The Strange Case of 2022 Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds It’s certainly been an interesting 2022 baseball season. It all started when the team, led by owner Bob Castellini, began, in the words of general manager Nick Krall, to “align their roster with our resources.” The team committed to another rebuild, despite a record 83-79 and a third-place finish in 2021, and a wild card debut in 2020.

In response to that press conference, the Reds made several moves in the off-season. In November 2021, the Reds traded in the fishing game for a long time Tucker Barnhart To the Detroit Tigers in search of a secondary ranger and a losing shooter Valley Miley On concessions to the Cubs. in March , Sony Gray Handed out to twins in exchange for a 19-year-old jug Chase Petty A fan favorite Jesse Winker And the Eugene Suarez It was distributed to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for a shipment that included the RHP bowler Justin Dunn who was on the injured list, and Jake Fraleyand ranked fifth in American baseball and the top 100 LHP companies Brandon Williamson and a player later named, who turned out to be the 15th U.S. baseball team Mariners in RHP Conor Phillips. Finally, closer prince garrett Sent to the royal family for Mike Minor.

The Reds, the oldest Major League Baseball franchise, started the season on the road for only the second time since their last World Championship title in 1990 when they swept away favorite Oakland Athletics team. They had to open in front of the world champion, Atlanta Braves, at Truist Park in Atlanta. The Reds took the first and fourth games in a separate series with the champions. The Reds then returned home to open the season at Great American Ballpark to face in-state rivals the Cleveland Guardians in a battle for the Ohio Cup (awarded to the series winner each year). Apparently, this is where the wheels started falling for the Reds. Before the match, Reds COO Phil Castellini, in response to a question about fan loyalty, famously said, “Where are you going?” The Reds then proceeded to tie the 2003 Detroit Tigers to their worst start to a season 3-22 (.120) for the entire month of April.

While their current record, 55-80, eliminates them from competing for the playoff. There may be hope for Reds fans in the future. The Reds have been playing close to 0.500 baseball games since their horrific start.

The Reds have a record almost identical to that of their first division rival, the Milwaukee Brewers. Also, what might be even more impressive is the fact that the Reds set records better than the New York Yankees in July (14-12, Yankees 13-13) and August (11-17, Yankees 10-18). The trend also continued at the beginning of September, entering play tonight, the Reds 4-2 and the Yankees 4-3.

While, in the end, the Yankees will be in the playoffs and are legitimate contenders for the world title, the Reds have found a way out of the vault, in a reversal of their “never say die” attitude. Their manager is David Bell. At one point, the Reds were on track for the worst record run in MLS history, but they made their way to fourth in the National Central League, just two games behind the Chicago Cubs.

The Reds have been battered by injuries this year, with each player initially serving nine time on the injured list. jonathan indiaAnd the Nick SnzelAnd the Mike Mustafaand the future Hall of Famer joy photo He spent several stints in IL, with Votto losing this year with a torn rotator cuff. Their star catcher Tyler Stevenson He also had multiple spells in IL and is, like Votto, out of season with a broken collarbone. They started with seven different Hunters. Their big arms have spent time in IL including Tejay Antonwho underwent Tommy John’s surgery, and Lucas Sims Who missed most of the year due to back injuries.

However, through it all, there is hope. non-veteran Alexis Diazthe younger brother of the New York Mets closer Edwin DiazHe has dominated the hitters this season and may have stolen the job closest to Anton. Jake Fraley has hit really well since returning from IL. What will give Reds fans the most to look forward to in 2023 is the start of a rotation of the three-headed rookie beast, led by a young fireball player. Hunter Green (5.26 era and 127 strokes), left-handed crafty Nick Ludlow (3.95 ERA and 91 hits), the surprise of the group Graham Ashcraft (3.97 eras and 23 walks only). Greene and Lodolo are currently on rehab assignments and are due to rejoin the big club soon.

Promotion isn’t the only area where they’ll get help either. The Reds have a future star SS Eli Cruz Tear off minors and he can take his place Jose Barrero As a starting point for next year. SS Matt McClain, named in the first round for 2021, was among the last cuts last year and could start next year for the Reds as well. Spencer Steyer7 in the rankings, he recently made his major league debut, making his debut. He can play all four positions inside the court and also play RF in minors. Along with McClain and Steer, the Reds rated the probability #2 according to, Noelfi Marchobtained from Mariners in Louis Castle The deal, and their potential No. 6 project LHP Williamson both make their MLB debut next year. The Reds also have other young players coming in that will allow them to build around 2B India and C Stephenson as well.

The Reds will have some tough decisions to make this off season as they look to rebuild completely in 2024.

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