Roto Riteup: September 20, 2022

Crawford ages like fine wine.

Within the agenda:

  1. Sleeper and the Bust DK مسابقة Competition
  2. Closest chaos
  3. quick beats
  4. Various news and notes
  5. running pitchers

Sleeper and the Bust DK مسابقة Competition

Most Tuesdays, Fridays, and some other days, Paul Sporer and I will do work 5 dollar kings game for anyone interested. A link will be added as soon as it becomes available.

quick beats

Sony Gray He left the start on Monday with an obvious hamstring problem. Looks like he’s been dealing with it a bit. His speed was as low as 1.7 mph which is an alarming sign, but apparently it wasn’t a problem with his arm. Take it day in and day out for now.

Sandy Leon left with a knee infection. Take it day in and day out for now.

Trevor Rogers He will miss the rest of the season with a Latin dynasty. This culminates in what was truly a season bust from one of the season’s most iconic names. Rogers has been doing well since returning from IL, so there is some hope that he could be as many thought he could be next year without costing nearly that much.

Various news and notes

Nolan Gorman It was selected to AAA on Monday. That’s a bit surprising because it’s very likely but he has struggled lately and the Cardinal is trying to end the split. Gorman hit the .226/.300/.420 with fourteen home runs and a stolen base this year in 313 board appearances with a 32.9% strike rate. The hits and lack of contact are still an issue for Gorman, who clearly has a lot of power when he can take advantage of it. He should be an interesting target in the late round next season. John Yebes Called in to take his place on the list is an interesting pick up along the way.

Michael Toglia He went 3 for 4 with two triples and a stolen base in the loss to the Giants on Monday.

Toglia had plenty of pedigree as a first-round pick in 2019, but he has struggled with strikes at every level so far. There’s a lot of power at bat and hitting the Colorado is great, but if it keeps hitting the 30+% it might not be worth the massive upside that’s at bat. He’s at home this week and on the road the rest of the season, so he’s a short-term streamer at the moment.

Carlos Santana He went 2 vs 5 with twice at home including a Grand Slam win over the Angels.

Santana is who he is at this point in his career, but he’s hitting 0.257 with seven home runs since 9/9 and he’s been playing nearly every day if you need a streamer, especially in the OBP tournaments.

Josh Naylor He went 2 vs 4 with a home run in the win over the Twins.

Naylor has been really good this season, racking up .256/.316/.447 with 18 home runs and five base steals in just 450 appearances. He’s maintained a 15.6% strike rate and 89.3% area touch rate as well this season which is impressive when you pair it with his 89 percent maximum exit speed. It’s a small adjustment in the launch angle away from the penetration. It will be a fun target next season with deeper formats.

Flowing pitchers (<50% at CBS)

jug of the day: Austin Voth Return

It’s a bit risky if you’re after a win, but Voth put in a really good show in Baltimore and that’s as good as it can be.

High risk options: Brian Bello in CIN, Zack Greene opposite MIN, Aaron Ceval in CHW, Adrian Sampson At the Museum of Islamic Art, Michael Grove versus AR.

Tomorrow’s jug: Matt Manning in BA

Manning has been doing really well lately and Baltimore has been a great place to promote this year.

High risk options: Rancy Contreras in New York , Drew Smiley At the Museum of Islamic Art, Billy Uber and KC, Dan Dunning versus LAA.

For those of you who would like to see how these shots work, I have a document I put together to track stats from recommended shooters. It does not include “high-risk options”.