Twins Daily 2022 Minor League Starting in the Jug of the Year – Twins

Derek Falvey has been tasked with building a talent pipeline since he was brought in from Cleveland to head the front office. Minnesota was intended to target guns with the upside that could be molded into solid working horses. The farm has seen a lot of strong showings this season, but only one has won the Minor League title for the best pitcher of the year.

Before getting to the winner, here are some of the other contenders:

Pearson folks (Fort Myers) – 20 G 91.2 IP 3.53 ERA 1.178 WHIP 9.9 K / 9 1.3 BB / 9
Jaylene Nolen (Fort Myers / Cedar Rapids) – 22 G 71.0 IP 3.80 ERA 1.352 WHIP 14.1 K / 9 4.6 BB / 9
Travis Adams (Fort Myers / Cedar Rapids) – 22 G 100.2 IP 3.93 ERA 1.162 WHIP 9.7 K / 9 2.3 BB / 9

# 5 stripe frame (Fort Myers) – 19 G 65.0 IP 3.05 ERA 1.077 WHIP 10.5 K / 9 3.2 BB / 9
Raya is escorted into the fourth round of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft from United South High School in Laredo, Texas. With the Covid shutdown and injuries over the past two years, 2022 was his professional debut. Skipping the entire league complex, 19-year-old Raya at Fort Myers Mighty Mussels. In 19 matches and 17 starts, he was nothing short of dominant. It can be argued that Raya’s team managed to hit hits in groups while doing a good job of limiting damage. He got things going in the mid-’90s and he’s someone Minnesota could turn into a number three or better.

# 4 Brent Hedrick – (Cedar Rapids / Wichita) – 25 G 108.1 IP 3.32 ERA 1.080 WHIP 11.3 K / 9 2.1 BB / 9
Hiddick was selected in the ninth round of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft by Illinois State University, and he’s really seen the ceiling of his stuff grow. Last year was his first full professional season and he set strong numbers for the Low-A Fort Myers team. Splitting time between High-A Cedar Rapids and Double-A Wichita this year, Hedrick has become the team’s anchor at whatever level he’s playing. Hedrick continued to hit the offensive in groups, and he showed a very strong ability to lead the game of baseball. He ditched a few of his teammates after upgrading to Double-A, but he was dominant all over. When Wind Surge advanced to the Texas League Posteason, Hedrick had him commissioned as a starter for Game 1.

# 3 David Vista – (Fort Myers/Cedar Rapids) 21 G 103.2 IP 2.43 ERA 1.090 WHIP 9.4 K/9 3.0 BB/9
Festa made quick work at Fort Myers after starting the season there after being selected in the thirteenth round by Seton Hall during the 2021 Major League Baseball draft. The Cedar Rapids have made a big splash this season, making adjustments to continue strong games while the hits were slightly lower. At only 22 years old, Festa has done a great job of avoiding the big roles by limiting the long ball. In more than 103 rounds this season, opposing speculators have been allowed to leave the arena only six times. As for the late pick, the immediate development here was incredibly encouraging.

Second place Simon Woods Richardson – (Wichita / St. Paul) 21 G 2.93 ERA 1.080 WHIP 9.7 K / 9 3.0 BB / 9
obtained together Austin Martin From the Toronto Blue Jays when I sent Minnesota Jose Perios North of the border, Woods Richardson has been dominant this season. Not cutting him off as an Olympic debut last season, Woods Richardson settled on a routine. 2.55 is his ERA at Triple-A St. Paul is better than he was with the Double-A Wichita, and continues to average through the strike each round. This is the upper arm half that Minnesota could order as soon as 2023.

2022 Minnesota Twins Minor League starts pitcher of the year – Louie Farland – (Wichita/St. Paul) – 24 G 126.1 IP 3.06 ERA 1.259 WHIP 10.4 K/9 3.0 BB/9
Winning this award for the second consecutive season is none other than Concordia St. Paul Louie Varland. A native of St. Paul, Farland was a 15th-round pick by the Twins during the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft. After dominating Single-A in 2021, Farland continued his role by getting promoted to Triple-A late in the season. After a 3.34 ERA across 105 runs with Wichita, Farland recorded a dominant 1.69 ERA in four Saints starts.

As has been the case during the course of his career, Farland has been a strong arm. This season, he has scored 146 strikes while conceding only 42 walks. Once in the low ’90s, Farland worked the off-season to push his Fastball into the mid-’90s on a consistent basis with the ability to go past nearly 97 mph.

When Minnesota needed a double-header arm against the New York Yankees, it was Farland who was called up to make his league debut. Brother, would-be dodgers, Jose Farland He was in the stands to see Louie get punched Aaron Judge For the first hit of his career. Farland would continue to grow at the big league level, but he looked at part of his arm with excitement. He’s a tough shooter who runs fast and isn’t afraid to trust his stuff.

While the twins may not have instant space for Varland in the 2023 opening day cycle, there’s no doubt he’ll have a few starts and be ready to make an impact when his number is called.

Previous Year’s Pitcher Prize Winners:
Winner 2021 – Louie Farland
Winner 2019- for Randy Dobb

Winner 2018 – Tyler Wells

Winner 2017 – Stephen Gonsalves

2016 Winner – Stephen Gonsalves

2015 Winner – Jose Perios

2014 winner – Jose Perios

Winner 2013 – Taylor Rogers
2012 Winner – BJ Hermsen