Tanor Bortolini returns from injury, shifts focus to goalkeeper position

Madison, Wes. – About halfway through fall training camp, Portolini tanner He felt a pop in his right leg and immediately began to fear the worst.

The Wisconsin Badgers’ third-year offensive lineman walked off the training field that day with a Champions League rip or other end-of-season injury on his mind. Waiting for the results of an MRI seemed like an eternity.

“I was like, ‘Shit, am I going to play at all this year?'” Bortolini said. “

A day later, doctors called and handed Bortolini his fate: he had a partial meniscus tear and damaged cartilage behind his knee cap. His season is not over.

“I was like, ‘Wow!'” Bortolini said. Fabulous. that’s cool. Torn meniscus. This is the best news ever.”

6 feet 4 and 306 pounds He underwent surgery shortly after receiving this news and then began working his way back into game form. Bortolini missed Badger’s first two games but came back with a 66-7 win over New Mexico State on Saturday afternoon at Camp Randall.

“I had to get back to putting weight on her and trusting her,” he said. “It’s about how much you can take it. Every day, I’ve been kind of progressing. If at some point it hurts, we stop. It took a few weeks because, up front, there are a lot of cuts and different angles to get used to. I felt this The week feels like I’m at a point where I feel comfortable doing everything.”

Bortolini, who served as No. 2 in the training camp, played in the right guard against the Aggies. It’s for beginners Michael Fortney In the second quarter the offense helped produce four consecutive down engines. Bortolini and Fortney traded in and out of each other throughout the second half.

“It was nice to get rid of the rust and get some shots against the real competition, as it’s not just about scouts,” said Bortolini. “You can feel how you play against (another team). Now I feel confident that my knee is not a factor.”

The Bortolini camp as a reserve center seemed logical, but it also came as a surprise. While the badger needed to build depth in position after Cormac Sampson Leaving the program to pursue a career in education, many believed Bortolini would start in the right guard or tackle a strong 2021 season. He wasn’t a full-time starter, but he did play a high-profile career 329 high-level attack shots while lining up at right tackle, left guard and right guard. He scored one of the team’s highest Pro Football Focus scores at 87.0, with an impressive 89.5 mark as a running blocker.

Bortolini said he was mainly working in the guardBack to practice. 3rd year student Dylan Barrett It is the second place after the beginning of the second year Joe Tibman.

“A few different things were tougher,” said Bortolini. “The goalkeeper is a good place (for me).” “Dylan has been doing a really good job in the center, so I think building confidence in him is a big thing. I’m here to fill any place that needs to be filled. I’m always ready to go.”

Here are some additional notes from the Badgers’ victory over the Aggies: