They have everything they need

Hey Wes, As for the bears’ backs, Jay Herbert sounded more effective than David Montgomery last Sunday. I think Montgomery just had a bad game, so they might have a two-headed monster in the backcourt, and the Fields have wheels too. What would beamers have to do to prevent this trio of bears from succeeding on Earth, and fields daring to challenge our databases instead?

Play in a disciplined manner and fill in the blanks. Personally, Montgomery has always intimidated me the most in a scrolling game. As long as the defenders get close to the ball, Green Bay should be fine.

I really don’t like defending the zone as there is always an easy place to find and sit, but in the case of Justin Jefferson last weekend, is there such a thing as playing man-to-man on one person and having a zone on the rest of the background? More pressure on QB sure makes the area look so much better!

Spov and I have quoted what the coaches are saying. Jerry Gray echoed those comments on Wednesday evening. It’s something we have to keep watching. But for the defense that was prevalent during boot camp, including shared practices with New Orleans, you can’t flush a baby with the bathwater after a rough walk.

Hey Wes, it doesn’t look like A. Rodgers connection with A. Rodgers is going to happen anytime soon. Too many mental errors?

I felt Rodgers had a good camp, but he’s only one season and one game into that thing too. At the moment, Rodgers works in special teams – such as Randall Cope, Lazard, and several receivers ahead of him. You have to win chances to attack. The good news is that it is cyclical from week to week. There is always time to prove yourself.

Andy from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wes, is it surprising to hear that the O line seems to be the group making mental mistakes? Before John Runyan went down, four of the five played big shots last year, and Jake Hanson is in his third season. This combination was one of the main lineups for all the training camps (and the only group that plays in pre-season, for this audience), so I wasn’t expecting it to be this group.

These are just the growing pains associated with having a young offensive line. Keep in mind that Josh Nijmann was the most experienced player who started on Sunday. It wasn’t 2014 when David Bakhtiari, Josh Seton, Corey Linsley and TJ Lang didn’t miss the start, and Brian Bulaga missed one game. It will take some time. Having David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins back here at some point would be a huge deal for this young interior designer.

With Caleb Jones signing 53 and seeing his good results in pre-season, will we see him in LT and Yosh Nijman move to the RT Spot?

Small steps, Bobby. The Packers had an open slot on the roster and chose to use it on the 6-foot-9 rookie who nearly knocked the roster out of camp. Jones is 53 but still has work to do. Meanwhile, the Packers have the option of removing Ray Welburn from the coaching squad if they need an extra quarterback for Sunday.

Insiders, with injuries to Dak Prescott, TJ Watt and our players, who gets to decide whether a player goes to the IR – the coach or the GM?

Doctors and coaches provide their input first. The player may get a second opinion as well. Once all this information is weighed and a schedule is set, the General Manager places the call on IR.

Did the Packers lose two regular games in a row under ML?

Not during the same season, no. Technically, they have now lost two consecutive regular season games (week 18 of 2021 and week one of 2022), although they are out of sync. I love the way LaFleur deals with setbacks. Adversity brings out the best in Matt LaFleur’s teams.