The Qualifier-related Braves are relieved despite Spencer Strider’s slanted swerve

Atlanta – when Spencer Striderthe record-breaking rookie strike machine, developed pain in his left tilt after a dominant Sunday outing against PhiladelphiaThe brave He didn’t have to think long before deciding to skip his next start.

Even if the pain is as minor as manager Brian Snitker has described, Strider is so vital to why the Braves risk becoming something that can last into the post-season – or September 30 – October. 2 series against New York Mets It could go a long way toward defining the NL East Champion.

The Braves grabbed a berth in Postseason Wednesday with a 3-2 win over Washington citizens Facility with MilwaukeeLoss to the Mets. But they aspire to much more. The World Series holders want another run deep in October – and November, they hope – and Strider’s personalities will be a major part of the equation if the Braves do it.

Snitker said probability Bryce Elder The Home Series Final begins Wednesday against the Nationals and Max Fried It will be postponed to start Thursday in Philadelphia.

By the way, for anyone wondering if the Braves — winners of the past four NL East titles and sitting one game behind the Mets in the division standings — celebrated making the post-season championship after the Brewers lost late Tuesday, no, they didn’t.

“No, everyone is tired. The guys are on their way home already,” Snitker said moments after the Brewers-Mets game ended. “I wanted them to come home and get a good sleep, because the 12 noon game is coming up early tomorrow.” (The Braves play and the Nationals at 12:20 p.m. Wednesday).

As Snicker pointed out, he would have preferred the Milwaukee win over the Mets, which would have created a first-place tie between the Braves and the Mets, who were on a collision course for that three-game series at Truist Park, the last home series and the next-to-last year series of the regular season.

The Mets have a tiebreaker advantage over the Braves. The division winner will avoid playing the best of three Wild Card series in the first round.

“Obviously we’re aiming for higher, but doing the playoffs is a big deal,” said catcher Travis Darno, who gave Homer the net twice in the fourth inning on Tuesday’s 2-0 Braves lead. “A lot of Hall of Famers played their careers and didn’t make it to the playoffs. Make it as simple as winning every series. It’s a marathon, it’s not over yet. So we just have to keep going for it and keep trying to do it until the end.”

The citizens only ran against the novices Charlie Morton He came in sixth, after Morton left with two runners and one outside.

Dansby Swanson celebrates his eighth home race against the Nationals on Tuesday. (Dell Zanin/USA Today)

Dansby Swanson Homer’s hit on the opposite field for eighth pushed the lead back to 3-1, and this added that the run proved decisive when the Nationals scored a run in the ninth against Kenley Jansen After a few pants, an error occurred Matt Olson and solo director Luis Garcia.

The Braves are their 38th best of the season over 0.500 (93-55), already five more wins than they had in the 2021 championship season, and they are on track for 101 wins, which would be their first regular season with 100 wins since then. 2003.

They still play behind the Mets, but the Braves love their place.

“I think a big thing is the chemistry in that room, and I think that facilitates success and helps win,” said Morton, who charged three strokes, one inning, and three runs with nine strokes in 5 1/3 innings. “And I think it helps make the season go by faster and makes the grind a little easier. It smooths out the rough spots and all that stuff. I think we were just in good shape. I think the club has been in a good place for over a year now.

“So I feel good. I think it’s justified to feel that way, because of the quality of the players in the room, not just the record. I think it goes deeper than just what’s going on on the field.”

The Braves turned their season around at the start of June, and Strider’s move to spin played a big role.

The rookie picked up 10 strokes in six rounds of Sunday’s win against the Phillies, becoming the fastest in major league history to reach 200 strokes in a season — in just 130 runs, two goals faster than Hall of Famer Randy Johnson’s mark — and first rookie A modern-day Braves (since 1900) has 200 hits per season.

On September 1, Strider broke Jon Smoltz’s one-game record in Atlanta with 16 in eight rounds against Colorado. On Sunday against Velez, he hit a season high with 106 pitches and allowed one stroke, one run and three walks, amassing his 11th win in 16 decisions and lowering his ERA to 2.67. Strider, who leads MLB Strike rate starters showed no sign of discomfort during the match or mentioned it during the eye-catching clever post-game interview.

But Snicker said Strider, 23, reported discomfort on his side at some point afterwards. The Braves officials decided to skip his next start on Friday in Philadelphia – it would have been his fourth against the Phillies in less than two months – and bring him back into the rotation after he cleared the pain.

Snicker said, “It’s not enough that we’ll need a DL for him, so only when he’s (ready). We don’t want to take the risk. He wanted to come forward. We kind of took (the decision) out of his own hands. And I’m glad he said something. That’s clever of him, because he’s just Something if we don’t get ahead of something like that, it could be something of a year-end sort of thing.

“So he will keep playing, and when he doesn’t feel anything we will bring him back.”

When Snicker was asked when Strider reported his soreness, he said, “We talked about it (the two). I think he felt it at first. He mentioned something after that, so we looked at it and fixed it (the two). He was intent on making his next start; maybe he could, but we We didn’t want to take the risk. Kind of taking advantage of Bryce being here and making sure (Strider) is good.”

Triple-A Gwinnett’s Elder was called up on Monday for what the Braves initially said would be an important role.

After failing to exit the fifth inning in the last three of his four starts in April, and releasing 14 walks in 13 1/3 of those three games, Elder was selected in Triple A. He starts a spot against the imperfect Marlins And he was impressive both times, allowing five strokes, one round and five walks with 16 strokes in 13 innings from two Braves wins.

Strider has made 131 2/3 runs in 31 games (20 starts) this season, 35 1/3 more runs than he did in 2021 in four minor league levels as well as making his MLB debut last weekend in his first professional season. But he showed no sign of fatigue, continuing to sit at 98-100 mph with his Fastball, accumulating hits at historic rates and throwing between 102 and 106 pitches in each of his past six starts. He’s played at least six runs in five of those six games.

The Braves have said for months that they will not follow any strict role boundaries with Strider, but will consult him constantly, see how he feels and keep an eye on his stressful roles and overall performance.

If the injury is mild as team officials suggest, timing may be helpful. He will give Strider several extra days of rest before the start of the regular season or the last two and post-season, when he will almost certainly be one of the Braves’ first three players.

With the decision to skip Strider’s start scheduled for Friday, the Braves can line up to start one of the games in the big series against the Mets at their last home country. If Strider is to start next week’s series opener in Washington on Monday, he may be in line to start Game Two of the Mets series on regular break.

By backing away from Fried from Wednesday to Thursday, the Braves put him in line to begin the regular rest next Tuesday in Washington and in the series finale against the Mets. If MLB wins the leader Kyle Wright Remaining on regular rest, he will start Saturday in Philadelphia and be in line for the start of the series’ opening game against the Mets.

But it’s all really just guesswork or educated guesswork, given that Snitker said he’s undetermined when Strider’s next start will be.

We’ll keep (the other starters) in turn, and whenever Spence feels good, let him in,” Snicker said. “I applaud him for saying something (about the slasher). Because if you’re not in a situation like this, something is going to happen and this thing gets worse, it could take weeks before it gets better. So we’re going to kind of calm him down now.”

“He’ll keep playing catch and everybody else. He’ll be honest with us, and when he doesn’t feel anything, we’ll get comfortable with him and take him back there.”

(Top photo of Spencer Strider throwing Sunday against Philadelphia: Del Zaneen/USA Today)