Series Preview: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics

Sailors see a lot of Auckland Athletics These are the last few weeks of the season. After those three games in Auckland, M’s will host three more games in the last weekend of September in what, without insurance, was the final series of the season. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen; While athletics are certainly the worst team in AL to score, they took two out of three when the Mariners were in Oakland a month ago.

Playing the First Class (A) role gives sailors a chance to redeem themselves after losing their frustrating weekend streak to the Angels. Eugenio Suarez (finger), Julio Rodriguez (lower back) and Cal Raleigh (thumb) all had injuries at or shortly before Anaheim, so the Mariners’ ability to win in post-season looks more precarious than it did last week. With luck, however, Rodriguez and Raleigh will return to the Oakland squad, and after next weekend’s games in Kansas City, the Mariners will return home for the remainder of the regular season, as the city’s fans and familiar T-Mobile medical professionals will return. Training resources are waiting for them.

Quick overview

sailors Athletics
sailors Athletics
1 . game Tuesday, September 20 | 6:40 pm
RHB Luis Castillo LHP JP Sears
70% 30%
2 . game Wednesday, September 21 | 6:40 pm
LHP Ruby Ray RHP James Caprillian
67% 33%
3 . game Thursday, September 22 | 12:37 PM
RHP George Kirby RHB Adrian Martinez
66% 34%

*Game odds courtesy of Fangraves

Team overview

Summary Athletics sailors edge
Summary Athletics sailors edge
hit (wRC +) 84 (ranked 14th in the AL) 107 (5th in AL) sailors
Fielding (OAA) -6 (12) 7 (seventh) sailors
Rotation Initiation (FIP-) 124 (15) 103 (eighth) sailors
Bullpen (FIP-) 109 (fourteenth) 96 (seventh) sailors

This time last year, Oakland was in two games over Seattle and the two were in a furious race to get to second place Wildcard (neither of which happened). After achieving 86-76 in 2021, athletics is currently 53-94 and likely to lose 100 games this season. Their loss and Tampa Bay win on Sept. 7 made Oakland the first AL team to be eliminated from a playoff match, and they couldn’t even play the spoiler for anyone but the Mariners; From now on, only the teams that have settled the play-off berth ( Astros And the mets), those who came out of strife (the angels), and from you Seattle Mariners. Instead, the athletics team has called up many young players who will do it Take advantage of these weeks of great experience in the league.

Athletics assortment

player Site bat Palestinian Authority baby wRC + BSR
player Site bat Palestinian Authority baby wRC + BSR
Tony Kemp 2B The 508 0.260 92 3.1
Female Machine 3 b The 216 0.264 80 -0.7
Sean Murphy c s 558 0.292 126 -2.3
Seth Brown RF The 495 0.273 116 2.6
Chad Bender LF s 354 0.308 86 -0.1
Dermes Garcia 1 b s 79 0.438 140 0.0
Shea Langlers DH s 104 0.315 67 0.1
Christian Bach CF s 239 0.210 26 -0.7
Nick Allen SS s 276 0.259 59 -0.1

Oakland has two hitters with 100 plate appearances who are ranked above the league average by wRC+. One of those is catcher Sean Murphy, whose 4.8 fWAR has more than twice the second-highest ranking of an Auckland fWAR player. The athletics team drafted Murphy in the third round in 2016, and the 28-year-old right-winger is the team’s daily catcher. The second above-average hitter is right-hander Seth Brown (selected by the A in the 19th round of the 2015 draft), who had the most power in the Oakland squad. Last weekend when defensive back Ramon Laureano hit Illinois for 10 days with a hamstring strain, he called up eighth-placed Jordan Diaz. Diaz cut .326/.366/.515 in Triple-A this season and started at first base on Sunday for athletics.

Potential jugs

Updated stuff + explanation

Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

LHP JP Sears

IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
55 1/3 15.9% 7.0% 11.1% 40.9% 3.90 4.66
spit Repetition velocity rotation rate things + whiff + BIP +
four stitches 59.0% 93.3 2156 76 74 111
change 17.6% 82.8 1883 183 49 125
slider 23.4% 79.4 2490 64 103 145

From a previous preview of the series:

Originally drafted by the Mariners in Round 11 of the 2017 draft, JP Sears was one prospect sent to Yankees In Nick Romblo’s ill-fated deal. It has evolved through the pipeline in New York and made its major league debut earlier this year. Sent to Oakland on the Frankie Montas Big Trade and is an instant plug-and-play start for A members as they continue to rebuild their depth. He has a good mastery of the four-seam fastball which he pairs with a good passer. His alteration has notable physical characteristics as well, but it’s clearly an elusive third option behind the other two pitches.

Sears only carried the sailors one round across five rounds in a previous outing against them. Six hits allowed, one walk, and three hits.

RHP James Caprillian

IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
115 15.8% 10.9% 9.6% 36.8% 4.70 5.12
spit Repetition velocity rotation rate things + whiff + BIP +
four stitches 53.1% 93.9 2009 84 71 93
sinker 2.1% 94.0 2034
change 8.9% 84.9 1333 113 73 102
Curveball 13.6% 79.3 2496 99 43 124
slider 22.3% 85.2 2266 85 101 86

From a previous preview of the series:

James Caprilian missed nearly three and a half years of development after multiple injuries to his throwing arm kept him off the hill from early 2016 through 2018. Finally and healthy, he started 21 times last year and had some solid success. He posted a 4.07 ERA backed by a 4.33 FIP and 3.0 strike-to-walk ratio. Those injury concerns surfaced again this spring, with some shoulder irritation sidelining him until May 1. He has solid four-court ammo with his slider and changes much better than the mediocre fastball.

This will be Caprilian’s fifth match against the Mariners this year. He’s had a streak of strong starts this summer – 2.88 ERAs in 11 outings from late June to mid-August – but has looked a bit exhausted in his last few starts as he recently surpassed his career high in total roles offered.

Adrian Martinez

IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
IP K% BB% HR/FB% GB% era FIP
43 2/3 18.9% 7.7% 22.4% 41.1% 5.77 5.92
spit Repetition velocity rotation rate things + whiff + BIP +
sinker 50.3% 93.8 2163 127 76 114
change 31.2% 83.9 2287 155 105 117
slider 18.5% 81.6 1953 70 130 98

From a previous preview of the series:

Adrián Martínez was one prospect acquired from A’s by the Padres for Sean Manaea just before the season started. He was never ranked in Padres’ potential lists, but he did quite well in the Alawi minors. He scored a 3.14 FIP in 17 Double-A appearances last year, although he struggled to reach Triple-A later in the year. He made his league debut on May 10 in an instant start against the Tigers, keeping them goalless over the course of 5.1 runs. A heavy method should help him keep the ball on the ground regularly, with a good passing bar and a promising change providing some puffs.

The Mariners shook Martinez for seven runs in his second career in June. He’s been up and down with the A ever since and mixed in a few decent outings with a bunch of clunkers.

The Big Picture:

Al Gharb

Team WL W% games behind last model
Team WL W% games behind last model
Astros 97-51 0.655 WWLWW
sailors 81-65 0.555 15.0 WLLLLW
Notice 62-81 0.434 31.5 WWLWL
Angels 63-83 0.432 33.0 LLWLL
Athletics 53-94 0.361 43.5 WLLWL

Wild Card Racing

Team WL W% games behind last model
Team WL W% games behind last model
blue jays 83-64 0.565 +1.5 WLWWL
rays 82-65 0.558 +0.5 WLWWL
sailors 81-65 0.555 WLLLLW
Orioles 76-70 0.521 5.0 WLLWL
white socks 76-71 0.517 5.5 LWLWW

With their back-to-back loss to the Angels last weekend, M dropped from number one to third in the Wild Card race, but they still had a five-game lead over Baltimore in the next (non-clincher) spot. They officially eliminated the Angels from the playoffs with their win on Monday, so there’s your upside to it. If the season ends today, Toronto will host Tampa Bay for three, and the Mariners will play three against the Guardians in Cleveland. That’s not ideal in terms of baseball in Seattle, but it might be the best possible match for M. Toronto moved up to number one in the Wild Card standings by taking two out of three against the Orioles over the weekend. They will play two games in Philly starting today and then head to Tampa Bay for four games starting Thursday. Rays only took two out of three Texans at home but lost to Houston yesterday. They play two more times at home against the Astros before Toronto comes to town. Sailor lovers hope it will be Phyllis The Astros sweep Toronto and Tampa, then the Rays and Blue Jays split their series next weekend.