The former great lawyer leads players from the Minor League organized them

The Bar Association of Baseball Players has expanded its ranks of lawyers after minor league players announced this week that they plan to join the labor union.

The MLBPA has hired Harrison “Harry” Marino, an attorney and former minor league soccer player, as its assistant general counsel to help integrate nearly 5,000 unions through the effort he helped lead.

“This was a unique opportunity at the intersection of my interests, passions and skills,” Marino said in an interview. “It was illogical to participate.”

New York-based MLBPA, which Assist Union efforts, have a negotiating unit for minor league players separate from the major leagues, who agreed to a business deal On their own in March. The MLBPA earlier this month approved join AFL-CIO, the largest federation of American labor organizations.

Major League Baseball voluntarily recognized union accreditation cards presented by a large number of junior officers. MLB commissioner is Robert Manfred Jr.a former labor attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, who before joining the league was an actress In private practice.

“We hope that a timely and fair collective bargaining agreement will be reached that will be beneficial to the game, minor league players and our fans,” the league said in a statement.

Inequality growing

The growing disparity between what Major League Privileges You Deserve and the relative wage paid in salary and salaries Marino said the small unions helped spur the players’ rights movement that led to the unions’ campaign.

“I was humbled to hear from so many of my former teammates,” Marino said. “Speaking of what makes these guys special, nobody was saying, ‘I wish we had this,’ but more than that, ‘I’m glad the next generation of guys will be better. “

Marino A A citizen of New Jersey from once upon a time Set up For the Orioles and Arizona Diamondbacks subsidiaries, he was the CEO of Defenders of the small gangsa nonprofit group formed in 2020. The group suspended operations three weeks ago, with its junior staff being absorbed by the MLBPA, he said.

Marino took the job pressing for fairer pay and working conditions for his former baseball brothers after spending just over a year as an assistant at Williams & Connolly in Washington. The law firm has deep relationships For professional sports.

Edward Bennett WilliamsCo-founder of Williams & Connolly, which once owned the Baltimore Orioles major baseball club team. His team property sold for 70 million dollars After Williams died in 1988. The Oriole family is now valued at $1.63 billion, Bloomberg mentioned Last month.

Legal Relations

Marino said he wasn’t worried about giving up Big Law’s salary to take on the regulation issue. Williams & Connolly’s litigation partner Mark Levenstein, a Frequent Consultant For sports industry clients, while mentoring he and other colleagues looking for opportunities in the sports world.

Marino also crossed over at Williams & Connolly with former teammate J. Got practical training To US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Garrett Brushes, A partner At the St. Louis-based Corinne Tillery Plaintiffs Company, which spent six years Set up For the San Francisco Giants farm teams, Marino helped land the lead role in Advocates for Minor Leaguers, he said.

Broshuis and another former minor turned lawyer, Raoul Jacobson, who Set up A subsidiary of the New York Mets, among several people to me Share to find it advocacy group two years ago. Jacobson is now the attorney general in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in Oakland, California.

Marino said since neither Jacobson nor Prochis was on the invite team, they did not join the MLBPA and remained in their regular jobs.

Broshuis has continued to be involved in efforts to improve the living conditions of the league’s young players. In July, he and Corinne Tillery were associate attorneys with A Class Current and former players who have earned a $185 million settlement with MLB.

business conversations

Marino worked closely with Ian Pennya former attorney with the National Labor Relations Board and now serves as a senior advisor to the MLBPA’s Executive Director, Anthony Clark, the union’s deputy executive director and chief labor negotiator. Bruce Meyera former partner at Weil, Gotshal & Manges.

Susan Davis, president of Cohen, Weiss and Simon, a company focused on employment, also participated Outside work attorney to the MLBPA. Marino is among a handful of In-house lawyers working for Matthew NussbaumThe new general counsel of the union.

Marino said the league and the MLBPA, who agreed in March on a new collective bargaining agreement Major League players to finish 99 days of management insuranceShe will now take part in another round of labor negotiations for the junior leaguers.

These talks will be led by Mayer for the union and MLB Deputy Commissioner Daniel Halim, a former partner of Proskauer Rose, both of whom oversaw the labor negotiations this year. Proskauer has always been the league Outside work attorney.

“It’s been a very few days, but it’s also an exciting period for us,” Marino said. “Everyone is excited to move forward in the game and treat players in a way that is fairer and in proportion to their actual value.”