Saunders vs. Dynamo, Recap: No Houston

Seattle – The Seattle Sounders scored their first win in over a month when they beat the Houston Dynamo 2-1 on Sunday night. The win, which shattered a five-game winning streak, came unexpectedly. After he scored a goal, the Sounders team appeared with a goal and a assist from Nohu, and Nico Lodeiro missed a penalty kick.

Despite some promising play in the early stages of the game, Seattle found itself in a frustratingly familiar situation as it trailed after a somewhat opening goal for Houston. Stefan Frye hit a corner kick, but the clearing attempt only hit Houston’s Adalberto Carrascoela at the top of the penalty area. Carrasquilla unleashed a shot for the first time into traffic as Daniel Strese redirected it to the back of the net to beat Frei. The Sounders continued to press for a goal, but struggled to generate real scoring opportunities with a weak half.

In the second half, the whole world as we know it was turned upside down. After Raul Ruídias failed to connect with a huge opportunity created by Jordan Morris in the 59th minute, the Sounders came back to create the danger in the final third. This time Lodeiro managed to hit the ball to the bewilderment of Nouhou, who pulled off a superb right-footed finish through a closed window in the far corner to equalize the score.

About 13 minutes later, after Freddy Monteiro fell to earn a penalty and Lodeiro climbed to the penalty spot, the match was stopped on a knife edge. Ludeiro’s loss felt like a potential turn for the worse, but it wasn’t long before Nohu changed that.

Nohu found himself in a small space on the weak side of Houston when Ludeiro dropped him. Nuho hit a perfect cross for Freddy Monteiro on the back post, and header over Steve Clark. The goal gave the team and field a boost of energy, and the Sounders kept pressing to extend their lead, but Monteiro’s goal in the end was all they needed. The team has their next chance to turn that win into a promotion toward the playoffs on Saturday when they host Austin FC.

3′- For the second time in the first minutes, Sounders begins the attack, this time leads Nico Lodeiro to the goal and shoots from the top of the penalty area, but a wide shot.

9′- Raul Ruídias almost slipped the ball into the near post, but Steve Clark was able to block the ball from the corner.

26′- Stefan Fry hits the ball wide, but it falls to Adalberto Carrasquilla at the top of the penalty area and Daniel Strese shoves it into the net. 1-0 Houston

41′- Ruediaz makes his way through two defenders into the Houston penalty area with the ball at his feet, but a shot eventually goes out of the goal kick.

59′- Jordan Morris puts a ball across the box that nearly found Ruediaz at the back post, but the No.9 in Seattle can’t get enough of a touch.

60′- Finally happened, Noah’s goal! After hitting the ball a bit, Nuhu had a failed takedown and ended up at the near post to tie the match! 1-1

73′- Freddy Monteiro falters as he dribbles into the 18-yard box, and the Sounders earn a penalty.

75′- Nico Lodeiro steps into the penalty area and sends the ball to his right, which Clarke reads correctly and moves away from it.

76′- Now help Nouhou! Nuho crosses that Freddy Monteiro jumps up and runs down to the far post to take the lead! 1-2 sounding

Nouhou Choochoo: Credit to Nohu. He’s been trying, and the Sounders world – and the MLS Twittersphere in general – have been willing to exist for a while. Now this has finally happened. Nouhou is still doing some very Nouhou things, but you can’t argue with his goal or assist. Brian Schmitzer was full of praise for Nohu after the game, as was Alex Roldan, and it’s really nice to see him finally score.

Let the little ones grow up: Schmetzer has spoken about the fact that starting Danny Leyva and Josh Atencio together midfield was a risk, but against Houston both players showed why at times they have emerged as the future hacker’s midfielder. The two players combined to go 10/13 in duels, completed 113/130 passes, and continually worked to push the Sounders into the Houston half and third last while providing defensive solidity to allow Albert Rusnak and Nico Lodeiro to move into more dangerous positions. It’s good to see these guys are healthy and beginning to realize some of their potential.

Nice win: It’s been a while, it’s easy to understand that some people may have forgotten what it was like for the Sounders to win the game. At the start of the match, the stadium felt a little lost. It wasn’t necessarily tense, but it definitely felt less energetic than you might expect at 6:08 p.m. starting on a Sunday with a holiday the next. There was vocals and chanting from ECS, but the audience didn’t seem to have many expectations. When Nouhou scored a goal to raise the Sounders’ level, Lumen Field was as high as probably 33,000. This goal, from this player, gave the team and the stadium the energy to move forward with a win. It’s been a tough month since Seattle’s last win, on August 2 against FC Dallas, but that win was a good reward.

52 – Nohu’s first MLS goal came in his 53rd shot in the league. It was also his 149th MLS appearance. Only six players He waited even longer to score his first career goal.