Tom Allen provides football injury update for IU, previews Western Kentucky

(Photo: IU Athletics)

Watch and read what Indiana coach Tom Allen had to say Thursday before Indiana’s game against Western Kentucky on Saturday afternoon.

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Infection update?

“I would say optimistic James Head will be able to give us some shots on Saturday. He’s been training with us this week, so it’s definitely been a day-to-day attitude for him. Same with Jonathan Hines, he’s more of a day-today, I’m not 100 percent sure at Hundred after. If he can go, he will go.”

On relying on defensive leaders this week

“From their point of view, that was my expectation for sure because we train and equip them. They have seen a lot of football and they need to do a great job. And that is a very strong attack we are playing against, number one in the country a year ago, they have the same scheme, a lot of the same receivers.And so yeah, we need to show that leadership.Obviously you have to be able to get a lot of players contribute.It starts up front with being able to do a good job through the pressure,not letting a quarterback feel comfortable,and doing A good job making sure he feels us mentally and physically, so that would be the goal.”

On IU’s defensive depth and mingling with younger players

“It’s definitely a major focus for us and a goal is to be able to play a lot of players, definitely 22 players minimum and play more in each position. So I think they’re growing, and I think every week they’re getting a little bit better. Obviously the more they play, They had a better chance to go out and learn our system, learn to communicate and play with a high level of confidence and a high level of execution together.

For me, it’s more about the collective, trying to be able to have a blueprint that all these people can learn and implement at a high level for 60 minutes and beyond, whatever it takes. So I think these guys will definitely come. I want to keep it going, we have to take another step forward this week with the kind of attack we’re about to play.”

About the game layout of the Western Kentucky crime

“Like I said, it’s connected to different gameplay, same system. Each game connected has its own personality. So you have two games to rate from this year, so you leave you very dependent on those, but we also used all 14 games they played since last year, they played a championship match Their conferences and they played bowling.So you have a lot of movies to study, but that also gave us a lot of things to consider while preparing for it.Trying to mix the two and being able to get a feel for the way we think they’re going to call the game.

“And a lot of them will react to what they choose to do, so it’s typically the first two, three or four games of the year until you get three or four games – they’ve already done that they’ve been turned off, so they’ve only played twice because they had a goodbye week playing Week 0. But the bottom line is that you don’t have a lot of stat data to support what you’ll see this year, only two games worth, and so you should be able to use some of the past as well, and that’s the challenge, without a doubt.

“But this is a talented quarterback, although he is new and has a really strong arm, he has a high IQ from a football perspective as you can understand and understand. A tough kid, a big kid and he can also run from arms when attacking.”

On what he wants to see from Connor Basilak this week

“Looking for consistency, looking for a strong start in the first quarter of the year to be able to play at a high level right out of the gate and to be able to execute for four quarters. So, for me, it’s about doing our jobs. We have to be able to be consistent. Very up front in our technique, in our running style, in our pro passing techniques.And the way we understand the way they put pressure, they did a really good job in the third down and it gives you a lot of different shapes.

So I feel like for me, it’s more about just us doing a great job responding to what we’re going to see, and you still don’t know for sure how they’re going to defend us until you get into the game. And to be able to adapt to that, it will be the responsibility of our coach. And so, from Connor’s perspective, it’s more about mental focus and getting ready to go from the beginning.”

On the mindset of Conor Baslak in games

“I think the biggest value is that it’s an emotional game, it’s a game that’s driven by momentum, and you better have a really bad memory in that position. If you make a mistake, you can’t think about it, you’ll get to make another mistake, maybe the next play if you don’t Closed in, if you wear emotional effects of a negative play.So I think the benefit is the fact that he can pull it off, and he doesn’t get overly excited when he’s playing a play because you have to go and play another play.He doesn’t come down when he’s not playing a play because you have to find a way to do a play Others, no matter what just happened.

“So I like the not blinking mindset that we’ve had on this program for so long, being able to get rid of the negative stuff, the stress and being able to have an individual mindset ‘Hey, it’s about the next play. “And so for me, he brings that into our attack as well. And it’s very easy to get confused when things don’t happen, especially if it’s a real negative game on the offensive side of football, but he didn’t, he’s the same guy who’s coming off the field. Lots of value in this post without question.”

Earn more playing time on Josh Sanguinetti

“It’s about keeping both players. Josh is playing well, and we know he’s a really good footballer. We’re trying to let our players have a very successful season and not overplay the players in games, and I think that was a negative for us a year ago, and it’s building Really later. And then you create the depth, you have to be able to have many players. And so we play with a lot of players in many positions for that reason, so we can build that depth. And you have to force yourself to do that. Then eventually it becomes easier for the coaches to just play the older players or the players they know they’re completely ready for.

“And then you have to be able to prepare these other guys by playing with them; they don’t prepare to play by watching on the sidelines. So Josh has won these actors out without question. We have a lot of confidence in him. He really is a good safety cover. He can handle With him he’s gotten bigger, stronger and faster this off season. So I’m really proud of Josh and what he’s doing, but yes, there are multiple reasons for that. But I think the most important thing is that we want to play a lot of players.”

On the importance of protecting the ball

“It’s a top priority every day in this program is to protect football and that hasn’t changed this week. You’re absolutely right. We as a football team talked about how many points they made defensively, they did that. He did that by playing aggressively in defence, And playing really hard and physically in defense, flying around, being around football.The ball finds energy, I think, that’s something we say on our show and then it’s something you see in the movie.

“They give you a lot of different looks in the third parts, where people are often forced to make mistakes and throw those objections. They do a good job at that and they try to hide things and confuse the midfielder and give a defensive look weird and they do a great job with that. And that resulted in a lot of advice.And so for me, we should have a great plan to counter that, and our guys have to do a great job of protecting the football, whether it’s at full back, or throwing it, obviously catching the football, Then security, and once we have the ball as running back and receiver.”

In building team togetherness

“I think the teamwork between our guys, and building that connection, which also builds trust in each other. Those relationships, the ability — our guys did a lot of things together, especially with all the new faces and things that we tried to do as a team to build that unity, build that collaboration, That trust in the guys around you when you get to know each other better. I think that was a big plus. Then also the summer trainings and exercises, training with our staff and you getting into fall camp.

“I just think the flexibility they’ve shown, they show up and they work every day, no matter how much we ask them to do, no matter what the schedule looks like, if it changes or anything else, they don’t blink. And then we have to keep developing that. It should be something that we as a team is known for. But I think off-season coaching and off-season team building is where I’ve seen signs of that.

“And that was a huge goal for us because we believe the best teams are connected teams. At the end of the day, the best team, this is the group that wins on match day. And our goal is to be the best team in the field every time we play.”