Thankfully Russell Wilson snatched the clown car wheel from Clueless Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett.

He seized the wheel of the clown car driven by Nathaniel Hackett, and quarterback Russell Wilson rode to rescue the Broncos Country.

Wilson saved an ignorant rookie coach from himself as he led a comeback in the fourth to defeat humbled Houston 16-9 on Sunday when the Bos came out and told the home team that all this inexcusable junk had to stop.

“I don’t blame them,” Hackett said. “I mean, well, I’d be booing myself. I was so frustrated.”

Let’s pause to give thanks for the Broncos finding a way to beat one of the worst NFL teams in spite of themselves.

“All I really care about is the cheers at the end, because we won,” said Wilson, who proved his shot from 22 yards to end tight with Eric Soubert with 12 minutes and 36 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, all it took to beat Houston. It was a slight drop.

Denver won and improved their record to 1-1 despite repeated atrocities in the red. Despite 13 Bonehead penalties, including a game delay offense in attempting a field goal; Although a punctuation team was sent to the field without being pursued; Despite the timeouts in the middle of the fourth quarter, and despite plenty of brain freeze by Hackett, I’m starting to wonder if his gray matter was made of Dippin’ Dots.

“This has to stop,” said Hackett, looking like he might need a hug.

But what this team needs more than just a hug is an intervention. Hackett needs someone to explain the big picture to him in real time. He needs a reliable voice to untangle the cobwebs in his brain.

We talk about it all the time with newbies who think about everything. For all his bragging about being the son of a coach, the speed of an NFL game was simply too much for Hackett. We knew Mike Shanahan, whose son is coming to town next weekend as the Niners coach, and Hackett is not the mastermind.

Within two weeks, Hackett is now 0-6 in converting red zone trips to landings as a play caller. Rather than hitting the ball in the end zone behind steamy back-defender Jafonte Williams, Hackett appears to be tempted to focus on the offensive playing card and fall in love with the sweet.

Let’s hope it’s not a fatal attraction.