Report: Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann survived death due to recent difficulties

Bayern MunichThe worst four-game streak in the Bundesliga in two decades causes no shortage of consternation at Säbener Straße and elicits a collective response, with coach Julian Nagelsmann and the squad alike focusing on what went wrong and how. fix it While Nagelsmann is said to dive into the study of films (according to Bild, Via iMiaSanMia), superiors, per the athleteFocuses on player behavior and efforts.

This is certainly not – at least not obviously – a chaotic finger-pointing regression so much as a professional team engaged in all their efforts to correct course. distance 1-0 each timeR to FC Augsburg, Bayern’s first loss of the season, Nagelsmann announce: “I think about everything. About the situation, about myself, about everything.”

Defender Lucas Hernandez already mentioned Before that match: “…it’s about the attitude…to be honest, the things that helped us win two games in a row in the Champions LeagueWe rarely bring them onto the pitch in the Bundesliga.”

So, if the Bayern Munich board agrees that the “lack of life” situation needs to be improved, it’s not only coaches But at least some players feel the same way. Everything Bayern showed in the Champions League in their commendable victories intermilan And the F.C.BIt simply wasn’t the same energy in league play – dozens and dozens of chances and possession dominance or not.

defining the problem is something; Fixing it is another thing. The international break could not have come at a better time for the team. If there is one aspect of concern about this, it is that the problem of the situation has already been identified, and not one or two but three warning shots have been delivered – all before the worst outcome of them all, the loss to Augsburg.

And the sports reports contain some intriguing warning signs for the manager, too:

Nagelsmann, according to the board-wide consensus, could have been a better manager, more explicit in his choice of partner, more mature in his demeanor and a bit luckier with some of his tactical tweaks, but he hasn’t been seen as the main culprit for this string of slow performances. Not yet, anyway.

According to Sky (as captured by Tweet embed), Nagelsmann has these goals for improvement:

  • Stronger driving style
  • Professionalize its external image
  • Put more responsibility on the players
  • Improved cumulative gameplay

This is a specific – and oddly extensive – list of areas that “need improvement” for a manager not currently under examination. Build even suggest Nagelsmann’s fashion options are on this list, although we’ll probably get to them later.

general supportOr do all the knives come out? We’re about to learn a lot more about every aspect of this team – the players, the coaches, the chairs themselves – in how they are managing and responding to this crisis.

Bayern will return to the Bundesliga on Friday 30 September against Bayer Leverkusen at the Allianz Arena. For now, it’s a chance for everyone to catch their collective breath.