The Mets plan to celebrate a playoff building in 2022

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When the Mets grab a playoff berth in the National League, likely this week in Milwaukee or Oakland, the team intends to celebrate.

There is a school of thought, especially among veteran clubs and regular contenders, that celebrating playoff pitches is of less value to those with greater aspirations. When the Dodgers snatched a spot earlier this month, they toasted each other with champagne and handed out some gifts, but they didn’t part the bottles in the usual way. The Dodgers saved an even more raucous celebration to grab NL West a few days later.

The Mets don’t necessarily align with this kind of thinking. When asked about the club’s plans this week, the veteran bowler Max Scherzer He was stubborn: “You’re celebrating the playoffs.”

“There’s a scenario where we fight for that division, and we come in for a little while, and then we go to a wild card tour not appreciating where we are, and then we lose that tour and then you don’t even celebrate your season,” Sherzer said. “I think it would be a mistake not to celebrate your season.”

Unlike the Dodgers, who won the world championship in 2020 and made the playoffs for 10 consecutive years, the Mets have not qualified for post-season play since 2016. Unlike the Dodgers, who were able to finish their league within days of being decided on at least the Wild Card dock , the Mets will likely clinch the playoffs two weeks or more before laying a bow on the division. And there is a very realistic scenario in which they did not win the score at all.

“I mean, it’s a big problem, right?” defensive player Brandon Nemo He said about the playoffs. “I think it is definitely something to celebrate. But then there is also that side of the team being a veteran player and understanding that the job is not done.”

Nemo noted that in most team affairs, the club’s novice bowlers – a group of veterans who have “a lot of time” on their hands from position players – like to discuss matters among themselves before presenting their consensus to other veteran leaders. shortstop Francis Lindor He noted that he had already broached the topic with his teammates. Team trips like the one from New York to Milwaukee on Sunday night tend to offer good opportunities for conversation.

“There’s nothing wrong with addressing the elephant in the room,” said Lindor, who ran the playoffs four times in Cleveland. “Am I superstitious? No. So it’s not like, ‘Oh my God, I pity something.’ I have faith. So there’s nothing wrong with facing it, talking about it, team leaders talking about it.”

One wrinkle is that the Mets never celebrate champagne at Citifield. In 2015, they clinched the playoffs in Cincinnati, the Major League Series in Los Angeles, and the NL Championship Series in Chicago. The following year, the Mets family celebrated the Wild Card Dock in Philadelphia.

Although the playoffs in this year’s playoffs will occur on the road as well, the Mets will likely win the division during the final three games of the season in Queens.

If they did, a second, more boisterous celebration would ensue.

“You’re in,” Scherzer said. “You have a chance to win the world championship. There are only 12 teams that can say that.”