The New York Mets are facing major hurdles after their recent string of losses

September 14, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets first team Pete Alonso (20) reacts after hitting the Chicago Cubs during the fourth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about “easy schedule” for New York Mets After a long and competitive period during which they did well, it couldn’t have been worse.

They were just swept away by the 61-82 Chicago Cubs at Citi Field. The Mets won 15-6 in the series, playing as incomplete as it should be for a team hoping for a world championship.

Since taking two out of three with the best baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Mets 5-7 against the Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Miami Marlins, and Chicago Cubs. Four of the bottom nine teams in baseball the Mets have a bad track record against. All while competing with the Atlanta Braves for the NL East Pennant.

Can Bat Mets Provide Any Kind of Consistency?

The main issue for the Mets was their batting lineup. Starling Mart’s injury, combined with long cold spells for Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor, has dented the chances of this squad.

When the Mets score runs, they pour it out. They can never just run constantly.

During these 12 extended games the Mets have a 5-7 record, the Mets have 42 times in five wins. They achieved 11, 10, 9, 7 and 5 scoring games in the five wins.

Now, at seven losses, they have 13 combined rounds, simply unacceptable. In three of those games, they’ve only gone one run, two run twice, and in the last two losses on that stretch, they’ve had three runs.

Two things that jump out in terms of the Mets’ lack of success are their inability to come from behind and their terrible consistency. They either log a ton or not at all. It cost them not having string strikes together against bad opponents.

The Mets pitching didn’t do enough:

While the Mets’ lack of batting is the root cause of the recent problems, the throw is still enough and, quite frankly, hasn’t lived up to the hype lately.

It is well known how well the Mets rotate and how deep they can go. Recently, the task has not been accomplished.

David Peterson’s last two starts have been bad. Chris Bassett had a rough start starting the Cubs series. Jacob Degrom was not the same in the second match with the Cubs.

The Mets needed elite rotation to rise with the struggling bats. they do not have.

From there, the Mets have an up and down disc away from Edwin Diaz.

Across the board, things are going terribly for the Mets. Despite fighting a conflicting battle to win their league, the Mets can’t win against some of the worst teams in Major League Baseball.

The good thing is that they’re still somehow in the top spot of the division with a half-game lead. Confidence is pretty low on expectations, but the Mets still have another favorable four-game streak with 55-88 Pirates coming in at Citi Field. With only 18 games left to play, the Mets desperately need to get back on track in no time.