USMNT’s Greg Berhalter needs to beat himself before the World Cup

Greg Berhalterpicture: Getty Images Well, I’ll be Sammy Sunshine for the USMNT. It’s not easy, but there are a lot of dark clouds after the team went to 0 for 180 minutes in scoring, or looked like they could score, or even look like they were interested in scoring, in the last two goals. Friendly … Read more

Qatar recruits its citizens for the security of the World Cup

Qatar recruits citizens for the security of the World Cup, with a written disaster everywherepicture: Getty Images Here’s the thing about Qatar hosting the World Cup in about six weeks: even if you can ignore Disgusting and horrific violations of human rights that built the infrastructure for it (which you can’t), or if you can … Read more

What if Christian Pulisic from USMNT isn’t good anymore?

Let’s see how he performs in the World Cuppicture: Getty Images Also, it might be kind of tingly, but we’ll get back to that. There isn’t much to be complacent about after the USMNT’s last two friendlies before the World Cup. They didn’t score any goal. They didn’t pay all that attention to three halves … Read more

College football matches should be extended, not shortened

We want more college football, not less, you idiots.picture: Getty Images Since when did we start to care so much about the length of sporting events? MLB’s rush to shorten games appears to be a direct response to the community’s inability to get bored for any length of time. My favorite thing on the train … Read more

USMNT fans don’t worry, England has been more lately

England manager Gareth Southgate is trying to figure out what the hell he will do with his team against Italy.picture: Getty Images As we discussed yesterdayThe first half of the final set of USMNT friendlies could not have been worse or more frustrating. Against the B-team version of Japan, a squad that’s on roughly the … Read more

USMNT has a problem with Weston McKinney

Weston McKinneypicture: Getty Images One of the many complications of the Winter World Cup, although far from the list, is the death of the pre-tournament friendly match. Typically, teams get together for a couple of weeks after the domestic season, and then you get two or three intensifications before the tournament starts building a relationship, … Read more

Nathaniel Hackett and Josh McDaniels help in the Brian Flores case

what!picture: Getty Images If Brian Flores, Dos Staley, Eric Penemi, and Byron Liftwich were all in a hangout, I would have paid good money to read the things they would probably say about how terrifying the head coach of the Denver Broncos was Nathaniel Hackett Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels It was this season. … Read more

Washington QP leaders Carson Wentz sees mistakes in his ways

Thinking of Wentz came.picture: Getty Images It’s funny sometimes how people don’t realize what’s wrong with their ways until it’s too late. Washington captain Carson Wentz finally admitted he could have done a better job during his time in Philadelphia. It wasn’t just about what he did on the field, it was more about him … Read more

Brett Favre got caught red-handed and nobody cares

Booooo!picture: Getty Images Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. As infuriating as it may be, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fiery crime that should make you stumble in your line of work. But that’s not how it works in America. In this country, you’d get more mainstream … Read more

Here are the bad hits from last night’s Steelers-Browns match

This play wasn’t what you wanted if you bet underpicture: Getty Images Sports betting cruel fickle mistress. One day you’re happy after you’ve hit a two-game, and the next you lose all your money plus your dog and your virgin. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that either goes off the rails or ends in a thrilling … Read more