Super Bowl 56 teams both 0-1

The 32 things we learned from her week 1 From the 2022 NFL season:

1. The list of games for the first week on Sunday coincided with Twenty-first anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Of course, the pre-game memorial was particularly poignant in the New York market, where the MetLife stadium audience carried much of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” show. Ironically, it was Baltimore coach John Harbo who wore an FDNY Ravens-branded hat on the sidelines, while Gates coach Robert Saleh avoided a cap (as he usually does). Harbaugh switched to a Ravens-branded NYPD hat during his post-game press conference following Baltimore’s 24-9 win.

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2. For football historians, it’s also been 21 years since Tom Brady became the first NFL player, as former New England Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe was injured in 2001 during the NFL’s comeback after the 9/11 tragedies.

2a. TB12 improved to 7-0 all-time against the Dallas Cowboys distance Pirates cruise Tampa Bay 19-3 Sunday night.

2b. Hawks, Vikings, Patriots, and Bux never achieved a victory over the Goats.

2c. Now 45, Brady is officially the oldest quarterback player to start an NFL game. And grow a record-breaking resume.

3. For the first time since 2007, there was no rising midfielder in any starting lineup in the opening weekend.

4. The first week wasn’t lacking in drama, but whether it was the weather (Chicago), some prestigious teams (the Rams, Packers, Bengals, 49ers) fell flat, nonsense special teams, or nice help from penalty shootouts – both silly (see: Chicago) And legitimate – the opening weekend was sloppy enough that you can conclude that a large part of the league should be taking pre-season a little more seriously.

4A. The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, who met seven months earlier at Super Bowl 56, lost. It’s the first time this century that the previous season’s entrants opened Big Sunday 0-1.

Steelers Cornback Cameron Sutton blocks a pass assigned to Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd.

5. The The thumb injury suffered by the Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Presumably, Dallas’ tentative plan to defend its NFC East title will rely on a combination of QBs Cooper Rush and Will Grier – which couldn’t be a comfortable idea for a “Team America” ​​fan, Jerry Jones…or Mike McCarthy. Dallas’ next five games will be against the Bengals, Giants, Commanders, Rams and the Eagles – a crucial stretch considering the Cowboys can start 0-3 in the division.

6. There are 10 new coaches entering the 2022 campaign, and they went in a 6-2-1 collegiate game Sunday with Denver Broncos’ Nathaniel Hackett named for the first time Monday in Seattle. Among the winners was Giants boss Brian Dabol, whose fiery side behavior and decision to take two points and win with 76 seconds left will be an added advantage in New York…for now.

7. two years in a row, QB Aaron Rodgers (195 yards, INT) and Green Bay Packers were trash in the first week. It’s only one game, but is it fair to say that Rodgers, four-time MVP, and WR Davante Adams should have been fighting to save their football marriage?

8. Could this be the year the league gets 2,000 yards? Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson needs an average of 113.5 per game, after his 184-yard blast helped destroy Rodgers’ pack.

9. terek who? Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes went 360 yards and five TD passes in Arizona on Sunday, to ensure that Buffalo Bills counterpart Josh Allen did not run away and hide with an MVP award.

9a. Mahomes has 18 passes from TD and no picks in the first week games of his career.

10. Can the new LA Chargers pass arrogant Khalil Mack, who had three sacks against the Las Vegas Raiders and former teammate Derek Carr on Sunday, on the shortlist for Best Defensive Player of 2022? So nice when you’re healthy, lined up in front of Joey Bosa (1½ bags) and stopped to drive QB Justin Herbert.

11. How will Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s season start next Failed to reach contract extension With Baltimore before the deadline this weekend? Time will tell, but it’s worth noting that Jackson, who threw three TD passes against the Jets, only ran six times for 17 yards. He entered the season averaging 10.6 lunge attempts per game over the course of his career.

12. Jackson’s former teammate, Jets QB Joe Flacco – who was best known for his bet on the termination of his own contract in 2012 and led Baltimore to a Super Bowl victory – threw 59 passes in his first game against his former team. Flacco is now 0-10 in matches when he has thrown the ball at least 52 times.

13. Based on the way the quarterbacks played in the first round of 2021, the San Francisco 49ers probably should have drafted Justin Fields for third overall instead of Tree Lance. The rain and horrible sod at Soldier Field may have been the equalizer, but there’s no doubt that Fields did a lot with a lesser supporting side in Chicago’s 19-10 upset.

13a. Since taking over in 2017, San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan is now 8-29 in regular season games not started by QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

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14. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals twice on Sunday, once on the field in overtime and once on Twitter. (For the record, Pittsburgh forced five turns.)

15th. Despite the season’s downturn in 2021, Pittsburgh’s Minka Fitzpatrick signed a record (4-year, $73.6 million) contract for safety this season – later surpassed by the Chargers’ Derwin James – and definitely started making his money on Sunday. The two-time All-Pro had 31 yards from six picks, tied his career best with 14 tackles and an extra point ban that sent the game into overtime, as Sad Steelers. It’s possible that Fitzpatrick couldn’t hold back moving forward if his teammate TJ Watt’s injury was serious enough to knock out last season’s best defensive player for the long haul.

16. After undergoing an appendectomy early in training camp and while trying to connect with five foremen who underwent an off-season O-line excision with four new rookies, Bengals QB Joe Burrow probably should have expected a rough appearance in 2022. But the five worst turnarounds of his career, Including four wits, she was more than he gave in to an NFL game.

17. Welcome back, Saints WR Michael Thomas. The former All-Pro, who has struggled with injuries in recent seasons, had his first TD double in nearly three years—and both are coming Sunday grades in the fourth quarter—as the New Orleans Falcons survived the Atlanta 27-26.

18. Von Miller posted Kissin Thursday night on his Bills debut, matching what he did in his last game with the Rams – Trying to win Super Bowl 56. Miller’s new crew has taken down his former teammate, Matthew Stafford, seven times. Buffalo had the best defense in the league in 2021, despite averaging just 2.47 sacks per game in the regular season. Early indications are that Miller may be the final piece in the much-anticipated Super Bowl formula in western New York.

19. For the first time since Sean McVeigh became coach of the Rams in 2017, his team was under 0.500 at any time in the season.

19a. Los Angeles’ 21-point loss was the second-worst loss ever in Week 1 for a team that came out of a Super Bowl victory.

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20. If Miller is the key move in the off-season – and Terrick Hill and Adams will be among those involved in that debate – could WR AJ Brown be the most important next step? Per Elias, the Browns’ 155-yard (10-hand) receiving was the most by an Eagles player to debut for his team.

21. QB Matt Ryan’s first game ended with the Indianapolis Colts 20-20 draw against Houston Texans. None of Ryan’s 222 games with the Atlanta Falcons ended in deadlock.

22. Some applause for TE OJ Howard, who scored the two Texas goals on Sunday. Howard moved from the penthouse (Bucs, Bills) to the outbuilding during 2022 alone, but it’s good to see he gets a chance to showcase the talent that made him a first-round pick in 2017.

23. Since becoming the Patriots coach in 2000, Bill Belichick hasn’t lost his first four fights against an opposing midfielder…until Sunday. Miami Toa Tagovailoa is now 4-0 against Belichick and has helped the Dolphins improve their record at Hard Rock Stadium to 8-2 against the Butts in the team’s last 10 encounters in South Florida.

23a. All this fear of a Patriot attack and the departure of OC Josh McDaniels – what’s the big problem? New England put together seven points, 271 yards and QB Mac Jones landed in the coaches room on Sunday with a back injury.

24. New Panthers QP Baker Mayfield failed to (whistle) his former Brown teammates nor The seat cooled under his new coach, Matt Rolle.

25. However, Mayfield would have had the win had it not been for a Cleveland player he had never played with. The 58-yard FG-winning Browns K Cade York in the final seconds was the longest ever by a novice in his team’s season opener. York, fourth, is the highest marketing player since 2016.

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25 a. Steelers’ Chris Boswell and Steelers’ Will Lutz each had three shots on Sunday.

25b. However, some kickers – Colts’ Rodrigo Blankenship and Randy Bullock of the Titans – won’t sleep well. Evan Macpherson of the Bengals will dream of long-term support.

26. At least the chiefs can rest easy knowing that they have the limitations of kicking completely – Justin Reed turns out Harrison Boetker, who missed part of Sunday’s game with an ankle injury.

27. NBC’s new “Sunday Night Football” trailer for Mike Terrico and Chris Collinsworth is off to a fast start. They injected some humor into the Rams Bills kickoff on Thursday, then enjoyed Terriko Collinsworth’s Failed Vocal Cords Sunday night in Dallas. Should I make a ‘Voice’ joke? Terriko cracked, while working on the promotion of the popular NBC reality show.

28. Washington fans had Wentz in full on Sunday, as the new quarterback made two pre-contact interceptions for two of his four assists in the final 10 minutes, returning the leaders to a 28-22 victory over Jacksonville.

29. Jaguars rookie OLB Travon Walker, the first pick of the year, became the first player drafted since Watt in 2017 to collect a sack and interception in his NFL debut.

30. But I have to tell Neil, one of my biggest fans – he loves hearing me on the capital’s sports radio shows as well as reading this column – Sunday’s game outside the country’s capital was unwatchable. Not because the Commanders and Jags didn’t provide some decent football scene, but because Washington’s new uniform looks a lot worse in game action than it conceptually did. And the #HTTC? Foolish. Let her go.

31. From “What do I know?” From the files, the bottom four teams are in the format My latest strength rankings – Texas, Hawks, Bears and Giants – they almost went 4-0. The quartet still edged 2-1-1, Chicago outperformed in heavy rain in the Windy City, while Big Blue upset the Giants in Nashville. Positive proof that you never knew him in the NFL.

32. Appropriate to book an appointment for Sunday 9/11 by also taking the time to remember the safety of former Cardinals and US Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who said in the aftermath of the attacks: “My great-grandfather was in Pearl Harbor, and a lot of my family have gone and fought wars.” And I’ve really done nothing so much as to put myself on the line like that.” Of course, Tillman, who left the NFL and joined the 2001 season, ended up making the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. His memory lives on with the The Pat Tillman Foundation, which awards scholarships to current military personnel, spouses of military personnel, and veterans. Thanks Pat.


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