The Bills, Chiefs 1-2 remain, but the Dolphins are between two new teams in the top five

NFL Power Rankings entering Week 3 of the 2022 season (Previous rank in parentheses):

1. Bills (1): Their latest weapon? Sam Martin, who turns kicks into bad adventures for the opponent, is rarely used.

2 – Chiefs (2): Is Andy Reed Really Appreciated Enough? Last week, he joined George Halas, Don Shula and Bill Belichick as the only coaches to set 100-game win-loss records over 0.500 games. Reed is now seated at 235-135-1.

3 – Eagles (6): QB Galen Hurts nominated for Best Black Horse player It’s already fading…as it’s becoming an increasingly lighter horse.

4. Pirate (3): TBD who will throw QB Tom Brady to this week against Green Bay in light of WR Mike Evans commentary. TB12 should get all of his comrades back soon, but that apparently doesn’t deter him from recruiting Odell Beckham Jr. On a rainy day.

5. Dolphins (11): You have to hand it to QB Tua Tagovailoa, who went away on Sunday – half of his six passes covering at least 20 air yards, doubling his career in Week 2. But when you have WRs Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle (11 catches) , over 170 yards, 2 TDs per piece), the 21st century edition of The Marks Brothers, this is the way to go. No pair of Dolphins receivers have had at least 150 yards in a game since Clayton and Duper in 1986.

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6. Chargers (5): Bolts should be comfortably favored in their next six games… assuming QB Justin Herbert stops absorbing hits that fold him like a lawn chair.

7. Crows (4): Still think QB Lamar Jackson relies too much on his tight ends? Five of his six passes in TD went to wide receivers. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t face the Baltimore defense, who had already surrendered seven passes from TD.

8. Rams (8): All-Pro’s CB Galen Ramsey hasn’t played well in recent games, nor has the defending champions played early in the season. But he flipped it when it counted, stopping the bleeding on Sunday with an INT smart seal in front of Atlanta. The Rams can’t help but hope this is a scale model for the 2022 season.

9- Vikings (9): It’s not all bad, Minnesota fans. QB Kirk Cousins ​​has another game scheduled for prime time in 2022 and you won’t be seeing Philly CB Darius Slay anytime soon.

10. Beams (10): Balanced offense not overly dependent on QB Aaron Rodgers, second-tier receivers and defense that is up to par with talent – this is the package’s best path back to the Super Bowl after heavy passing style from recent years has always fallen short when it matters.

11. 49ers (13): I would hate to see a promising player like QB Trey Lance suffer a catastrophic injury so early in his career. But it’s nice to see an established and older player like Jimmy Garoppolo get a chance to make his money back after being a good soldier coming into the NFC game.

12. Saints (12): Before we killed QB Jameis Winston in his first triple wits since he was a Bucs member in 2019, let’s not forget he had four fractures to his back, RB Alvin Kamara wasn’t at his disposal and was facing one of the league’s unforgiving defenses.

13. Patriots (17): The last time they started 0-2, Drew Bledsoe was still the starting quarterback. But if Baltimore retracts New England to 1-2, it would be two in a row under QB McJones and three in the past five seasons.

14. Black (18): They scored at least 35 points in three consecutive games for the first time since 1952, a year before owner Sheila Ford Hump was born.

15. Steelers (15): 1 game with OLB TJ Watt in the lineup – seven bags. One game without Defensive Player of the Year 2021 – zero sacks.

16. Cowboys (28): Copper Rush is the first Dallas quarterback To win his first two games since … Jason Jarrett (1993-1994). Likely to be a cowboy Grateful if Rush doesn’t come close Jarrett’s nine-year career begins with the team.

17. Cardinals (26): Has LB Isaiah Simmons finally woken up? He forced into the decisive confusion against Las Vegas in overtime on Sunday, the same day the eighth set of the 2020 draft was picked off the bench and limited to 15 shots.

18. Bengals (7): QB Joe Burrow buried 70 league sacks in 20 games last season, averaging 3.5 per game. This jumped to 13 in two matches 2022 Behind his supposedly improved offensive line.

19. Giants (20): If you thought 2021 was a disaster for big-money free agent WR Kenny Golladay, he’s clearly going to take a turn for the worse in 2022. He has receptions this season and was involved in two plays on Sunday.

20 – Raiders (16): Now riding a five-game losing streak as head coach, Josh McDaniels has fallen off nine out of 10 heading back to his shortened tour of Denver.

21 – Leaders (19): Strong start for QB Carson Wentz, who leads the NFC in passing yards (650) and TDs (7).

22 – Jaguar (25): The first win of the season netted Jacksonville’s only South Asian win to date, hence the first place property.

23- Aircraft (32): One vote for Braden Mann as the AFC Special Teams player of the week. The NYJ punter connected a 17-yard pass (instead of a penalty) to extend the drive that led to the team’s first TD on Sunday, and his side kick set the game-winning score back.

24. Browns (21): They’ve given up 48 points in the past five quarters and won’t have de Jadvion Clooney (ankle) on Thursday against Pittsburgh. Not a promising direction for a team trying to get past QB Deshaun Watson’s suspension.

25. The Universe (31): They nearly overcame a 28-3 deficit in the third quarter on Sunday. (Sounds familiar?) Sadly, it always seems close but no cigar for Atlanta.

26 – Seahawks (22): The team that wants to get back into racing is currently the worst in the league right there, averaging 56 yards per game.

27. Broncos (23): Six trips into the red this season, and no landings. However, it should be noted that the Denver defense also did not allow the use of the RZ TD.

28. Tiger (27): If not for a game-winning pair of field goals traveling at least 56 yards against them, it might be 2-0. Horseshoe and grenades.

29. Bears (29): They don’t have a wide receiver or narrow end with more than three catches this season. You are on your own, Justin Fields.

30. Titans (24): After defeating Buffalo in the previous two seasons, he Show the Titans that they don’t belong in the same field With bills on Monday night. Tennessee may not belong in the same field as Vanderbilt.

31- Texas (30): If you combine their list with that of Chicago, you could have a team with seven wins. They will determine who is the best Sunday in Soldier Field in an issue you can miss.

32 – Amhar (14): Wentz looks pretty good now, doesn’t it?


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