Steelers-Laclaster Performance Signs Week 2 It’s time for Omar Khan to help Mike Tomlin out of his own way

year 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers Lost the opening match at home 17-14 against New England Patriots After a disappointing black and gold performance. The team had a chance to deliver a powerful blow to a staunch opponent. It was more like a heavyweight fight, with one fighter spinning around endlessly hoping to deliver a knockout punch while being hopelessly late in the scorecards. The Steelers forgot to throw any punches on Sunday and in the end it cost them dearly.

Jared Wickersham/Pittsburgh Steelers

Defense didn’t generate much pressure Mac Jones, content to sit in the coverage and try to force mistakes that just didn’t come up. The Steelers seldom attacked, had no sacks, and except for one interception, he was playing in the bend, but not breaking defense throughout the match. if not for Gunner Olszewski stuffed punt The defense likely raised the Patriots to 10 points. When you build a team around the highest paid defense in the NFL, bending but not breaking isn’t good enough.

The Patriots won the possession battle time, but they didn’t dominate the Statistics like Cincinnati Bengals I did in week 1. The Steelers didn’t have a bad advantage against the Patriots that they clearly showed in Cincinnati, and it cost them a win. The defense must be ready as quickly as Cleveland Browns Coming out of the baffling loss of New York Jets31-30, though the journeyman’s start in Jacobi Brisset In the last two weeks, they scored 56 points in two games and should be 2-0. The Steelers offense brought 30 points in two games.

Steelers Trubisky

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Crime was close to 100 percent by Sunday and the unit commander’s body language was alarming. Mitch Trubesky He was given a second life in the NFL and he doesn’t play like her. Mike Tomlin They made it clear on the first day of bootcamp that they weren’t going to make quick decisions and let the process go. Trubisky does not display any consistent creativity, which may be due to Canada died Playing, but unlike his predecessor, he either cannot or will not ignore the side line in favor of his teammates.

The Steelers should totally consider firing OC Matt Canada after their second week loss

This was exactly the game that called for a great deal of free work, and it was exactly the kind of game that the former Pittsburgh quarterback would have found a way to win over late by calling his plays at the end of the game. Overall, I don’t think it’s a good idea for players to ignore coaches’ instructions, but at this point I’d prefer Trubisky to throw caution to the wind, even if it results in a wider margin of victory for the Patriots.

Tomlin is an outstanding motivator, and the defense was adequate although not aggressive. However, we have been going on for more than a decade bruce arian path Ben Roethlisberger. Since then no attack coordinator in Pittsburgh has had any influence on Roethlisberger and worse, the current coordinator appears to be punishing Trubesky for it. The retired Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback will do well to reach out to the current incumbent and let him know how much he improvised in those endless, come-from-behind wins.

Steelers Beckett

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The masses and the media are calling for Kenny Beckett To get his time on the court he’ll get to heat unless Trubisky relaxes and lets him rip against Brown. If Trubisky relinquishes the job at this point, it won’t be because he’s not talented enough to play the position. It would be because he was not willing to beat the training he was getting by trusting his intuition. It would be very unfair to throw in Beckett and expect him as a rookie to ignore the offensive coordinator in the fourth quarter to win close matches.

It’s easy as a fan to blame Canada, Randy Fichtner And the Todd Halley, but now that the signal caller is behind the center and the same issues exist, Tomlin needs to answer a few questions. even the greats Chuck Noll forced to shoot Tony Dungey and most of his defensive coaching staff when they faltered in the late 1980s. Noll surrendered, and the Steelers immediately returned to the playoffs and won a playoff game in 1989.

Steelers Omar Khan

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Omar Khan He needs to have a tough conversation with his veteran coach that it’s time for someone else to help him pick an offensive coordinator before he pushes Buck into a bad situation. It’s time for Tomlin, like Noll, to admit that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t.

What’s your opinion, Stellar Nation? Should the Steelers really expect young midfielders to understand when they are supposed to ignore training and game plan? Please comment below or on my Twitter Tweet embed.