Skull Session: Ohio State’s Unstoppable Attack on Saturday, Chris Carter Loves Watching Buckeye’s Reception Room and Garrett Wilson Crush the Cleveland Browns

Ohio State offense looked pretty good on Saturday.

In fact, with 105,398 fans at Ohio Stadium and a national television audience on FOX, I’m not sure the ball aspect could have been much better for the Buckeyes.

Before I get into that, let me ask one thing from all of you.

Let’s have a good Monday, shall we?

TOUCHDOWN FRENZY. Ohio State’s offensive scored more touchdowns (11) against Toledo than the Rockets allowed in points (10) in their first two games against Long Island and the U.S. Mass. Let it sink in.

after saturday silly Offensive performance witnessed Ohio State Almost broke the record for the program For total attack yards in a game, the Buckeyes now have the #1 overall attack in the country at 565.3 yards per game. They also occupy the top ten in scoring and passing fouls at 47.7 points per game and 358.3 yards per game.

Ohio State: Total Offense, One Game








bowling green

September. 3, 2016

W, 77-10




September. 17, 2022

Th, 77-21




September. 1, 2018

W, 77-31



mountain union

September. 27, 1930

P, 59-0




September. 27, 1986

W, 64-6

To continue the absurd, Ohio recorded 11 out of 13 offensive campaigns. If you exclude the final drive that ended up running out of the Buckeyes on the clock — and thus making no effort to score — they hit his paycheck on 11 of their 12 possessions.

Here’s how these engines were implemented:

  1. 8 plays, 82 yards, 3:45 – TreVeyon Henderson’s 7-yard TD run

  2. 6 plays, 75 yards, 2:33 – Marvin Harrison Jr. 8 yard catch TD

  3. 5 plays, 59 yards, 1:59 – Emeka Egbuka ran 3 yards TD

  4. 7 plays, 71 yards, 2:58 – Julian Fleming 5 yards TD catch

  5. 7 plays, 75 yards, 3:25 – catching Harrison 7 yards TD

  6. 9 plays, 89 yards, 4:37 – Fleming 11 yards TD catch

  7. 4 plays, 48 ​​yards, 1:24 – Mitch Rossi’s 1 yard run

  8. 6 plays, 36 yards, 2:16 – Jesse Mirko dropped his only kick in the game at the 2-yard line

  9. 4 plays, 39 yards, 1:30 – Egbuka catch 7 yards TD

  10. 11 plays, 68 yards, 4:59 – Dallan Hayden ran 1 yard TD

  11. Two plays, 74 yards, 0:43 – Jayden Ballard 72 yards TD catch

  12. 3 plays, 45 yards, 1:35 – TC Caffey 49-yard TD سباق

That’s what I call effective.

also, How about TC Caffey? I tried to tell you that it is a different animal and the same beast. We hope some of you have listened.

The real distinguishes the real. Every Ohio fan knows how much Cris Carter dominated Buckeye from 1984 to 1986. He earned 168 passes for 2,725 yards and 27 touchdowns and earned American honors for collecting 69 receptions for 1,127 yards and 11 touchdowns in his third and final season.

Carter has been an important supporter of Ohio State since his playing days in Columbus were over. He praised the current group of Buckeye receivers for their performance against Toledo.

I think Carter speaks for all members of the Buckeye Nation when he says Ohio receivers are fun to watch. This stand-up group features embarrassing fortunes for Ryan Day, Brian Hartline and CJ Stroud as the pass attack thrives as the nation’s top receiving talent line up on the ocean every Saturday.

Not to mention Jayden Ballard, who scored a 72-yard touchdown against Toledo. One could also mention the narrow end Cade Stover – now known as the “Farmer Gronk” – became more involved in the passing game with eight catches for 137 yards during his first three games.

Carter sees what many Buckeye fans see. He recognized that Ohio had one of the best, if not the best, spacious reception rooms in the nation, and that the 2022 iteration of that unit was perfectly healthy (outside of Kamryn Babb) in one game.

Once they have a few games under their belts as a group, the Big Ten and college football need to pay attention. It’s going to be really hard to stop Ohio State’s passing attack.

Bucky’s pride. What’s even more impressive about the Ohio State reception room in 2022 is that it lost two first-round NFL draft picks, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olaf, after last season.

Wilson scored the first touchdown of his career on Sunday against beloved Cleveland Browns, but it was confirmed to vomit OH afterwardswhich made everything go well and even put a smile on my face.

My happiness didn’t last with Wilson’s success, though, as ex-Bacai captured the match-winning touchdown that helped the Jets complete a 13-point comeback from 30-17 with less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter (I’ll explain how New York accomplished such a feat But please don’t make me – it hurts so much. Just watch a summary).

Does anyone else feel this struggle watching their favorite NFL team? It’s almost like, “Okay, Garrett Wilson can score five touchdowns as long as Brown wins. That would be the best of both worlds.” I want my team to win, but I also hope the former Buckeyes do well for their teams every week.

Is there anyone else with me on it?

This didn’t happen to me this week. Wilson exploded and lost Brown, which sucked. But that’s the life of being a Brown fan.

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