The Yankees’ Greatest Sin Did Not Fail To Win The World Series

The Yankees have not won a championship since 2009 and this is generally described as the stakes To Indifference Hal SteinbrennerBrian Cashman and how they run the franchise.

But it is difficult to win titles. The Dodgers and Astros were the typical up-and-coming organizations. However, the Dodgers have held one World Championship title since 1988 – in an epidemic year with a regular season of 60 games. The Astros won one world championship in their history – in 2017, the year they were penalized for stealing illegal signals.

The short chain increases the probability of random results and fluctuating results. In the 2000s, he only played twice for the teams with the best records in each league in the 22nd World Championships – one of which was his short 2020 season with Dodgers and Rays.

Just look at this season. The Dodgers walk 111 victories, but lose all of their series to the Pirates, including a three-game home sweep. They are a combined 4-8 against Pittsburgh and Washington – the two worst teams in the National League.

But they’re on their way to those 111 wins and, most importantly, their ninth NL West title in the past 10 years. And when they didn’t win it last year, the Giants needed 107 wins to hold out the Dodgers’ 106.

The Astros are on their way to winning their fifth AL West title in the past six seasons. The Braves fight to beat the Mets to win their fifth consecutive NL East title.

Thus, the greatest sin in baseball for the Yankees is not the failure to win the World Series since 2009. It is that they have only had one of the past nine AL East titles. Because the 162 games are the serum of truth. You might lose a series to the Pirates or the Nationals over the course of six months, but the best quality comes out over that lot. Part of that fact is that, in the case of the Yankees, you have spent big paychecks well and have you justified inflating the size of your front office to NASA’s space launch ratios? It’s hard to justify if you annually can’t fend off meager salary rays.

The Mets are part of that discussion, too. They’ve only won world titles twice, none since 1986. What’s amazing, at least to me, is that they’ve won only six titles, not in consecutive years and only once in the same decade (1986, 1988).

Even Aaron Boone said of his 162 games, “I think that’s the real measure” of who the best teams are.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone reacts to a referee's call during a game against the Twins on September 8, 2022.
Yankees manager Aaron Boone reacts to a referee’s call during a game against the Twins on September 8, 2022.
Robert Sabo

But Boone only had one division title in his first four years as Yankee manager, though he currently sits with the sixth best win percentage (.601) for anyone who has managed at least 600 games.

This, in part, reflects the strength of AL East where, for example, four members won over 90 games last year and three are likely to make the playoffs this season.

Rays manager Kevin Cash said he sees the team that won the world championship as the best, but made a special exemption to take the win in AL East due to its yearly depth. Every member of the department has won in the past nine years. The Red Sox have won the most goals in four times, but are on the verge of finishing last for the fourth time in that span – and the fifth time in 11 seasons.

The Mets and Yankees did important work to secure the division titles over the weekend against the Florida teams after fateful losses Friday night. The Mets defeated the Marlins 20-6 on Saturday and Sunday, and the Yankees defeated the Rays 20-7. The Mets had fallen from the top spot for the first time since April 12 on Friday night before regaining their lead in one game over the weekend. The Yankees’ lead fell to 3 on Friday, the smallest since May 9 – and only two were in the loss column – before they opened at 5 on the day off.

By blowing away much of what was progress in 15 games, the Yankees have already cost themselves a chance to beat the Astros for the top seed in the AL and have also lost a much more comfortable way to bring their host of injured players back to the regular roster. . That said, a score win would be massive, not only because it pretty much secures a second seed and avoids flip-flopping in the first three’s top-of-the-line fights.

The Yankees have won only one of nine previous East Division titles.
The Yankees have won only one of nine previous East Division titles.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

The regular season ends on October 5 and the Division Series begins on October 11th and those days in between may create enough time for Andrew Benentende and (an outside opportunity) Matt Carpenter to come back from injury in the playoffs. Of course, this will allow the Yankees to set up their own Division Series offer as they wish.

For the Mets, starring aspirations revolve around posting Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer in top fashion. But if the Mets finish behind the Braves, DeGrom and Scherzer (if he’s healthy) will start Game 1 and 2 of the Wild Card Tour October 7-8, leaving them only available once each as a start in the top five. Division string and not used before Game 2 at the earliest.

So during the last three weeks of the regular season, it’s clear that New York clubs have the number one priority.