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Fargo – It took nearly 104 minutes before the University of South Dakota scored a point this season. This was not a defensive fight for football.

It’s Division I FCS football, and the Coyotes, after being disqualified at Kansas State in their opening game, didn’t score against the University of Montana until midway through the fourth quarter. By then, Bob Nelson may have seen enough.

So he did something about it.

The veteran coach is back in the future, back to his days in Division II Minnesota Duluth, and taking on call-up assignments with the Dollar offense. The result made Coyotes feel better about their attack ahead of Saturday’s Missouri Valley Football Conference opener against North Dakota State at the Dakota Dome.

“It makes you feel like you’re training again,” Nelson said. “I told someone after the game, rather than standing on the sidelines to make a decision or two and be a general game observer. I know I had to get rid of the rust a little bit. There were a few series I’d like to go back to.”

The Coyotes had 270 total yards against the Big 12 Conference Wildcats. It wasn’t until a 25-yard drop from Travis Theiss with 6:27 left in the game in a 24-7 loss to the Grizzlies that Dollar took the plate.

Two days later, the US Dollar Sports Division announced that Nelson is taking over play from offensive coordinator Ted Schlafke, whose role going forward has not been announced. Schlafke is the midfield coach.

Coyote jumped over Cal Poly last week with three touchdowns in the first quarter in a 38-21 win.

“I’m more involved in the attacking side here as head coach,” said Nelson. “Always. This is where my background has been.”

The last time Nelson called into the plays was when he was the head coach at Duluth, the Bulldogs have been a hit 100-26 in their 10 years, including two seasons of second-tier undefeated National Championships. Schlavke played quarterback for Nelson.

“It’s not like I didn’t feel good about our offensive plans,” Nelson said. “I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a lot of moving but at the same time being able to be in that role and have a good sense of what we were doing well and the things we weren’t doing well. One of the things we tried to do last week was to simplify our plan To allow our players to play a little faster.”

Quick play translates to four touchdowns for at least 40 yards. Carson Camp quarterback started his 75-yard run the first time Dollar caught the ball.

When asked if he saw a difference in coyotes with Nelson calling the plays, NDSU coach Matt Entz said the sample size was too short to get an accurate reading.

“It looks like they’re using more of the playing hour,” Entz said. “Maybe this is the header coach trying to protect his defense a little bit more.”

Only 6,812 fans attended the opening of the house against the Mustang. The crowd is expected to be much better with NDSU in the city in an indoor arena that seats 9,100 people. Like Gate City Bank Field in Fargodome, when the DakotaDome is packed, it gets louder.

“I hope our fans are excited,” Nelson said. “North Dakota State has definitely proven to be at the top of the FCS football pile. It’s a big challenge but I always say a big challenge brings with it a great opportunity and we have a chance to go out on Saturday and be the best football team we’ve been this year and find a way to do the things we need to.” Do it to win.”