The Mike Martz Justin Fields saga has taken another weird turn

Mike Martz Made a lot of enemies over the past few weeks. It started when slammed Chicago Bears For possessing one of the NFL’s worst supporting actors in attack. This in and of itself wasn’t too bad. Maybe a little unfair, but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything changed when he decided to come next Justin Fields After the Bears’ big win over San Francisco 49ers. He claimed that the young quarterback couldn’t do anything as a beacon.

Needless to say, this impressed a lot of fans. Even members of the media, including former quarterback JT O’Sullivan, did not understand the comments. While no one would say Fields had a great game, he did put in some great plays to help his team win. Martz is known for being strict with his midfield players. However, I sensed that he was personally targeting the bears signal for some reason.

As it turns out, there is another layer to this story.

Apparently, the editors of this video from the 33rd team made a mistake. Martz’s comments have nothing to do with fields. It was intended for the 49ers quarterback tree lance. Martz went on the Waddle & Silvy Show for the ESPN 1000 to clear his name. He explained that Fields played well in the second half against San Francisco. His problem is learning to work better out of pocket. This and the bears are getting more help around him.

Credit Martz to go to the radio to purify the air. The interview was well conducted by Silvy, making sure to ask the right questions, so there weren’t any misunderstandings. In this new context, the former coach is correct. He presented fields well but he needs to improve his in-pocket process. That was right, dating back to last year. It’s nothing new. Young midfielders often suffer from such things.

Mike Martz has positive things to say that are noteworthy.

The feedback about the Bears’ new coaching staff has been great. He seems to have great respect for Matt Eberfloss and Luke Jetsie. They run a disciplined process and the fields seem to point in the right direction. When training is no longer the problem, everything becomes easier. Completing with a pass rating above 85 in a rainstorm against a top defense 10 should be called progression.

His next test will be Sunday night in Green Bay against another good defense. It will rain there, too. It seems that the fields will not get favorable conditions for another week or two. Mike Martz never had to worry about that, as he spent most of his training life inside the domes. He’ll watch primetime broadcasts like everyone else.

It will be an autograph moment for Fields.

The last time he was on national television, he tore the Pittsburgh Steelers. If he could put together an entire performance in Green Bay, people wouldn’t be able to ignore him anymore. Maybe then he can stop worrying about former coaches and players criticizing every little thing he does. That doesn’t mean he cares anyway. One of Fields’ biggest gifts is noise tuning.

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