The 10 Most Outrageously Made Corporate Movies, According to Reddit

2022 releases like Top Gun: MaverickAnd the Jurassic World: Dominioneven Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness She proved that sometimes fan service and profits are given the same priority – if not higher – as making good films. While catering to the market-driven industry isn’t necessarily a bad move, it can pull away from the film if it’s not well balanced.

However, it is clear that some films were made with the intent of making money that audiences can’t help but be remembered for that distinctive feature. From recent releases to replayed classics to feature-length movie trailers, Redditors They grossly listed some of the company’s most blatantly manufactured films.

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The Mummy (2017)

In an effort to reboot the classic and beloved series, Tom Cruise starred in mummy Unable to make his mark, he failed both critically and commercially compared to his high expectations.

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redditor Kikujiro He commented, “Every aspect of her smells like sarcastic snatch. It’s not a creative bone in her body.” From its casting to transforming the original horror qualities into action sequences, it’s clear that the movie was made with the sole aim of making as much money as possible, with little regard for its predecessor’s legacy or how unimpressed audiences would be.

Jurassic World Championship (2015 – 2022)

While Jurassic Park Its original sequels were well received, and were recently released jurassic world The series failed to capture much of what made the original series so beloved.

redditor original condition They explained their frustration with the first method Jurassic Park It was a borderline horror movie at some points, and the new movies are all starkly designed to sell as many games as possible.” Jurassic World: Dominion – The subject of many unpopular opinions Case in point, with Easter egg laying and callbacks taking precedence over more important tasks like improving CGI and creating an unforgettable narrative that bolstered new characters.

The Lion King (2019)

Disney’s live-action films have proven to be a hit or miss in recent years, with some being fun while others were considered desperate and unoriginal moneymakers.

Among the latter is live work the king lionAnd the Which according to viewers like Redditor Heyzeus92 He is the ‘worst culprit,’ [as it] He removed all sentiment and art from the film. While the soundtrack and voice acting were commendable, it was hard to look past the horrible CGI and awkward expressions of beloved characters, transcending the redeeming qualities of the film and instead reducing it to another remake that couldn’t recreate the magic of the original, which doesn’t It is still seen as One of the best animal movies ever.

Training (2013)

Even the dynamic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson could not distract the public from the fact that Google was supposed to be promoted as a wonderful and enviable company with great perks that should attract people to work for them.

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redditor astronomy They said that although they enjoyed it, training It is “just a piece of propaganda disguised as a movie”. Google’s unabashed preaching of the movie left it feeling less humorous and more ruthless as it tried to push its agenda for profit and promotion, going from a comedy to a very long advertisement for what was already one of the biggest companies in the world.

The Wizard (1989)

operator It’s a prime example of a decent movie that’s been a bit ruined by its extreme clarity and poor execution nintendo ads.

redditor 00 collector They noted that they enjoyed the movie, “but it’s a rude promotion for Nintendo. Especially Super Mario Brothers 3..” Although the movie has a decent plot and warm moments that give it some nostalgic value to fans to this day, these elements are overshadowed by the central focus of amplifying Nintendo in favor of further development of its characters and the relationship between its heroes, which is a sad downfall for a memorable movie.

Sex Tape (2014)

The Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz starring in a lewd comedy, sex tapeis trying hard to hide its true intention: to make Apple products seem an integral part of modern life.

Of course, he failed terribly, with viewers like Redditor of love Pointing out that it’s just “one big Apple ad,” and referring to a case in the movie where they dropped the iPad (newly released at the time) from two stories and a marvel and how it hadn’t broken yet. Where the role of cinematic tanks in particular lies in how they try to hide Apple promotions by “smoothly” placing them in different scenes with the main characters, trying to deceive audiences and thus exacerbate their institutional feeling by putting pressure on The company that inspired countless memes.

The Lego Movie (2014)

Just because the movie is a blatant take on the movie doesn’t mean the movie can’t perform well, as the movie’s success proved. lego moviea A movie every aspiring writer should watch.

redditor MARVI 189 They note that they thought the movie “would be the most common thing ever, [but] The fact that they were able to criticize the concept while being a two-hour commercial is just genius.” lego movie It’s undoubtedly a gigantic self-explanatory promotional tactic, but it balances that marketing with memorable characters, a fresh and innovative story, bright colors, and an overall great cinematography. Thus, it proves that the film can still be a critical grabber and a good, objective movie at the same time.

Mac and Me (1988)

Ronald MacDonald crashes brutally ET. In the 1988 film that failed to win over audiences but definitely won some Golden Raspberry nominations for its terrible delivery.

Related: 10 Movies That Shouldn’t Be Reproduced, According To RedditMac and me He is a blatant status quo for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola products, and he never hides from this fact as he constantly pushes brands into the faces of their audience. It even features an unnecessary long scene at a McDonald’s, complete with a ridiculous dance sequence and a Ronald McDonald feature. Not to mention, ET aka the movie is Mac. redditor Motown 27 He accurately described it as “literally an hour and a half McDonald’s/Coca-Cola ad disguised as a movie,” though it doesn’t do a great job of concealing its truth.

emoji movie

With the widespread use of emojis and their ever-evolving nature, emoji movie It seemed like a good, family-friendly watch – in theory.

But viewers who have seen the movie will know that was not the case. With random plots, 2D characters, and none of the magic or moral messaging that makes other Sony Animation Productions products like Hotel Transylvania unforgettable series, emoji movie It was nothing more than a huge emoji ad. As mentioned by Redditor SNES_Salesman “The whole point of green lighting for this movie was to get trademarks on emoji designs for marketing. So, yeah, an entire company movie” was of little cinematic value.

Space Jam 2 (2021)

With the immense popularity and popular culture significance of the first film, a LeBron James sequel starring, Space Jam 2He had incredibly high expectations.

Unfortunately, instead of a witty, warm sequel to the first classic from the ’90s, fans got a lengthy ad from Warner Bros. and LeBron James highlighting the former’s best productions while constantly exaggerating the latter. As noted by Redditor Wazula42was designed simply to “exploit all their IPs. It wasn’t just a Looney Tunes movie, it was a Warner Brothers IP,” which chose to focus on faulty self-promotion rather than things like character development and plot.

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