The breakdown comes back after the 53-man roster was cut off

Running back has been a position that hasn’t been respected in recent years due to the amount of passing the NFL has taken, but it’s still an important part of any attack, even the team that ran the least in 2021 (Tampa Bay), ran the ball 33.5% of their plays.

Last season Miami had 40.2% of the ball, and there wasn’t much success. Part of that was due to the offensive line’s inability to create slots, but there was some blame going around the back room as well.

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With this knowledge, the Dolphins have added two sets of runs and kept two from last year, as they look for better results in 2022.

Before the start of the regular season, we’ll take a look at the list of 53 players and assess the status of each position. after discussion quarterbackToday, we’ll focus on running backwards.

Edmunds joined Miami this season in a two-year deal worth $12.6 million that is expected to see him advance again in a backyard that is likely to be a lot more than a commission.

2021, Edmunds’ final year in Arizona, was his best, rushing for 592 yards and two touchdowns for 5.1 yards on each attempt while bringing in 43 receptions for another 311 yards.

This offensive scheme is a little different from what Edmunds played in the past, but This is what attracted him to dolphins. He believes that his speed and ability to catch the pass could put him in a position to succeed this year.

Mostert is perhaps the person most familiar with McDaniel and his system in the building, as the two spent five seasons together in San Francisco, and McDaniel was the running games coordinator for four of those.

Entering this season after another injury that cut short a year, Mostert is looking to recover in a big way. It appears to be the complementary piece for Edmunds to make the most of this offense.

During his six seasons with the 49ers, Mostert averaged 5.7 yards per attempt. If he can bring that up again, and stay on the field, Miami’s offense will be in a great place.

Gaskin had started the Dolphins in 2021, but his numbers weren’t great, totaling 612 yards and three touchdowns on 3.5 yards per attempt, adding another 234 yards and four touchdowns at 49 receptions.

Once again, Gaskin was hurt by a faulty system and poor blocking ahead which certainly limited his production, but he really deserves a percentage of the blame pie.

As a third comeback, Gaskin will likely get a few chances per week, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see most of the work going to Mostert and Edmonds.

Ahmed is also returning to Miami after a disappointing 2021. He scored 149 yards at 2.8 yards per carry and added another 117 yards in 12 receptions in the pass game. These numbers won’t cut it.

His place entering this season wasn’t guaranteed, but he was able to fend off veteran Sony Michel as well as Gerrid Doaks and ZaQuandre White.

Ahmed’s running style appears to be more suited to McDaniel’s offense than it was in the 2021 chart, so there is some hope that he could be more efficient in 2022. However, as the fourth comeback, Ahmed’s role is likely to be limited. , because it acts as a depth of position.