St. Louis Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright, running Molina, sets a starting record number 325 as a battery

Street. Louis – Cardinals’ pitcher Adam Wainwright and holder Molina runs They started their 325th run together on Wednesday night, setting a league record for most batteries.

The St. Louis duo broke the regular season mark of 324 by the Detroit Tiger pair of Mickey Lulich and Bill Freehan from 1963-1975.

“It’s probably cooler for me than my hands,” Wainwright said after the 4-1 cards win over the Milwaukee Brewers. “He has a lot of great things. Besides the Roberto Clemente award, this is probably the coolest thing in my career.”

Molina added, “That’s a great feeling, just to get to that number. To be at the top of that list. What a great feeling.”

Wainwright and Molina received a standing ovation from the fans at Busch Stadium as they walked from the base of the Bulls to the dugout before the game.

“It was a lot to manage early on,” Wainwright said. “The crowd was so great it made me get goosebumps and constant tears. I was trying to manage my adrenaline because it wanted to go through the roof.”

Wainwright allowed a run once in five rounds with three strokes, and Molina went 1-for-4 with the RBI. The veteran right escaped the first-half crowd, allowing him to only run the game.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to get out of this because we’re supposed to win today,'” Wainwright said. “I usually feel like I’m going to get out of this anyway, but I really felt like I was going to get out of this because we were supposed to win today, and we did.”

The next active pair behind Wainwright and Molina is the Chicago Cubs battery Kyle Hendricks And the Wilson Contreraswho have 105 starts together.

“A lot happened in that time period, which is why I think this record is very impressive,” St. Louis coach Oliver Marmol said before the game. “I don’t see anyone coming close to reaching it again.”

Number 325 towels were distributed to fans as they entered the stadium on Wednesday.

Wainwright delivered the first blow on the field Christian Willich He clearly didn’t swing on purpose to allow the official moment of record to happen. The ball was set aside.

Wainwright said he was thankful Yelich didn’t bump into him on his turf.

“I thought this was a really classy move,” he said. “You could tell he would give that to us.”

Wainwright and Molina made their first appearance together on April 6, 2007 in Houston. Wainwright took a 4-2 win, the first of 212 wins with Molina behind the plate.

Molina, 40, indicated his retirement at the end of the current season. Wainwright, 41, has not yet made a decision about his future.

Wainwright threw 2,136 of 2,548 runs (83.8%) for Molina. He and Molina teamed up to record 1,812 strikes.

Only six current league players – Albert PujolsAnd the Nelson CruzAnd the Miguel CabreraAnd the Zack GreeneAnd the Rich Hill And Justin Verlander was active when Wainwright and Molina first got together.

Wainwright and Molina are best friends off the field, too. Wainwright introduced Molina to NHL hockey. The duo attended several games together during the St. Louis Blues’ run to the Stanley Cup in 2019.

Wainwright and his family celebrated Thanksgiving at Molina’s Puerto Rican residence in November.

Also on Wednesday, the Pujols, who has sat three times shy of 700 in his career, became the third player in major league history to reach 2,200 RBIs, joining Hank Aaron and Bab Ruth with an RBI double in the eighth inning. Pujols has 50 RBI this season and hits 266 with 18 Homer.

“It seems like every day he passes them by or goes up next to them or hooks up with one of these legendary hitters,” Wainwright said. “He is in that category.”

The win brought the Cardinals closer to the second seed in the Eredivisie and a first round, something the team is now discussing as motivation for the rest of the season. St. Louis is already near lock-in to win the NL Central race, opening an eight-game lead over the Brewers.

“It’s something we decided a week or so ago, we started looking at the Mets and Braves,” Wainwright said. “We’ve decided as a team, the worst thing that can happen is that we feel good about ourselves and feel comfortable with such a huge lead that we have. There is a chance for us… to get that second seed.”

Wednesday’s historic day had more meaning as the trio of Cardinals Pujols, Wainwright and Molina hope for a final playoff together.

“We had the mentality ready to win this match, no matter what,” Molina said. “And that’s what we did.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.