The Chicago Bears Defense Could Make a Difference in Week One Against the San Francisco 49ers – Chicago Bears Blog

Chicago – Matt Eberfloss wrapped Eddie Jackson In a bear hug on the sidelines. The moment was long overdue for the safety of the Chicago Bears, who jumped seconds earlier in front of a pass thrown by the San Francisco quarterback. Tree Lance in the third and fifth in the fourth quarter and he came out with an objection, his first since December 29, 2019.

Since taking over as Bears coach in this off-season, Eberflus has described this as a “clean slate” for Jackson, a veteran of the former regime who signed a massive contract extension in early 2020.

“That was pretty cool,” Eberlus said of Jackson’s game-changing objection. “I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

Offense Bears finally made use of their turnover when running backwards Khalil HerbertThe touchdown put the 49ers away 3 yards forever in a surprise 19-10 win.

Eberflus earned his first NFL win because his team won on turnover and penalty points. The bears totaled two takeaways – Cornerback Jaylon Johnson and safety Jaguan Presker Combined for tripping and forced recovery—and only three penalties for 24 yards. Fifteen yards of that penalty came when I got pregnant Trenton Gil To try to soak the water in the field with a towel.

“We said from the start that we would play smart and bold football,” said Ebervlos. “You can still hit, do stuff, play hard, finish plays, and do it the right way. But you do it in a smart and aggressive way.”

Eberflus promotes the HITS principle, which stands for Hustle, Intensity, Takeaways, (Play) Smart. Sunday’s result can help boost player acceptance.

“You start to see the results in the movie, the way we practice, the way we operate, just the whole team mentality, how we built our organization,” Jackson said. “Keep on building that identity on defense. We just want to keep flying and get on with this.”

Chicago has proven its ability to recover from a slow start when Justin Fields The offense proceeded from landing on three consecutive possessions after they became goalless in the first half.

But it was the bears’ defense that provided consistency. The Bears didn’t attack Lance on any of his 34 drop points and still pressured him 12 times, limiting his second-year quarterback to 1 of 7 for a 2-yard pass on those drop points, plus two bags and three dodges.

What the bears learn is that they can set the tone in their defense and eventually everything else will fall into place.

As the attack improved in the second half, Chicago’s defense continued to hum. The Bears trimmed the 49ers’ running game (6.4 yards per lunge allowed in the first inning, 3.2 yards per lunge per second) as a way to stifle an attack known to come on opponents from all angles.

Mainstays in this defense, such as Jackson and the linebacker Ruchuan Smith With his nine high team tackles and half a sack, he led the way, but contributions from rookies like Brisker, a defensive end Dominic Robinson (1.5 bags, 7 handles, TFL) and Cornerback Keller Gordon (6 interventions, TFL) were crucial.

“It puts more faith in the locker room,” defensive end Robert Quinn He said. “The guys with ups and downs and all the ‘ifs’.

“No matter what the outside says, we can control the message in this locker room.”