Sharp college football betting focused on Nebraska vs. Oklahoma

The rivalry that spawned the Game of the Century had been reduced to something north of the fray, and the bookies responded accordingly.

A week after Nebraska fired long-time coach Scott Frost after a modest home loss to Georgia Southern, the Cornhuskers stand in the losing position +10.5 points to their unbeaten rival Oklahoma on Saturday.

“Nebraska is currently a rubbish fire after Frost was expelled,” said Brian Gilmartin of Tibeco Sportsbook. “The public is swinging in favor of a steady sooner.”

Likewise, the top-ten Notre Dame is also reeling from its massive upset at the hands of Marshall, and the public flocked to believe Cal could force the Fighting Irish for a first 0-3 in the history of the superstar program.

In this week’s edition of college football’s Hot Tix and Picks, a survey of the nation’s top bookmakers, tough mentality takes center stage.

First, let’s dive into this week’s hot tex.

Oklahoma (-10.5) in Nebraska

Alum Mickey Joseph takes over as interim coach of Nebraska, inheriting the chaos of the Frost legacy that has marred heartbreaking narrow losses and strong falls from his former position as a national powerhouse.