Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Successful season

The week didn’t start out great, with rays dropping four out of five in Toronto. They wore out to take two out of three from Texans. The Rays are second in the wild card, half a game behind Toronto and a game and a half behind in Seattle.

The final showdown of the season continues tonight with the first three against the Astros, followed by four against the Blue Jays starting Thursday.


A health update from Dave Wills, who had a medical problem in Toronto.

Joey Johnston on Christian Bethancourt and Jose Seri.

Latest Ray showing off.

Nick Anderson calls it a season.

Tyler Glasno’s rehabilitation is going well.

The Arizona Fall League nominees have been announced. The rays send out Mason Auer, RHP Sandy Gaston, and LHP Alex Ayala Jr. and C Blake Hunt, RHP Antonio Menendez, INF Tanner Murray, and RHP Evan Reifert.

Derek Jeter mansion come down.

Good thread from Mike Petrillo on what the new anti-shift rule means.

David Price makes it official: He’s retiring.

Oh! Didn’t you notice that the source was Bob Nightingale? you are silly.

Childhood friends Jonathan Aranda and Alejandro Kirk met in the major leagues for the first time.

Ben Clemens in a love letter to Randy Arrozarina.

Proven Things 2: The tacky boogaloo.

Rays made history on Roberto Clemente’s day.

Is it impactful if you’re still doing the playoffs?

The World Baseball Classic playoffs are underway.

Joy Photo for the Commissioner. Not from baseball. World Commissioner.

Zach Plessak was fired by his agent.

I’m not sure what “take off the shirt hard” looks like, but This is what punching in a heap looks like.

So this happened

Oh. woo?

Can’t a guy sneak out for a snack in the office without people giving him a third degree?


Palate cleanser!

This is the best dad joke you’ll see this year.

It’s a train!

The legend of the futuristic banana savanna.

Oh my heart.

Rise Go!