU -2.5
  2. Oklahoma -11.5
  3. BYU +3.5
  4. Auburn +3.5
  5. Ole Miss – 16.5
  6. LSU +2.5
  7. North Carolina -10.5
  8. Michigan State +3.5
  9. SMU +2.5
  10. Miami +6.5