The football legend waited hours to honor the Queen – and refused to sign autographs until he got

Legendary soccer player David Beckham tried not to draw attention as he joined thousands waiting for hours and hours to bid farewell to the late. Queen Elizabeth II.

Beckham slipped into the long line by himself—about 2 a.m. local time—without fanfare and without his other family members, waiting in the queue just like everyone else.

He was able to keep a low profile at first – but even after fans started getting to know him, he said he wouldn’t sign any autographs or take photos until after he paid his respects to Her Majesty. According to several reports, the football star bought cakes for those who were closest to him in class.

“Something like today is meant to be shared together,” Beckham explained. “We eat Pringles, we eat Sherbert lemons, we eat sandwiches, we eat coffee, we eat donuts.”

Beckham was later spotted making his way to view the late Queen’s coffin, apparently wiping away his tears as he walked into Westminster Hall to pay his respects.

“My best friend’s mom was right in front of him the whole time and he’d been queuing up now for ten hours just like her,” one woman chirp. “My girlfriends mom says he joined the queue at about two in the morning. People around him bought cakes.”

She later added that Beckham, who initially said no to pictures with fans waiting in line with him, “agreed to have pictures as soon as he paid his respects to Her Majesty.”

“Without being all ‘wah, it’s actually hard to be famous,’ for David Beckham to come alone, stand in line for ten hours, when everyone gets to know him, is pretty annoying,” Caitlin Moran added.

Beckham told reporters he felt like remembering Queen Elizabeth II It was something that had to be shared.

“I was very fortunate to have been able to take a few moments in my life to be around Her Majesty,” he said He told ITV News. “A sad day, but one when we remember the amazing legacy you left.”

He shared a photo of the coffin on Instagram, along with the caption, “Our Queen is Home.. Today we finally said goodbye to Her Majesty the Queen. This week the world mourned the loss of a unique, inspiring and caring leader. People from all walks of life came together by the thousands to express their gratitude to our beloved Queen. To Besides the wonderful ceremony and tradition, we watched a loving family mourn the mother, grandmother and grandmother with dignity and dedication. Her legacy of service and dedication to work will continue… Long live the King.”

This was followed by a photo of the late Queen – and her late husband, Prince Philip. That photo, he simply commented, “Back together.”