Rudy Telles homers twice as Brewers Reds hold out | Major League Baseball

Steve Megary The Associated Press

Milwaukee – Rudy Telles shook twice, doubled and led in four runs as the Milwaukee Brewers held out in their ninth inning comeback attempt to beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-6 on Sunday.

Willie Adams and Telles beat back-to-back teammates from Reds’ Justin Dunn (1-3) in the Brewers’ second half by four runs. Tellez added a single shot Off Luke Farrell in the fourth inning for Homer’s thirtieth of the season.

“It means a lot,” Telles said. “It’s a big moment in my career to reach the age of 30.”

Brewers center player Garrett Mitchell did a diving catch From a TJ Friedl fly ball in the ninth game that prevented the Reds from potentially connecting the match.

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Cincinnati’s Alejo Lopez went 3 for 3 with his first career Homer and double.

The Reds trailed 7-2 in six games but came back almost.

Cincinnati was trailing 7-4 when Spencer Steer doubled and Lopez scored a single to start ninth. The Reds made a series tie for second with no one out after Matt Reynolds bumped into a coach on the left side and reached for second on third baseman Jes Peterson’s throw.

After Williams hit Kyle Farmer, Mitchell’s catch turned a potential solo dive for Friedel into just a fly-by.

“I kind of let instincts take over in this situation,” Mitchell said. “I just read on the ball, and as soon as I felt like I got to a point I was close to, I asked for it and then I went for it.”

Williams then shook Jonathan India in his 12th blocker on 13 chances. India starred in each of his five appearances in paintings.

“To get the same distance, especially in terms of how to start the game, we can implement that tomorrow,” said Reds manager David Bale. “We failed. That’s the bottom line. But we still gave everything we had to try and win it.”

This was Tellez’s fifth multiplayer game this season. His massive performance delighted 42,482 spectators who gave Milwaukee its third sale of the season, capitalizing on a freebie from bobbleheads featuring Milwaukee Bucks star and Brewers minority owner Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Tellez and Adames were vying to lead the team in the homers.

Adames’ two-kick shot to the center It was his 28th number of the season, as Tellez was briefly tied to captaincy. Telles handing it over No. 29, Lining only inside the right error shaft.

“It’s always fun to have that kind of rotation,” Telles said. “He’s been having a great year too. I wouldn’t be where I am if he hadn’t hit in front of me most of the year, settled on base and made me tackle the courts.”

Tellez also had two doubles in the first half.

Adames needs only one Homer to match the Brewers Palace’s one-season record. Hall of Fame Robin Yount reached 29 homers in 1982 while earning the honors MVP and lead the Brewers to their only appearance in the World Series.

Brandon Woodruff writer Brandon Woodruff (10-4) hit 11 times, walked one and lost five hits and two in six innings.

Dunn hit one but yielded six runs, six hits and three runs in three innings.

“He was pretty sick at the end,” Bell said. “He was trying to beat it today. I don’t think he realized how sick he was until the end.”

crowded reds list

When Farrell relieved Dunne in the fourth game, he became the 63rd player to appear in a Reds game. This is the highest total of any major league team and the most the Reds have used in any season. The previous record for the Reds was 57 players in 2003.

Farrell is the Reds’ 36th bowler this season, also a team record. The Reds used 35 stadiums last year.

from the clinic

Trevor Gutt rained for his scheduled rehab by right-hand Brewers with a Class A Appleton on Sunday. Gott has not played for the Brewers since August 10 due to a forearm injury.

next one

The Brewers were suspended on Monday before the start of their two-game series in St. Louis on Tuesday. Brewers manager Craig Concel did not name the starting pitcher for Tuesday, but he did say it would be a bullseye. The Cardinals will start with Jordan Montgomery left (8-3, 3.08 PM).