Spanish women’s football in turmoil after female players revolt

BARCELONA, Spain (Associated Press) – Spanish football is in turmoil after 15 players for the women’s national team pulled out of the squad, saying their coach had “significantly” affected their “emotional state” and health.

Late on Thursday, the federation announced that 15 players had sent identical emails, citing coach Jorge Velda as the cause of the problems.

On Friday, local media published the email sent by the players. The federation confirmed to the Associated Press that the email was genuine and that the names of the 15 players did not include Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putillas.

The email did not explicitly demand that Velda be fired. “The general situation of the Spanish national team resulting from the recent events, and the events of which (the federation) is aware, have a significant impact on my emotional state and therefore on my health,” she said.

“Because of this, at the moment I do not consider myself available for our national team and therefore request that I not be called up until this situation changes.”