The new XTERRA Trail Run World Series is scheduled to launch in 2023

September 12, 2022

The new series of XTERRA Trail Runs unites all over the world, awards points to all runners in every race, and has its own global ranking system.

12 September 2022 /Endurance sports / – XTERRA offers a comprehensive system Trail Run World Championship It features more than 30 events in 20 countries on five continents in 2023.

The new series of XTERRA Trail Runs unites all over the world, awards points to all runners in every race, and has its own global ranking system.

“Having all of our tracks around the world under one umbrella provides us with the opportunity to connect our running community like never before,” said Landry Benoit, Xterra Technical Director for Asia Pacific.

The XTERRA Trail Run World Series will include marathons (35 to 60 km) and half marathons (15 to 34 km) and will award national, regional and world awards to individuals and teams at the 2023 XTERRA Trail Run World Championships.

The team competition, called the “Racing Duo” category, awards points to teams of two people who run (and finish) together. There will also be sector-level challenges for both singles and race duos that award bonus points to runners who set the fastest times during different parts of each race including the best climb, fastest downhill, and fastest sprinter.

“The rules are very simple, the comprehensive points system and rankings, new segment challenges, and a unique team competition category will be fun and engaging for all athletes, not just the elite,” Landry added.

Everything is logged and placed in a global ranking system where singles and race duos can view their regional and global rankings, sorting the rankings by rank, age and gender to compare themselves to other XTERRA racers around the world.

In addition, a wide range of qualifying spots for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will be available to runners in every division at every race. Specific events will also provide cash prizes for the best male and female winners.

“This series is for every runner who runs to explore, thrives on dirt, hills, and fresh air, embraces a personal challenge, and never stops asking about the soon. It’s a series for every runner on the trail, amateurs to elites, and never stops to ask about what’s soon,” said Emily McIlvin, event coordinator for XTERRA Americas. Young and old, runners, climbers, climbers, and reptiles.

The best part of the new XTERRA Trail Run World Series is the trails themselves, and all the destinations on the bucket list that exemplify the spirit of discovery that drives the trail running community.

“Unlike other elite-focused running series, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series combines travel and track to deliver an unparalleled running experience for beginners, intermediate and experienced alike,” said JD Cousens, Vice President of Operations at XTERRA. global marketing.

The series begins retroactively from January 2022 for runners who have competed in the XTERRA half or full marathon event.

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