The FIA ​​licensing system needs an overhaul for US racing

PORTLAND, OR (AP) – Colton Hertha wants at least an extra week to himself before he starts thinking about his plans for 2023.

He secured an IndyCar contract with Andretti Autosport and an F1 Test contract with McLaren. But it’s also the subject of intense speculation that AlphaTauri wants him on the F1 grid next season, provided Herta gets an exemption to receive the necessary license to compete in the global series.

The notion that the FIA, the governing body of Formula 1 and many other chains around the world, would give Herta a premium license without getting it right, sparked debate over the weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix over the current licensing system.

McLaren on Sunday offered its public support for Herta to receive an exemption, noting that the 22-year-old had tested its simulator and spent two days in the car in Portugal in July, putting the team in a better position than anyone else assessing him. But other team managers are opposed to any kind of private waiver and said they would instead be open to re-examining the super licensing system.

“I don’t want to sit here and say, ‘Oh, IndyCar racing, we know it’s as good as this. “If we want to change the rule, let’s discuss it and then fix it for the future if you think it’s wrong,” said Gunther Steiner, head of the Haas team. But there has to be agreement among its stakeholders.”

The FIA ​​places very little value on the US motorsport series in its licensing system. A driver must collect 40 points based on his three best performances over the previous four seasons to earn a super license, and while winning the IndyCar Championship is worth a full 40 points, the drop from there is pretty steep.

Since the FIA ​​does not judge IndyCar or NASCAR, it does not give a fair rating of the best racing series in America. For example, winning the IndyCar Championship earns the same amount of points for a Super license as winning the title in F2, the series just below F1. The drop is also significant, with a third with 40 points in F2 but only 20 points in IndyCar.