Quincy Nieporte awards Erie SeaWolves a Divisional Series win

Erie Sea Wolves 6, Richmond Flying Skullcap 2 (can)

SeaWolves got rid of all the stopping points, mixing three different starting shooters to tame the squirrels in Game Two. to victory.

Erie built his first lead in the first half on a pair of walks and the Richmond defensive failed. With one at the top of the first, Andrew Navigato and Parker Meadows walked in. Niporte hit, but a small glow on a shallow left field saw Richmond’s third baseman and left-hander converge in confusion over who was in charge. Nor did. The ball fell and both Navigato and Meadows scrambled to score a 2-0 lead.

Ty Madden got the start, but it didn’t go well. He passed the first but wasn’t in control of his stuff. I bit him in the bottom of the second as he allowed consecutive single shots that tied the game up. He went on to issue a pair of walks and survived his teeth skin issues.

That was enough for coach Gabi Alvarez, as he acted in a must-win manner knowing that Wilmer Flores was ready to go into game three if needed. He turned on Sawyer’s Gibson Long in the third inning, and then, after Gibson Long was dug into the leg in a slashing motion to start the fourth round, brought on Carlos Guzman. Guzman tackled fourth and fifth under tricky conditions, keeping Richmond off the board long enough for his teammates to grab the lead again.

Dane Myers walked to lead fifth, one of seven trails issued by the Richmond shooting, although Airy wasn’t far behind with the six-track release. With one exit, Parker Meadows slashes left, and that’s what brought Newport to the plate.

Leftist Adam Wolfe took the lead 5-2, finishing sixth. He got a bit of a jam in the run but scored a strike and pop-up to keep Richmond off the board. The only starting player he would have allowed over the next two rounds came at Danny Ceretti’s foul as Wolff hit four in his three point-free innings.

Walking led to Ceretti and Michael de la Cruz for an eighth-place finish to the final round of the match, with Jon Russoff hitting Ceretti to make it 6-2. Brendan White closed the door on the squirrels with a pair of hits in the perfect 1-2-3 ninth inning.

Here’s the last call from Greg Janya and you can see Interview coach Gabi Alvarez here.

Promoter: 1-4, 2R, BB, 2SO

Newport: 1-5, R, 3 RBI, HR, 3 SO

Hits: 1-3, R, 2 RBI, BB

Wolf: 3.0 IP, 0 ER, BB, 4 SO

next one: Somerset Patriots dropped the Portland Sea Dogs on Thursday to take their best of three streak. The best-of-three game for the 2022 Eastern League title will begin Sunday at 6:05 p.m. EDT at UPMC Park, with games two and three moving to Somerset.


Columbus Clippers 9, Toledo Clay 8 (1g) (f/7) (can)

After Mud Hens won the late game on Wednesday, then followed up with a win in the Cup of the Night, they have won 12 in a row, two more than the franchise’s 100-year record streak. The streak finally came to an end on Thursday in a tight competition that reached the final pitch.

Columbus came out swinging, dropping five runs to starter Elvin Rodriguez at the top of the first half, including a pair of home runs. However, Mud Hens fought with three of her strength in the lower half.

With two wins, Dazz Cameron started things off a doubling. Josh Lester hit it off and then scored in the Brendon Davis trilogy. Andre Lepsius Singles Davies, was 5-3 after the first.

Rodriguez settled down after giving up five games and hitting three in the first round, turning three goal-free rounds to give his teammates a chance to come back, and they accomplished it at the bottom of the second half. Cameron scored the second two goals of the day for Zach Short and Cody Clemens to level things off.

Unfortunately, at the top of the fifth damper Zach Houston took the reins and shook for three runs. Cameron walked and scored later on an untamed pitch, but it was 8-6 Columbus. Clemens fired a single shot in sixth to pull it inside one, but at the top of the seventh the Clippers scored again, taking advantage of a Leicester foul and hitting the field by loyalist Nick Vincent to reopen the lead twice. .

Brendon Davis fired a single shot at the bottom of the seventh to close the difference by one. Lepsius fell back, but Jimmy Westbrook doubled down with two holdouts to put the tie in for second. Unfortunately, Dustin Jarneau ended this up.

Cameron: 2-3, 2R, 2 RBI, 2 2B, BB, SO

Davis: 2-4, 2R, 2 RBI, HR,

Clemens: 2-4, 2R, RBI, HR, SO

Rodriguez: 4.0 IP, 5 ER, 7 H, 6 SO

Toledo Mud Chicken 7, Columbus Clippers 2 (g 2) (f / 7)can)

The hens rode a long way to win the Cup of the Night. However, they remained five games behind first-place Nashville by just six games, despite furious pressure over the past two weeks.

The hens went with Christmas Day on this day, and aside from two runs that Nick Cozia gave up on the fifth day, Relief Corps did a great job.

John Valente doubled two goals in the third half and scored a goal against Andre Lepsius to open the scoring. On the fifth, Ali Sanchez hit a foul, and Cory Joyce’s song followed, with both runners advancing to second and third on another Columbus foul. Three straight rounds followed, the last of which was putting Dazz Cameron on the start and forcing Joyce to score. This was followed by RBI knocks from Josh Lester and Lipcius, and the score was 6-0 at the hens when the dust was cleared.

Cozia allowed two rounds down the fifth, but at the top of seventh, Cody Clemens fired another solo shot to open the 7-2 lead, and that’s where it ended.

Clemens: 2-3, 2 R, RBI, HR, BB, SO

Short: 2-3, R, RBI, BB, SO

Spitzbarth: 3.0 IP, 0 ER, H, BB, 2 SO

next one: RHP Daniel Ponce de Leon (3-3, 4.76 ERA) faces LHP Konnor Pilkington (2-4, 5.66 ERA) Friday night at 7:05 PM EST.

Little tiger camp started

The Detroit Tigers Fall boot camp began Thursday, and will run through September 30. The idea is to review everything the players have learned during the season, and prepare them for a productive fall season by addressing their strengths and weaknesses at the end of the long regular season.

The 45 players not on the 40-man roster, excluding those still playing for Toledo and Erie, participate in the Lakeland Tigers’ training complex, with most junior league coaches, as well as private coaches such as Alan Trammell. Everyone will be on hand to work with the players.

Many of the Erie SeaWolves, like Wilmer Flores and Ty Madden, are still in post-season, but Jackson Jobe, Dylan Smith, and Kidder Montero all attend a little camp. From the center player side, Jess Young, Christian Santana, Peyton Graham, Colt Keith, Isaac Pacheco, Parker Meadows and most other potential players will all be on hand.

The Arizona Fall League will begin shortly after camp ends, starting October 3 and running through November 12.

Lin Henning He has the little camper story for the Detroit News.

“We will do everything we can to review last season, focus on their strengths and weaknesses, and put them on the right track for 2023,” said Ryan Jarkow, Tigers vice president of player development.

“We have the sports science group there, the analytics group, all the coaches – we’ll try to get them to support.”

There is also a really interesting and inspiring feature from Cody Stavenhagen On Texas Tech Special Assistant Ray Hayward. The former MLB player and Tigers area scout was the one who helped the Tigers in the first round select Jace Jung to develop their unique setup. Hayward went for what appeared to be a routine heart valve procedure, but eventually needed both a heart and kidney transplant before he could noticeably recover.