The Steelers should totally consider firing OC Matt Canada after their second week loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers Promotion Canada died To be the team’s offensive coordinator After the 2020 season, it was originally thought to be an exciting move. Many of those high hopes have dashed over the past year or so because the offense has performed so poorly on a consistent basis. Offensive streak play is one of the biggest reasons for the lack of success, along with a few other factors, but the call-to-play and overall predictability of the Steelers’ offensive unit was hard to watch. The organization is not known for firing coaches during the regular season, but it may be time to break that trend and move out of Canada.

Steelers offensive coordinator, Canada dies on the field at 2022 training camp in La Trobe, Pennsylvania | Jordan Schofield/Stellar Nation (Twitter: JSKO_PHOTO)

Steelers OC Matt Canada quoted her as saying, “We love some of the 2-yard gains.”

Last year, Canada had to work with aging Ben Roethlisberger Who doesn’t seem to have the power he had earlier in his career. Conservative offensive play in 2021 was thought to be an attempt to play on the future strengths of the Hall of Fame at the age of 39. However, Canada now has a more physically capable signal communicator in Mitch Trubesky And everything is the same.

The Steelers only had 510 attacking yards and two attacking touchdowns in their first two weeks. We might give Canada the benefit of the doubt if this is his first season, but it isn’t. It would be shocking if his offensive tactics and approach even if they were to succeed Kenny Beckett Starting with a quarterback. The bottom line is that he was a mean caller in college and wasn’t fit to be responsible for the NFL offense.

It was horrific to see a broadband receiver, George Pickens To be very little targeted. Seems as if it’s not part of the game plan. Furthermore, the only part of the running game that worked in the first week was Claypool chaseabout the end. The wide receiver of the third year had six mounts for a distance of 36 yards versus Cincinnati Bengals. Claypool didn’t have a carry on Sunday against New England Patriots. This is really head scratching.

Steelers Chase Claypool

Steelers wide receiver, Chase Claypool (#11) on the field at 2022 training camp in Latrobe, PA | Jordan Schofield/Stellar Nation (Twitter: JSKO_PHOTO)

There will likely be a midfield change at some point this season if Trubisky’s inconsistent play continues and this move could happen sooner than expected. There could never be a better time to abandon Canada in order to allow a new offensive coordinator to start things over with Beckett. It is very difficult to win the NFL today without dynamic attacking. The franchisee knows what they are going to get with Canada. Defenses are never surprised and attack is very easy to prepare for.

Pittsburgh has a great defense, but doesn’t have any chance of keeping up with certain teams coming up on the schedule like buffalo billsAnd the Tampa Bay Buccaneers And the Philadelphia Eagles, among other things. The offensive firepower of their opponents will overwhelm the defense and consistently less than 24 attack points will result in more losses than wins.

Canada’s experience simply did not work. There aren’t a lot of qualified candidates who could lead to a worse offensive performance than what we’ve seen in the past two weeks. The Steelers need to go ahead with this and get him to pack his bags. is not the answer.

It’s important to reiterate how the Steelers run things. Should Canada be expelled? definitely. Will it be in season? That’s unlikely, but the front office should consider it Sunday evening after an incredibly disappointing offensive performance.

Do you think it’s time for the Steelers to move out of Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

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