The biggest surprises of the 2022 college football season so far | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

The biggest surprises of the 2022 college football season so far

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    Marcus Freeman | Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    The moment you think you’ve discovered college football, be prepared for the generous help of humiliation.

    Without fail, sport delivers results and changes that shatter perceptions and expectations. And in 2022, we’re not even into week four before these storylines – some positive, some less – begin to shift opinions.

    Hey, that’s what we love about college football. Besides, it’s impossible to be completely correct about the 131 teams and thousands of matches in the table. Don’t expect perfection.

    But we did not expect these developments either.

How quickly Nebraska shot Scott Frost

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    Scott Frost | Stephen Branscombe / Getty Images

    Look, change seems inevitable in 2022. Nebraska hit a 15-29 record in Scott Frost’s first four seasons, and even a 6-6 streak — which seems to limit the best-case scenario this season anyway — may not have saved him a career .

    But it only took three matches!

    Perhaps the school should have waited until October 1 and saved $7.5 million from buying it, as it appears a little A little bit of financial responsibility. The loss to Northwestern was awful, and the fall in South Georgia obviously speeded up the schedule.

    It’s not as though Nebraska will struggle to put up with the unavoidable decision any longer. That sweet and sweet Big Ten Media money contract Just around the corner.

    but, again, three Toys. I expected him to at least survive until I lost Nebraska, like a Friday night game at Rutgers in early October.

Notre Dame Rocky Start

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    The Irish fighter fell to Marshall in the second week. (Michael Reeves/Getty Images)

    Losing on the road in Ohio with the quarterback in his first game as a full-time starter? Nothing wrong with that.

    At home against Marshall? Even if the Thunder Flock were a competitor to the Sunbelt, that’s a different story.

    Coach Marcus Freeman’s biggest problem is how much the visitors have outdone the Irish fighters. Notre Dame packed 3.5 yards per lunge, while Tyler Buchner and Drew Payne combined for just 5.8 yards per pass attempt and threw three interceptions. Notre Dame only gained 351 yards in a stunning 26-21 loss.

    Buckner Shoulder injury It didn’t help, but Marshall already had an 11-point lead in the time of his unfortunate exit. Given that Buchner has been sidelined for this season, the situation may not improve for the Irish – who barely held off Cal in Week 3.

    I’m not selling the future of the program under Freeman, who has an outstanding defensive mind and an accomplished recruit. However, the 2022 campaign may be very forgotten.

Stetson Bennett domination

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    Stetson Bennett calls up a lineup in the first half against Samford (Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

    Stetson Bennett led the National Championship winning campaign against Alabama. The question for 2022 was never whether he was a capable quarterback.

    But what exactly is its positive side?

    Despite being an effective passer, Bennett didn’t attempt many deep throws in 2021. Georgia trusted him to direct an attack focused on running, distributing the ball quickly and rushing when necessary. This formula led the Dogs to a national title, so the expectation was more of the same in 2022. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

    So far, though, UGA has relied on Bennett’s arm more than expected.

    Through three games, he completed 65 of 88 (73.9 percent) throws for 952 yards. Bennett, who is eight touchdown points, attempted more than 30 passes against both Oregon and Samford. He only hit 30 in two of 14 games last season and over 25 in two other games.

    As a result, Bennett is suddenly in the midst of early Heisman Cup talks. Not bad for someone opened the year As a long-range shot.

KS 3-0!

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    Tori Lochlin of Kansas (left) and Luke Hosford celebrated after Lochlin recovered from a second-half stumble against West Virginia. (AP Photo/Kathleen Patten)

    I’ll happily have L early in KS.

    Although the Jayhawks beat Texas and incurred competitive losses to TCU and West Virginia to close out the 2021 season, it looks like Kansas will start making bigger strides in 2023. As a general rule, the third year of a coach’s tenure is when notable improvements arrive. The system is created and personnel are modified according to the preference of the coach.

    Forget that, Jayhawks said. They conquered Tennessee for technology, toppled West Virginia and upset Houston.

    Sure, you have been continuously flattery Coach Lance Leibold. That hardly matters in 2022, considering I expected KS to be too finish 2-10 With no conference victories. Both have already been bypassed.

    KS is officially in the bowl eligibility watch, and it will be the program’s first post-season tour since 2008.

Oddly bad openings

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    Phil Gorkovich | Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Utah celebrated the Mountain West title in 2021. But this season, Agee’s team narrowly beat Ocon, didn’t put up a fight in Alabama and lost to FCS Webber State 35-7. Technically, that didn’t change Utah’s pursuit of back-to-back MWC titles. It is fair to suggest that optimism has declined.

    Boston College has not been seen as a threat to the ACC title, yet the program has three straight seasons of six wins and quarterback Phil Jurkovec is a legitimate prospect in the NFL. But he threw three interceptions with 6.1 yards per attempt in two losses from FBS, which includes a disappointment at home against Rutgers.

    Meanwhile, Hawai’i lost 56.0 points per game in three competitions to FBS opponents. He realized that the defense had a lower level than in 2021, but it wasn’t “Do they really have eight players on the field?” Awesome levels.

    Likewise, Colorado’s running defense has fallen from a weak spot to a quick-fire farce. TCU ran for 275 yards and four touchdowns in the opening, then the Air Force raised 435 yards and five degrees before Minnesota put out 334 yards and four touchdowns. Total disaster.

The Return of Sam Hartman

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    Sam Hartman passes during a match against Vanderbilt (AP Photo/John Amis)

    That Sam Hartman put in 300 yards and four touchdowns on his way back came as no shock. The guy had 50 points last season, after all.

    I wasn’t sure if Hartmann would ever play in 2022.

    I’m certainly not a medical expert, but we hardly know anything about his condition. In early August, Wake Forest announced that the quarterback will be indefinitely Due to a medical problem not related to football.

    Maybe you’re not like me, but “going out indefinitely” didn’t feel like a promising sign for his opening month availability – and in particular, the September 24th against ACC favorite Clemson.

    Hartmann only missed a match.

    The best version of Wake Forest, winner of the ACC Atlantic, has Hartmann in the center. His healthy return made the ACC league more competitive.

Rise of the Pac-12

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    Washington Huskies quarterback Michael Benicks Jr. passes during a game against Michigan State. (Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

    The first week was incredibly tough for the Pac-12. Georgia rips Oregon, Utah drops a grief in Florida. Not a great sign for what I expected two of the top three teams in the conference to be.

    This is why you don’t write an obituary after the first week.

    Transfer-packed USC has outlasted its hype so far, averaging 50.7 points in three wins. Washington State beat 19th-seeded Wisconsin by 3-0, and Washington beat 11th-ranked Michigan State to reach the same record.

    Oregon scored 45.7 points per game, brought down a pair of tough foes at Mountain West and started 3-0 for the first time in eight seasons. Not only did UCLA play a tough table, but the Bruins also 3-0.

    For good measure, Oregon has since won 12th in BYU and Arizona has hardly won North Dakota’s FCS.

    Sure, there are downsides with Colorado’s internal collapse and Arizona’s release of the Edwards pyramid. However, the Pac-12 has a lot of positive developments.