Skull session: Marvin Harrison Jr. ho ho, Ohio State stars shine against Red Wolves and former Buckeye receivers come out in their NFL season openers

It’s Monday morning, and the Cleveland Browns won their first season in my life. This means that I am a happy man.

However, I may not be as happy as Justin Fields was sliding on the water-logged grass at Soldier Field on Sunday.

Let’s have a good Monday, shall we?

ROUTE MAN MARV. Ohio State’s surprise win over Arkansas State taught us a few things about the Bucks family. However, the main lesson learned is that Marvin Harrison Jr. is very good at this football.

Harrison, aka Route Man Marv and Super Marv, was outstanding against the Red Wolves, with seven passes for 184 yards and three runs. Let’s relive all his three points, courtesy of the Ohio State football team on Twitter:

Harrison established himself in elite company alongside Joey Galloway as the only receiver in Ohio with 3-touch multiplayer games. The most impressive part about it for Harrison is that he started in just three games Last year’s Rose Bowl, the 2022 season opener against Notre Dame and Saturday’s game with Arkansas State.

it’s a criminally insane The passing Ohio State attack did not exceed a moment Without Jackson Smith-Nigegba and Julian Fleming On the field, but that’s the beauty of pairing Ryan Day’s offense with Brian Hartline’s recruiting pedigree. The Buckeye Nation must protect this partnership at all costs.

Hey! You played well too! Harrison wasn’t the only Buckeye to do well against the Red Wolves. Once again, Mike Hall Jr. frequents the Arkansas backyard, collecting one bag and three tackles for a loss. Within two weeks, Hall tied for third place loss in FBS by five times.

With their excellent performance, the eleven warriors The staff named Harrison and Hull their best offensive and defensive players of the week in Ohio State’s Game Two.

Although they didn’t win our weekly award, CJ Stroud, TreVeyon Henderson and Emeka Egbuka made some noise against Arkansas State. Stroud threw 351 yards and four touchdowns, while Henderson added 87 yards and two stars in just 10 rounds. Egbuka continued his hot start to the 2022 season with his first 100-yard run, posting four catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns.

Ohio State also admitted some difference to their Saturday outings, naming Steel Chambers as Buckeyes Defensive Player of the Week and Palaie Gaoteote as Special Teams Player of the Week.

I also want to thank Jesse Mirko for his consistency during the first two games. He has jumped 10 times this season, averaging 44.4 yards, and is ranked 28th on FBS. Of those kicks, Mirco dropped six inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. The Australian undoubtedly made Jim Trissel proud, and ensured Punt remained the most important player in football.

It is developed here. I previously mentioned that Hartline is a talented employee and that Buckeye Nation must protect his partnership with Day at all costs. The fate of acquiring multiple five-star receivers in recruitment classes hangs in the balance.

I’m not sure what the main factor in making Hartline one of the best recruiters in the country. He played for Ohio State, which helps, and made a lot of money in the NFL, which helps too. Hartline could look a high school football player in the eye and tell them he was there, and he did.

But I think what can be most attractive to recruits about Ohio is the amount of broad talent received Kill her completely In the NFL today. The most recent example was on Sunday, when Michael Thomas, Curtis Samuel and Terry McLaurin combined to catch four touchdowns in their games.

Samuel began working with the first landing under Washington’s leaders. It was also the first NFL Buckeye score in 2022.

After missing most of the 2020 season and the entire 2021 season with an ankle injury, Thomas fell into two touchdowns while returning to action with the New Orleans Saints. So, yes, it is still true that the Staff cannot guard it.

McLaurin capped the scoring of former Backies when he left the Jaguar defense in the dust with a 49-yard touchdown from Carson Wentz.

Once again, Hartline is a great recruiter and coach. He can obviously attract some of the most talented receivers in high school without much help, but I imagine his job gets easier every time a former Buckeye player exits the NFL.

Want to land another five-star? Just show them these clips above and tell them they can be the next Thomas, Samuel, MacLaurin, Chris Olaf or Garrett Wilson in no time. It can really be that easy.

Ohio often pays more than $1 million to its non-conference opponents, so that’s not a reason to bring up the matter. I mention that money given to Toledo in my Skull session because a large number of 5-team teams were expected to surrender and die against Power 5 teams for a large amount of money.

But the Group of Five teams didn’t quite die over the weekend.

Marshall won then – no. 8 Notre Dame, 26-21, in South Bend. The then Appalachian state was defeated – no. 6 Texas A&M, 17-14, in College Station. Georgia South defeated Nebraska, 45-42, in Lincoln, Effectively ending Scott Frost’s tenure. All three teams were paid to lose They walked off the field with a win and money.

Now, I’m not sounding the alarm and putting Ohio State in a rage. I am not crazy. The Buckeyes started as a 34-point favorite over the Rockets, which seems reasonable. But if college football has taught us anything, and if it reminds us of anything over the weekend, it is Nobody is safe.

All I’m saying is that it would be best for the Buckeyes to quickly extinguish any hope of visitors from the Northwest and prove that Ohio is not a bullying program.

Today’s song. “In Blood” by John Mayer.

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