There are some sleeping giants in the hawks’ crime

The Falcons are unlikely to be a good team overall this year. However, I’m more convinced that their attack might be an interesting unit and give us at least three fantasy starters each week.

Arthur Smith has a strange relationship with the media But I think he succeeded in deploying the first week player.

Kyle Bates He lined up extensively on only 25.7 percent of his roads. I know everyone has interesting opinions about how good the Pitts is as a legitimate X receiver but it’s a narrow end. We want him to run trails against linebackers and safety. This is where you get a real mismatch.

I totally believe that the Pitts were used extensively last year out of necessity because the Falcons were being denied legitimate outdoor receiver options. But I must be clear, I also have my own agenda here. Regardless, more actual Narrow use is good for its fancy outlook.

Bates passed a block (20% of passing shots) a little more than we wanted in the first week but it remains a staple of the passing game. He inhaled 33% of the team’s aerial yards. He will have monster games soon enough.

Drake London That’s why the Hawks don’t have to do their outdoor receiver stuff with the Beats as much this year. The rookie stepped straight onto the NFL field and looked like he belonged after very little training last month following a pre-season injury.

London lined up extensively on 90.6% of the roads. It can win as a legitimate external X receiver. He handled 31% of the team’s air yards and the results were strong as well, with 74 yards in five catches. London is one of my favorite buys at the moment and I think he has a way of producing a Top 20 receiver on a regular basis as his rookie year continues. He’s just a really good player.

Drake London may appear as a trustworthy fictional option. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The target tree of the funnel between Bates and London is exactly what we signed up for in Atlanta. Marcus Mariota It’s obviously not a long term answer but it can feed those people down below to pile on the catch.

Finally, 2021 was clearly not a fluke, and Arthur Smith has clearly figured out the best way to spread it Cordaryl Patterson. It was great the first week.

He was there among the league leaders in backhand touches and got 45.5% of his shots. The Falcons were punished as a hasty team and the Saints have historically been a tough outing to run back.

For another comeback on this list it might be best to step up and stay healthy to take some Patterson’s carry-on grinder to keep him fresh. However, Patterson looks like a real NFL is in decline, and as long as the Falcons’ offense stays afloat, he will go down as one of the most underrated players this fantasy recruiting season.

Cowboys glimmer of hope?

I wanted to share this because it’s a good reminder that when Cooper Rush Started in Dallas last year, all the air did not come out of the balloon. It is said, this ecosystem Significantly Worse than what the Cowboys did last year.

Rush was still aggressive when he entered the field last Sunday, leading all quarterbacks at average pitch depth. So maybe we can get some air yards sir lamb direction. To be clear, things are still pretty bleak but it’s worth noting.

Tua Tagovailoa had the lowest average throw depth (5.0) among QBs when pressed in the first week

Conversely, he ranked sixth in aDOT when staying clean, according to Pro Football Focus.

This is important to note because dolphins deal injuries up front. Left Handle Tyrone Armstead Doubtful Sunday and correct handling Austin Jackson It was put on short-term IR Friday morning.

Trek Hill It was the biggest addition this team has made in the off-season but improving their offensive line has been a big part of the thesis as to why Tua’s life will be easier in 2022. It’s not ideal to see injuries early this year. We’ve seen over the past few seasons that Tua change as a camara when there’s extra heat. He also ranked last in the aDOT under pressure last year. He has playmakers who can do very well after hunting, but he just limits the cap on this whole process.

The crows had an easy match with their old friend Joe Flacco The first week but they definitely looked back in shape From a pass defense point of view. Fantasy managers with any level of interest in dolphins don’t want to see Twa manipulate behind a hacked offensive line.

Top five teams in a neutral situation

1. Black

2. Cowboy

3. Eagles

4. Texas

5. Panthers

Leopards stand out to me on this list. Ben McAdoo’s crimes usually play out quickly and at a pace. This approach has brought a much-needed Carolina offense.

While I didn’t like what I saw Baker Mayfield Or the first week pass game I’m willing to give a temporary pass. Mayfield seemed like a man who didn’t spend much time with this team. It makes sense – because that’s how it is.

From a structural point of view, the crime of the Panthers looks as we would like. I’m still confident about the optimistic outlook on men like Christian McCaffrey And the DJ Moore.

The Eagles are ranked 11th in pass rate in neutral mode

That’s a lot like calling the Eagles from the early part of last year, not the unit that finished the season in the basement in terms of pass attempts. The difference between the Eagles team early last year and the team we saw in Week 1: It’s a job this time.

Having a transformative talent like AJ Brown.

If this kind of operation continues in Philadelphia, we will have to fundamentally change the way we understand this offense and the players. Brown could finish as the top five receiver, Galen Hurts It will put insane numbers, and eventually, there will be a descending effect for the other pass players on the list.

Top 5 RBs in yards before calling per lunge

1 – Leonard Fortnite 3.24

2- Jafonte Williams 3.14

3 – D’Andre Swift 3.07.2 Update

4 – Clyde Edwards Heeler 2.86

5 – Cordaryl Patterson 2.82.00

Leonard Fortnite The Bucs’ running game looked great despite a string of offensive line injuries. The veteran full-back looked decisive and did very well on Sunday. There is a strange belief in some fictional circles that Fortnite is not a good back and only benefits due to its circumstances. enough already; Fournette is a good comeback in the NFL. He’s been a player who isn’t very well drafted and deserves to be higher in the ratings for the rest of the season (be sure to keep an eye on his condition for Sunday, because He is said to be dealing with a hamstring injury).

The Broncos did a lot of work to make sure Jafonte Williams I was out in space as an impulse booster and as a receiver for the first week. I know they just made a huge trade for it Russell Wilson Off-season and everyone was (overly) excited about the Receivers Corps, but the team that took the field in the first week looked like a unit where their best player was back. Williams will likely get more production as an impetus going forward.

Top 5 players in the arenas after calling each dash

1 – Saquon Barkley 6.83.2007

2 – Dandrey Swift 6.53

3 – Miles Sanders 6

4 – Galen Hurts 4.76

5- Rashad Bini 4.67.4

I have some ideas here.

I will be Barclay he is Back-Back. He was a bit more of a boom/breakdown runner than most people would like to admit going back to his college days. However, Barkley’s first week version ran decisively and pushed the defenders in, consistently gaining extra yards. If we get this version of Barkley for 17 games he will join level 1 fantasy running back easily.

I just poured into the Eagles’ passing game early on but they are lively on the ground as well. Miles Sanders It will never be a consistent fantasy choice, but it does have some upsides as a great runner associated with good offense and a fast-paced ecosystem.

you will notice Dandrey Swift It’s on both of the top five lists out there. I would love to see him. This infuriated the fantasy directors Jamal Williams I took over the target line action in the first week. You will just have to learn to live with that and not let it bother you; Williams will not go away. Most importantly, the talented Lions’ attacking streak is close to working at full capacity (although they have had some injuries this week) when it wasn’t often last year and Swift looks great as a runner.

This wasn’t always the case last year. The high goalscorers from early last year with Swift likely won’t return this season Amon-Ra Saint Brown Outstanding player. But if he could make the Earth rush, it wouldn’t matter much.

Run the top 5 regional areas in the tracks

1 – Daryl Henderson 39

2 – Joe Mixon 38

3- Jonathan Taylor 34

4 – Aaron Jones 28

5- Jafonte Williams 28

A few of these players were boosted by game script and overtime in the first week, but we did get some clarity on receiving roles.

Daryl Henderson They were already locked up in pass work for rams before Cam Akers And now for the novice Keren Williams – College traffic protection veteran – On IR, he should easily hold this gig, and work well ahead of Akers as long as he’s healthy. Until that rotation changes, Henderson is a top 15 horse comeback.

Joe Mixon It is also interesting here. Some analysts have been resisting him due to a historical lack of participation as a passing professional. However, he ran a route on 58% of Joe Borough They account for 17% of the team’s goals. He will pay to finish running in the top five if that use is the new rule.

For the love of God, let’s hope to see more actual receive use for Aaron Jones In Week 2. He tied with the captain in running tracks with two receivers, but he was not a featured piece in the goal-setting arrangement. It would look like he made it to the second round – by the way on many of my teams – if that didn’t change.

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